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Getting Candid About Candida

At Sassy Dove, we keep things classy – even when we’re discussing things that most of us don’t usually talk about. Today, that subject is candida.

What is candida, you ask? Is it the latest craze in tapas? A fabulous new cocktail? Check out my video to find out:

All right, so now you’re educated. While intestinal fungus isn’t the tastiest of topics, it’s a necessary subject for many of us – and the supplement I discussed in the video, Zahler Candaid, is a natural and effective way to combat these kinds of infections.

Get the product here if you’re interested for about $34. It’s a deal to never suffer from infection again! Remember, you can use this product preventatively too.

Thanks to Zahler for sponsoring this video and helping us increase awareness surrounding a sensitive subject.

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