Things To Do After A Car Accident When You’re Not At Fault

When it comes to living life, a lot of people would do anything to make their life longer. Most people will adopt a simpler, more healthy lifestyle to be healthy physically and mentally. There are also people who would try anything for unforgettable experiences.

People would want their life to be as smooth as it can be with minimal stress or away from a stressful situation. You’re doing just the usual, driving your everyday route under the city limits and as safely as possible. However, even if you live your life in the safest way possible, you cannot avoid other people’s recklessness. Suddenly, you find yourself in a car accident after a driver from the other lane tried to overtake you but hit your vehicle instead.

There are hundreds of crashes with injuries in Utah every year. It is important to know what you would do when you suddenly find yourself in a very stressful situation. One of the things to consider, especially if the other driver is not cooperative, is to contact a Utah car accident attorney to help you make your claim.

Car Accident – Not At Fault

It can be a very stressing experience for a person who is not at fault to be under the hassle of making claims for the damages or injuries (or both) that he or she sustained in an accident. After all, most of the car accident victims are careful drivers and are just trying to get on with their lives. Most of these people just want to get to their destination. What they get instead because of other people’s reckless behaviors are injuries and a damaged vehicle, or worse, death.

When you believe that you’re not at fault, it is recommended that you act as soon as you can to follow these five things below. This will increase your chance of getting properly compensated. After getting medical treatments, here are the five things you should do to make a proper claim. (Remember to first help in getting medical help to those in need, which includes yourself and other people involved in the accident.)

Five Things To Do After The Accident

1. Gather information about the driver

As soon as you can, get a picture of your damaged car, the other driver’s damaged car, and the state of the road after the accident. If there are witnesses or another source of evidence (such as a dashcam or a CCTV footage), make it known to the police that handles your case.

After getting enough pictures, make sure to get these the other driver’s name, address, insurance company name and insurance policy. These are vital information that will help you make your claim later on.

2. Call the other driver’s insurance provider

The next step is to notify the right people about the accident, and that includes the other driver’s insurer. Notifying the insurer will likely be enough, as they will then make their own investigation to verify who is at fault. The police will also make their own report of who is at fault based on their own investigation. Don’t forget to also notify your auto insurer as one of the good-faith accident-reporting efforts. In both cases, just tell them the factual elements of the story.

3. Take your car to a repair shop and get a checkup from your doctor

If you’ve been treated after the accident, ask your doctor to perform a checkup to evaluate your accident-related injuries to be compensated later on. It is also a good idea to get your vehicle assessed by a repair shop and keep track of the damages before putting it in the garage or dumping it. This is to make things easier for you to claim compensation.

4. Get help in filing your claim

You can either go solo in filing your claim or you can get help from your insurer. Your insurer will likely help you file your claim because they wouldn’t want to end up paying it. But if you want to go solo, you can contact a car accident attorney who will help you prepare the right documents for your claim. Getting a car accident attorney is usually the better idea because they already handle a lot of cases which makes them expert for this battle. In addition, they ask payment as a contingency fee which they can only get when they win the case.

5. Talk to your insurer as last resort

If all else fails, you can claim payment from your insurance company, and that is if you have the right coverages. If your coverage includes collision insurance, they will usually pay for the repair or the loss of your vehicle.


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