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8 Personality Types That Make the Best Travel Companions

The kind of people that accompany you during your travel determines the experience you will have. It is, therefore, crucial to decide in advance who will be your travel companion

A travel companion should help you know the best places to visit, affordable foods to eat, and great hotels to spend your nights. But that’s not all. Here are 8 personality types that make the best travel companion. 


Traveling can be fun, but not when you are trying to work on a tight budget, yet you do not have a good budgeter. To avoid overspending, you need a budgeter who will see to it that you don’t go above or below the intended expenditures.

They choose the best rooms, foods, and travel destinations that are within your budget.


Why would you want to leave a photographer behind? You need a record of these awesome memories, right? Better, still, is having a photographer who is familiar with the area you are traveling. 

Why? He can tell you which areas are best to capture. You’ll definitely love looking at those photos in the future. 


You need some fun, and you don’t want anything coming between you and the sight of exciting features, right? Then, have a porter who will mind about your luggage. 

At least, you should not have anyone crying for the loss of items such as phones, shoes, and cameras.   


Ever been into a new place and lost your way? You wasted a whole day finding your way back, right? That’s frustrating; I know! So, have a tour guide. He knows the areas that excite people the most. Thus, he’ll lead you there. Alternatively, tell him the areas you want to visit, so he guides you. 

Social Media Enthusiast

Nothing feels great like having friends, parents, and social media followers cheering you and saying how nice you look. It is for this reason that you need a social media enthusiast in your travel.

He is responsible for sharing your photos with the world on your social media handles. 


Traveling to new countries with diverse cultures, at times, can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t love those cultures. The language barrier could be another frustrating thing, and you may never know how best to speak out your feelings.

A humanitarian will make it easy for you by encouraging you to speak out your feelings. That makes you relieved, and you begin to feel better.   


You know that dude who looks like he is the only one who always has energy left within him even when everyone else wants to sleep? The guy who pushes you from your comfort zones to have some fun? This is the Yolo, the best travel companion. He ensures each one enjoys the day, even if it’s doing something you’ve never done before. 

The Foodie

New cultures mean different foods. The confusion begins when you are not sure what to eat and how each food tastes. Other times, what you choose and pay a leg and an arm for might leave you feeling hungry one hour later. 

The solution is having a foodie with you. He knows which meal is best for you. 

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