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Studio Gear Makeup Holiday Gift Set Feature

Holiday Gift Ideas From Studio Gear Cosmetics

Beauty gals know beauty gals. And in the holiday season, a cheapie set of eyeshadows from that gimme-gift aisle in the seasonal section just won’t do. C’mon, your girls deserve to get something they’ll actually use – and love. One of my favorite makeup brands, Studio Gear, has tons of great, high-quality beauty kits that…

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Makeup Reviews: Bobbi Brown Mauve Face Palette

Everyone loves a good makeup palette, especially when it’s from Bobbi Brown. Bobbi’s Mauve Collection is a limited edition line with refreshingly neutral colors; when it seems every cosmetics company is debuting intense pigments, it’s nice to get quality colors that are still wearable. The Mauve Collection’s palette is a black, sleek, modern affair with…

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