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Celebrities Who Look Older Than They Really Are

Lindsay-Lohan Celebs WHo Look OldWe all know Hollywood has a reputation for never aging, and there are plenty of stars who seem to have already had a drink from the Fountain of Youth. Helen Mirren, Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry come easily to mind. But what about those celebrities who look a little worse for the wear? Below are some of the celebs who actually appear older than they really are, provided by River Place Mohs & Dermatologic Surgery Center.

Lindsay Lohan, 27

This is an easy one. Lindsay, who had an early career in childhood, seems to get older and older as her peers get more youthful. Hard partying and plenty of stints in rehab could be to blame here.

Fergie, 38

Fergie has all the makings of a stunner and she’s certainly a beautiful woman. But she hasn’t even hit 40 yet, a fact you wouldn’t know just by looking at her. This songstress does love her plastic surgery though, which could be part of the problem. Either way, she’s starting to look much older than smoldering husband Josh Duhamel.

Jason Segel, 33

Jason Segel is everyone’s favorite funnyman, and it’s no wonder he lands so many leading roles. But many of those parts are with actresses several years older than him. At 33, Jason looks much older than he actually is, which could account for his placement alongside much-older Cameron Diaz in “Bad Teacher.”

Angelina Jolie, 38

Okay, obviously Angelina Jolie is gorgeous, with an amazing body to boot. But would it surprise you to learn she is just 38? Her several years older partner Brad Pitt could be part of the problem, or it could just be she needs a little more fat in those cheeks. Perhaps a sandwhich would help?

Adele, 25

This could be because this English mama is so mature for her age, but Adele seems much older than her 25 years. Could be all those retro, vintage clothes, too, and new motherhood that is aging her up. Will her next album be called “37”?

Keith Richards, 70

Is anyone surprised Keith Richards is on this list? So, 70 is not exactly a spring chicken, but this rocker looks much, much older than he really is. Wrinkles and sagging skin are really making him look like he’s pushing 90. Of course, all those years of drugs and booze probably didn’t help things.

Prince William, 31

Finally, the bonnie prince of Britain makes the list. Perhaps it is all that responsibility laying on the shoulders of the second in line to the throne, but we think Prince William looks older (and more stately) than his 31 years would suggest. Too many late nights with the baby, perhaps?

Listen, celebrities are under a ton of pressure to look young, and for the most part they live up to the challenge. But these examples of over aged Hollywood are just a few instances of when movie stars and musicians miss their mark, to some horrible consequences. Maybe Hollywood doesn’t have access to that Fountain of Youth after all.

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  1. Honestly, I think it’s Adele’s weight. (This is nothing against her, she’s fabulous, but I think it does make her look older.)

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