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#WCW: Kristen Taekman’s Beauty Secrets & Chic Style

Real Housewives of New York City star Kristen Taekman has made some unfortunate recent headlines alongside her husband due to his stint on Ashley Madison. With all that mess around, we think Kristen deserves some positive recognition and love for the beautiful, stylish businesswoman she is.

One sign Kristen’s good stock: she’s a blogger too! Have you seen her fab blog Last Night’s Look? Mostly styled as a fashion/photo blog, it’s the perfect place to stalk her on #WomanCrushWednesday. Continue reading “#WCW: Kristen Taekman’s Beauty Secrets & Chic Style” »

What Kind of Makeup Does Ariana Grande Use?

We did an immensely popular article chronicling how to copy Ariana Grande’s makeup, straight from the celeb herself — check it out, but first see what the ingenue had to say about her makeup during a Twitter Q&A: Continue reading “What Kind of Makeup Does Ariana Grande Use?” »

Kevyn Aucoin Doing Carrie’s Makeup in Sex & The City

Kevyn Aucoin in Sex and the CityAs my close friends know, I’ve been basically obsessed with Sex and the City since episode 1. I can quote every episode almost word for word. So you can imagine my surprise when while rewatching an episode called “The Real Me” yesterday (on Bravo!, or E!, or some channel that ends in an exclamation point and loves to rerun SATC) in which Carrie Bradshaw models in a fashion show, I saw something I’d never noticed before: the late, great Kevyn Aucoin! Continue reading “Kevyn Aucoin Doing Carrie’s Makeup in Sex & The City” »

Ladies of London Beauty: Caroline Stanbury’s Makeup & Skincare

My TV show choices are pretty varied, but my biggest guilty pleasure of the moment is Ladies of London. I’m totally fascinated with the English; however modern times become, they still just seem to possess an inherent class we Yanks can’t come close to. Sometimes it’s snobbery, sometimes it’s just catfights – but it’s always fun to spend a little time in a world where people in hats attend horse races and Sandwich is a town, not a lunch.Caroline Stanbury Beauty Routine - Ladies of London

Caroline Stanbury is the undisputed Regina George of Ladies of London: her beauty is unmatched, her tongue is biting, and she manages to maintain untouched class and perfection while flagrantly dissing the other women.

Caroline’s Makeup

Continue reading “Ladies of London Beauty: Caroline Stanbury’s Makeup & Skincare” »

Makeup How-To: Get Napoleon Perdis’ Soiree Set Look

np-set-by-napoleon-perdis-target-beautyKnown for his celeb following, Napoleon Perdis joined makeup artistry greats Jemma Kidd and Petra Strand in creating affordable designer makeup collections for Target. You’ll love this amorous and exotic makeup look from Napoleon’s Soiree Set in his NP Set line. Here’s how to get it:

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