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Celebrity Makeup: Who’s Your Beauty Double?

Scarlett Johansson Red Hair Red Lips feature

Scarlett Johansson Red Hair Red LipsDon’t hit me, but I often get told I look like Scarlett Johansson. No, really. I started out blonde in life and when her movie The Island came out, I literally got a call from my ex-boyfriend proclaiming she was my double. (Other motives? Who knows…)

For years since then I’ve been a redhead – then blammo, The Avengers hits the box office, she’s a redhead too and the comments start up again. I’m certainly not complaining, since by the looks of ScaJo I’ll definitely take it as a compliment, but I definitely don’t think I’m on her level. However, though our features may be similar, we have totally different makeup styles.

As you can see from that picture over there, the ever-gorg Scarlett favors red lip color, minimal eyeliner, and old Hollywood-esque hair. I, on the other hand, like big, mod black liquid liner, pink lips and loose hair. So while my features may best resemble Miss Scarlett (I still think that’s arguable), I think my “beauty double”, AKA the celeb whose makeup and hairstyles best fit my bill, is closer to Zooey Deschanel.

So how about you, readers? Who’s your beauty double (that is, not the celeb you look most like, but the one whose makeup/hairstyles best resemble you), or which celebrity do you always hear you look like? Comment and tell me all about it!

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