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Breaking: Inside Jennifer Aniston’s Nail Polish

I’m in the mood for some celeb news that doesn’t involve what curvy woman Kanye is or isn’t romantically entangled with, so here’s something topical: Jennifer Aniston’s nail polish! Hey, it’s not hard-hitting news, but we’re not exactly CNN either.

We’ve done a deep-dive investigation on her nail polish faves. Here are our findings: Continue reading “Breaking: Inside Jennifer Aniston’s Nail Polish” »

Rihanna’s BET Awards Nails: Bringing French Back

Rihanna is bringing French back, and we’re not talking about in the way that would incite a hair-pulling match with Khloe Kardashian. We’re talking about her nails.

rihanna-throws-cash-at-exec2015bet-awards-but look at those nails postAt the 2015 BET Awards, RiRi rocked a FRENCH manicure, y’all! What year is this?! We got a really good look at them when she was throwing cash at BET exec Stephen Hill.  Continue reading “Rihanna’s BET Awards Nails: Bringing French Back” »