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Changes in Christmas gifts under the epidemic

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The year 2020 will be remembered as a remarkable year due to this devastating epidemic. Although we have all suffered to varying degrees, we are still looking forward to life and celebrating the traditional Christmas season and will likely have to do so with the global pandemic over our heads forever. However, there are some changes to the that we all want to receive this year. If you want to send flowers to China, welcome to sammygift.

Digital products are very popular

Because of the outbreak, some local governments decided to impose a blockade. In the last few hours before the blockade was imposed, young people were walking through the shopping streets with cell phones, computers and tablets at the top of their wish lists. According to GfK, a leading German market research firm, displays alone saw a 76 percent increase in share during the “Black Friday” shopping week at the end of November. Similar devices such as keyboards or computer mice were also welcomed by the market, with a 67% increase in share.

Expert Herzog believes: “In the new crown period, people want to receive those things that can be used in the home office. He also said that entertainment to digital products are equally attractive, can accompany people on the sofa to spend the boring night closed city. In terms of product selection, people are, as always, more interested in the quality of the product itself rather than the price.

Kitchenware and cleaning products are selling well

The stay-at-home days saw the emergence of a large number of master cooks, while people’s enthusiasm and demand for kitchenware rose significantly. With people returning more to the home under the epidemic prevention measures, a range of at-home activities with a sense of life also influenced the gift selection. This is the reason for the hot sale of kitchenware, which saw a 133% increase in sales of all cooking-related utensils compared to previous years.

According to GfK’s analysis, medical, health care and sterilization products also sold very well this year. Particularly touted were steam ovens and washing machines with steam functions that kill viral bacteria on clothing.

Jewelry, watches and clocks industry has been hit

In recent years, watches and jewelry as Christmas gifts are very popular, high-quality fine jewelry, silver, gold, platinum products are the Christmas season in previous years, the first choice of gifts. However, this year, sales of jewelry and watches have dropped significantly. Under the increasingly severe conditions of the epidemic, many jewelers also tried to save their own business by some modern means, such as they showed their goods to regular customers by video, offering telephone and online consultation. However, such an approach has not been very effective. Because for jewelry sales, there is no substitute for offline physical displays, and browsing in front of a computer screen is not enough.

Accordingly, the demand for clothing, toiletries and make-up products has also declined. Because there is no need to go out to the office every day, people don’t need as many clothes and cosmetics.

The latest trend – giving each other time

In 2020, people understand the preciousness of life and appreciate what they have more, and value their friends and family more. Because of the embargo policy, we accompany each other and “give” each other time. During this period, people returned to life and many lifestyle magazines gained attention, and “time instead of objects” became a popular slogan.

“Gift” is a beautiful word, full of infinite expectations. 2020 is over, what gifts have you received? What is your most satisfying gift?

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