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All I Want For Christmas? A Killer Mani-Pedi at Home!

Amope Foot File Reviewa

This post was sponsored by Amopé as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. @Amopé Amope Foot File Reviewa

I love/hate getting my nails done. The love part is obvious: a relaxing massage chair, prettification, buffed up heels and picture-perfect hands… but I hate having to go out and spend hours on end getting it done.

This time of year, a beauty guru like myself is often bombarded with gifts for spa certificates (talk about your #firstworldproblems…), but I struggle to find time to get out and use them. Plus, even on a gift card I still feel like I’m spending an arm and a leg for the relatively short amount of time I get to enjoy my lovely mani/pedi.

With that in mind, Amopé has two fantastic solutions for at-home nail beautifying that both make fabulous gifts for any girl (especially the busy ones).

I’ve had my eye on the Amopé Pedi Perfect Foot File since it originally came out; I’m often a barefoot gal and my feet are rough on the bottom, with one nagging callus that likes to reappear often. Now it has diamond crystals to help with even the nastiest feet (like mine – eww).

Ew my before-feet ew ew
Ew my before-feet ew ew

I was FLOORED by how quickly this device smoothed out my nasty heels and calluses!

amope nail bufferWhat I didn’t know about was the Amopé Electronic Nail Care System, which is essentially an electronic version of those ah-mazing file/buff/shine blocks. I used to spend ages working away at my nails with one of those things; this tool gets the job done in a fraction of the time. (P.S. You can use it on toenails as well as fingernails!)

amope nail bufferr

Just look how lovely my nails came out afterward:

nails after amope

Each product is available at mass retailers and drugstores for less than $50 and would make great holiday gifts or stocking stuffers, but we’d never want you to pay full price. Why would you? Instead, get a $5 coupon HERE!

What are you using to keep your hands and feet pampered this holiday?

One thought on “All I Want For Christmas? A Killer Mani-Pedi at Home!

  1. I have been wanting to try that pedicure foot file myself. I wondered if it did really work to get rid of calluses or rough soles. Normally I just scrub them and polish my nails but it doesn’t do nearly enough to make them soft!

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