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How to Combine Nutrition and DHT Blockers To Improve Hair Growth

man-with-hair-growth DHTHair loss in men is related to the production of di-hydrotestrone, a hormone that cuts off vital nutrients to your hair. It is produced in the testes, prostate, and adrenal glands. This means you lose hair because it becomes dry and brittle so it falls out and breaks when combing. The use of all natural DHT Blocker supplements like Folliform and a good diet can help restore or slow down the hair loss process. A diet that supports hair growth with this supplement leads to success.

You’re an older man that has lost some hair. You know that being bald will not lead to a role in the movies or a TV series. In fact, it makes it harder to compete with the younger men at work. You know that often you’re passed over for promotions because you don’t look as good as someone with a full head of hair. If you’re a single older man that is bald, your friends with hair often beat you out when you go to the nightclub or sporting events looking to meet women. You end up sitting at the table alone while they’re out on the dance floor or leaving to go home with someone.

No matter what age you are, hair loss is embarrassing and a blow to the ego. When you go out with friends, you notice they get the attention, not you. That attractive blond or redhead asks them to dance or starts up a conversation with them while you sit in the bleachers watching the game.

Perhaps you’re tired of the constant bald jokes and ready to try a natural DHT Blocker like Folliform with a good diet. This product has all natural ingredients and starts working within 30 days. It increases the thickness and quality of your hair over several months. You should take one or two pills a day and eat a healthy diet.

When taking a DHT Blocker you will want to eat a healthy diet. Certain nutrients help with hair loss and keeping your hair healthy. Omega 3 fatty acids found in salmon, tuna, kale, walnuts, and other foods help the hair follicles and scalp. They promote hair growth and give the hair elasticity.

Zinc helps repair tissue so it helps keep your scalp healthy. Food like lean beef, chickpeas, oysters, and wheat germ have zinc in them. Eat food with zinc in moderation as too much is not needed You hair is made up of protein so eating enough protein helps your muscles and hair grow and repair. You will find protein in Greek yogurt, egg yolks, nuts, beans, chicken and turkey.

Don’t forget to eat iron as part of your diet. It carries blood to the cells including the scalp. Food with iron are whole grains, lean red meats, fish, and beans. Vitamin A, and C help with the production of sebum an oily substance produced by hair follicles. When you eat Swiss chard, spinach, & sweet potatoes you get these essential vitamins. Too much Vitamin A can spur hair loss so take supplements in moderation.

Taking the DHT Blocker along with eating a healthy diet of food helps stimulate hair growth will help you achieve your goal. It will help reduce hair loss and grow back your hair.

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