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Common Mistakes When Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

Being able to avoid mistakes during diamond engagement ring shopping can ensure that you get your money’s worth.

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The proposal day is the most memorable one, and every girl already has a picture in the back of her mind of their perfect engagement experience. You expect that the ring you bring her will stay on that finger and fill her with joy whenever she looks at it, although that is quite impossible if it is not “perfect” according to her. Buying an engagement ring for that single person holding a special place in your heart should be a wonderful experience that leaves you content of the final choice of gift that you present. Avoiding these common jewelry-purchasing mistakes will ensure both of you leave happy on this big day.

  1. Failing to research her jewelry taste and ring-size

Since no two women have the same style, it is important to know exactly what your woman likes so that you do not surprise her with something that is absolutely not her taste! Does she prefer a flashy piece, or a quieter shine? What color of gold is her favorite: white or yellow? Does she have any specific jewelry designers and/or brands that she follows on social media? What is the exact size of her ring-finger? The knowledge of all these details will make the shopping experience easier. You can even ask her friends about her preferences, only if you trust that they will not ruin the surprise.

  1. Selecting the wrong vendor

Many online buyers are tricked into buying one thing and receiving another, and to worsen the situation, with no return and/or exchange policies guaranteed. See an elegant collection of diamond engagement rings from Diamondport and obtain help on the perfect engagement ring according to your specifications. Diamondport’s return and exchange policy ensures that you make your purchase in confidence with the knowledge that you receive exactly what you paid for, and that in case of any changes there will always be someone to help you sort out your issues.


  1. Emphasizing your purchase on the price-tag

According to an Investopedia article, working under a budget is okay. It allows you to set an upper limit that you cannot cross, which minimises the chances of overspending. The problem comes in when you buy a low quality piece (because of a tight budget) that will not bring about the desired response. A bigger problem is buying a piece just because of the high price that it poses. Some retailers may take advantage of a client and sell them at a higher price than quality. It is therefore advisable to do a quick research on the 4 Cs of diamonds which are cut, clarity, colour and carat weight, and also know how to identify the various types of metals associated with fine jewellery.


  1. Overspending

There are no specific “rules” to follow regarding how much you should spend on an engagement ring. You can easily contact Diamondport. They can handle the figures with you and help you reach the perfect ring, one that is totally within your budget.

Purchasing fine jewelry is like making an investment. It strains you both emotionally and financially. The main thing to remember is to have all the facts right before making the purchase, and also purpose to avoid these common shopping blunders when scouting for fine jewellery.

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