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How To Copy Kate Upton’s Glam Hair


Let’s face it: you’re not as hot as Kate Upton is. It’s okay, neither am I – but we can all keep working on getting a little closer.

Here’s a step-by-step on how to copy Kate Upton’s hair from her cover of Marie Claire, using Unite products (bt-dubs, if you’re not on that train yet you best get there. Unite rules – and no, they don’t pay us to say that):

  1. Wash hair with BLONDA Shampoo and Condition for the perfect blonde tone.
  2. Apply 7SECONDS Condition from the middle of hair to ends for instant detangling and styling protection. Comb through.
  3. Dispense a golf ball-sized amount of ELEVATE Mousse and apply from roots to ends for volume and hold.
  4. Rough blow dry.
  5. Using a large barrel curling iron, curl pieces from mid-shaft to ends in alternating directions.
  6. Sprinkle EXPANDA Dust throughout the roots and massage into scalp.
  7. Mist TEXTURIZA throughout and shake out the curls.

Easy enough – now to just get her face and boobs….


One thought on “How To Copy Kate Upton’s Glam Hair

  1. No offense but I just do not get her appeal. I think she’s more interesting to men then to other women. Because of her chest that’s why she is so popular.

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