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Cosplayer’s preparation for a positive shoot

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We’ve already covered what cosplayers need to do before filming, but do you need to pay special attention to what they do during and after filming?

 Day of the shoot:

1. Refuse to be late. Arrive early to the make-up location, as agreed with the make-up artist, do your daily skin care work at home, and bring your own contacts and hairnet before the make-up artist does your make-up. (Generally speaking, wigs do not need to be worn in advance, so as not to interfere with the makeup)

2, it is best to do the make-up and change of work within an hour before the shoot. If you are wearing makeup in public, pay attention to hygiene, promptly clean up the garbage in the makeup location to maintain a tidy environment.

3, before shooting, remove the body does not belong to the role of accessories, such as jewelry, watches and so on.

4. Speak boldly to the photographer about your ideas when shooting. More communication with the photographer will help to improve the effectiveness of the shot, to interpret your role seriously. Before the formal shooting, you can ask the photographer to metering and let him take a few front side photos to find a better angle.   

5, during the shooting, may be a long time in the same pose, must be patient and calm with the photography.

6, let the logistics during the shoot to help you in time to tidy up your clothes and hair. Including the placement of props angle.

7, when filming to pay attention to their facial expressions and gestures, good posture management. Do not lean the neck forward, non-special role when shooting, the body does not slump, to open the shoulders.  

8, after the completion of filming in a timely manner to clean up the site, without damaging business and the environment. Borrowed props to restore them to their original position.

After shooting 

1. Thank the photographer and makeup artist as well as the logistic partners. 

2, remove makeup, choose your own makeup remover, boys do not neglect. Be sure to first remove makeup and then wash with cleanser, and then maintain the skin.  

3, take off the wig and take good care of it, put it into the wig bag after finishing, so that it is convenient for the next use. Clean your clothes and tidy them up. Put a set of cos clothes together.  

4, find a post-processor you are satisfied with (some photographers will do it themselves, so you don’t need to look for a post-processor). After the photographer sends you the original film, select the better photos and package them for post-processing, and consult in advance about the cost and time of fixing. At the same time, you also need to send him the character picture you are looking for as a reference, if possible, you can also help him find materials, and post communication, to clarify their needs.

5. Finally, choose your favorite platform and publish your modified images.

I’m writing this down to remind myself how I got to where I am on my cosplaying journey step by step, and if it helps you, then I’m happy. I hope that you cosplayers won’t be defeated by the criticism, but if you are, keep working on your own shortcomings instead of choosing to give up. If you can, I also hope that you critics will understand that it’s not easy for cosplayers and be tolerant of less-than-perfect cosplayers, because everyone has room for improvement. Come to Cosplaylab and check it out, you can definitely buy all the cosplay costume you want here.

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