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Culture, Function, and Style: A Look into the Best Diamond Jewellery in Kerala

Culture, Function, and Style: A Look into the Best Diamond Jewellery in Kerala

From the bead trade to metals and glass, India had been a significant exporter in gemstones and precious metals for thousands of years. Today, about 75% of the world’s polished diamonds are from India, according to the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC). Specifically, the south Indian state of Kerala expects gold sales to increase by a significant 25% to 30%.

People even travel to Kerala to seek out an array of precious metals and gems such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, gold, and even diamonds. Additionally, if you’re looking for something to gift your loved one, you can go with thebest diamond jewellery in Kerala.

Gold is seen as something of an investment as well. Trade, in Kerala, included gold and precious gems like the diamond. Kerala is known to be a hub of diamond and gold production. For this reason, precious metals are so popular that some trusts and mutual funds companies have allowed gold to be deposited in banks. The deposits are assured to earn interest.


Jewellery has deeply meshed in the historical and cultural roots of Kerala. Precious metals and gems were used before as a trading commodity. They have been a mainstay of the economy until the present times. As a symbol of wealth, Keralites stored their coins in jewelled boxes or containers.

Also, accessories in clothing such as buckles in belts, trimmings in clothes, and brooches have become a status symbol for the residents. Today, diamonds have taken centre stage as it has now become a form of dowry.


For most, proposals for a wedding have never been complete without presenting jewellery. The most famous gemstone of all is the diamond ring. In every girl’s dream of being married, a diamond ring adorning a finger is a symbol of commitment and significance. A diamond ring signifies the love that you give your partner. It represents that you have chosen only her to be with you for the rest of your lives.

The woman you gave a ring to is then kept secure in the knowledge that you have given her value in the best way possible at this time. In turn, the ring will bring about feelings of happiness and contentment.


Despite rising precious metal prices, it is expected that the sales of gold will still go up, especially during the Onam, an annual Hindu holiday celebrated in Kerala. Further, gold is seen to be profitable during the wedding season. Diamonds, too, are seen to have an increase in sales because of a projected number of increased engaged couples. You can seek out the best diamond jewellery in Kerala if you want to choose among a display of authentic and stylish pieces. If you are traditional, some rings have a distinct vintage flair.

Other couples prefer rings with milgrain detailing. Some minimalist women who prefer simple elegance may go for a classic princess cut centre stone. The choices are endless for engagement rings.

From simple soft coal to one of the hardest and most beautiful items on the planet, its transformation has become something of a paradox. The idea that coal can become something very valuable has puzzled many. So far, the value of diamonds, on average, has been climbing up. Diamonds are not only a girl’s best friend. At these times, it is also an investor’s best friend.

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