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Daring Beaute Luxury Slim Pack Review

Daring Beaute Slim Pack Review

Daring Beaute Intro Luxury-slim-pack-boxBig or small, all women have cellulite. Even Katy Perry. But we also all hate it and want it to disappear. While completely getting rid of cellulite may not be a realistic option (even the most drastic options like liposuction can actually make it worse), we can reduce it.

I tried the Daring Beaute Luxury Slim Pack with exactly that goal in mind (lofty though it may be). I’ve lost the pounds I wanted to over the last year and a half doing it the right way: eating right, exercising regularly, not going overboard and developing good habits so the weight stays off. But in its place, there’s some cellulite. To which I say “no, sir.”

I had heard promising things about dry brushing skin to remove cellulite: it helps push fat out of your skin through the lymphatic system and is about as close to real-life spot reduction as you’re going to get. The Slim Pack combines this idea with a body-wrap-style gel and leggings for total cellulite decimation.

The gel is called Celluburner, and contains guarana and a patented solution called Bodyfit. A clinical study on 17 women applying Bodyfit twice daily showed:

  • 35% reduction in fat deposits
  • 43% reduction in roughness
  • 20% increase in firmness

Guarana contains 4-5 times more caffeine than coffee itself. It activates the body’s natural mechanism to burn stored fat. The combination of BODYFIT™ and Guarana triggers extra powerful results, leaving the skin softer and firmer.

Though I’m skeptical of anything that claims to help with cellulite because, well, nothing has helped me with it so far other than exercise, all this evidence mounting on the positive side piqued my curiosity.

Basically, you rub your legs and tummy with two different body brushes pre-shower, and put Celluburner on your skin prior to putting on the leggings (which pretty much act as the “wrap”). You have to wear the leggings for a couple of hours, but they’re plain black so you can make it work. (Not gonna lie: they totally went to the grocery store a few times.)

I’ve been using this product for a couple of weeks now, and I have to say I’m impressed and cautiously optimistic. I do feel that my cellulite is reduced; I have one big dimple on my left thigh that was really my benchmark, and it’s more of a little crease now. I’m hesitant to say that a cream can reduce cellulite, but the stats are pretty exciting for this one – and we’re discovering new positive effects of products every day, so I am hopeful that my new results last and only get better.

Wanna try for yourself? Head to DaringBeaute.com and snag an intro-price Luxury Slim Pack in your size (I’m a US size 4 usually and I chose Small, which worked perfect for me). They also have some interesting looking fashion goodies I’m keen to check out. Give it a try!

I received this product free of charge from Daring Beaute. No other compensation was exchanged. All opinions are 100% my own.

2 thoughts on “Daring Beaute Luxury Slim Pack Review

  1. Does this really work 2 get rid of cellulite?? How long does it take to remove cellulite from your thighs? I mean how many times do u have to use it and how long to leave it on for

    1. Deanna – full details can be found on DaringBeaute.com, but the results are pretty quick and since you leave the Celluburner on with the leggings, you can pretty much apply it and forget it. It says “a few hours” in the instructions. You could sleep in the lotion/leggings too.

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