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What’s the deal with menstrual cups? [VIDEO]

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Have you heard of menstrual cups? They do fall under the category of Gross Girl Stuff, so if you’re a sensitive lil’ man-type and can’t handle it, go watch My Little Pony and remember why it’s the wimmens who do the down-and-dirty work of birthin’ in this world.

Menstrual cups have been an important innovation both for the environment and for women in the developing world.

Check out our video exploring the topic: 

Fun fact: this video features record few cat videobombs, as my videos go. And I do apologize for my Seinfeld impression – it’s truly horrendous. Also my grammar in this video is spotty at best. I heard at least one instance of less/fewer confusion. Ich.

Here’s a link to the one featured in the video, the Blossom Cup, if you want to try one out for yourself.

Thanks to Blossom Cup for sponsoring this and helping educate women the world over about the newest, most eco-friendly and affordable options in feminine hygiene! Enter below to win your very own Blossom Cup so you can try it yourself:

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One thought on “What’s the deal with menstrual cups? [VIDEO]

  1. Can I just say, not to be rude but, this idea grosses me out. A cup of my own blood inside me all day? And I have to empty it and clean it? I mean what happens when you are at work, or in a formal gown? lol

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