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One Direction Limited Edition #MakeupBy1D Tour Case

Makeup By One Direction Tour Case

You guys doubtlessly remember my seminal piece on the new makeup collections from One Direction. It was pretty much one of the most important articles written this year for several reasons:

  • It offers the chance to win free makeup. Holla!
  • It has lots of obnoxious quotes from One Direction song lyrics.
  • The products glow under UV light. Like, they GLOW. For realz.

The good ol’ boys of 1D have outdone themselves this time, though – they’ve created a limited edition tour case with all their best products in it. It’s like a Caboodles that looks like one of those cases musicians put their amps and stuff in. (Can you tell I’m so musical and roadie-trained?)

What’s in it: eyeshadow in 45 – yes, FORTY-FIVE – vibrant shades, Electroglam Hair & Lash Mascara in Powerhouse Purple, Rock Star Jumbo Lip Crayons. UV-reactive glitter and lip gloss that sparkles by day and glows bright under (included!) UV light. The best part: it’s got One Direction City Tour Stickers included so you can customize your tour case and look like a real world-hardened musician type. (Groupies not included.)

To learn more, visit the Makeup By One Direction Facebook page. And no, Niall isn’t going anywhere!

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One thought on “One Direction Limited Edition #MakeupBy1D Tour Case

  1. Ok this is pretty much the coolest train case ever. so cool. I love the stickers – how fun…! And so many shadow colors. I hope I can snag one before it goes out of stores since it’s LE.

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