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The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Planning

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A wedding is like climbing a mountain. At the top, you will find the ultimate prize and achievement after months of hard work and planning. Once you’ve arrived, you can finally start to enjoy all your past labors through dancing, laughing and pure celebration.

But Wedding Mountain is no easy mountain to climb. On the way, you’ll have to deal with Last Minute Cancellation Gap, The Weird Side of Your Family Overpass and be sure to watch out for Unrelenting Advice Avalanches that pop up from time to time. 

When you’re going through the wedding phase planning, there are plenty of dos and don’ts out there. Check out this list for a quick peek at helping you survive and come out on top.

Don’t do it all alone

Over the next few months, there will probably be a point where you are overwhelmed with the plans. The flower person hasn’t called you back, you have three catering appointments this weekend and there are still 150 invitations to send out. Add that up on your already hectic work/life schedule, and you’ve got a recipe for a crazy time.

Even though you may be a super person and the most reliable friend, you shouldn’t be doing this all by yourself.

Do ask for help

For starters, you and your fiance should be planning all of this together. He may not very well care for the flower arrangement or color scheme on the tables, but your partner should be contributing as much as possible.

When it comes to asking for outside help, think about limiting who you may ask though. Not everyone may have the best intentions and may try to make it about themselves or only want to do certain tasks. Those who really help you will do whatever you ask them.

Do make an early budget

The average cost of a wedding is around $30,000, but that doesn’t have to be the ground rule. You could be budgeting your wedding to $5,000 or $50,000 but whatever you do, make sure to stick to your budget.

If you’re not sure how much venues cost or the typical catering costs are, ask some friends in your area or some research so you have a good idea. Planning a budget how you go or not having any rules is an easy way to overspend or not have enough money for other facets.

Don’t go crazy with the guests

Planning out a guest list can be equally fun and challenging. You’ve got to scroll through all potential family and friends to limit your list down, making sure they can all fit in your wedding venue. 

Your parents might also be telling you that you to invite every family member this side of the Mississippi, but you know that inviting them means cutting back on other guests you wanted to have come. Try to find a middle ground with your parents, but be ready for some pushback.

Do Make a Plan to Rehearse

Even though you may have seen 1000 movies with weddings and been to 1000 more, it still pays to rehearse. You could be doing the most simple thing, but rehearsing even just once is better than winging it in front of your crowd.

It helps people get in the rhythm and calms a few nerves before doing it for real. 

Don’t go crazy with DIY

Even if you consider yourself an arts and crafts specialist, piling too many DIY projects on top of one another will lead to more stress and angst than you originally planned for. 

Be sure to manage your expectations when it comes to how you can set everything up. Take an extra tour of the wedding venue of where you’re going to get married to double check and make sure all your plans can easily fit into the venue. 

Do Make Use of Technology

While it’s still wise to send a save-the-date through the mail, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the wonders of technology as well.

After sending out the invites or cards, you can send a followup email with your wedding website, registry links, directions to the venue and other items. Make a spreadsheet with everyone’s addresses or use an online platform to help plan out seating and make plans.

Consider it your backup to the paper plans that you surely have throughout the house. 

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