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Dove’s New “Girls With Curls” Vid is A Hair Heartbreaker

Dove Curly Hair Video Feature

Since my blog’s name has “Dove” in it, people always wonder if I’m a big fan of the brand. I am, but more for stuff like their latest video than for their products. (Which are also good. That deodorant? Bomb.)

Seriously though, if you have curly hair or if your kid does, watch this now:

This touched me particularly because, while my hair is a wavy mix of my mother’s curls and my father’s stick-straight blond, I grew up with my mother cursing and bemoaning her wild, spiraled mane. I carefully examined her senior picture in my grandmother’s Great Room with awe and envy at her beauty – but each time she saw it, she was quick to point out her “afro” or “frizz”.

I cannot tell you how beautiful this picture was to me. I would have sworn she was the most beautiful woman in the world. And its charm wasn’t despite the hair – it was, at least in part, because of it. The main (“mane”, har) source of this image’s power was and remains today her expression in the photo. She was making the face in it that I think of as her signature: confident, a bit devilish, ready to take on the world. She wasn’t thinking about hating her curls. She was thinking about what she’d be conquering next. You could see it in her eyes.

So yes, ladies, make like Merida and own that curly mane. Flip it, shake it, make it roar. Curls are natural volume (and the limp-haired straighties like me are cursing you for that), and that makes them inherently sassy. And you know how we feel about sassy.

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