Dr. Miracle’s Intensive Spot Serum Review

dr-miracle-intensive-spot-serum-reviewAs you may have recently read, I’m trying to grow my hair long. What better time to try out some goodies from a brand focused on hair growth like Dr. Miracles?

I experimented with the brand’s Intensive Spot Serum, intended to help with split ends, slow growth and breakage. The serum comes in a glass bottle with an eyedropper applicator, just like the ones for your skin. The texture is also similar to skincare serums, but the scent is a milder version of Dr. Miracle’s signature minty smell.

The “Feel It Formula” tingle the company is famous for is present, but not as intense as with some of their other products – which I’m actually happy about. The combination of the peppermint oil’s cooling effect and the slight itch tend to remind me of putting cold aloe vera on a sunburn.

My split ends definitely felt smoother after only a few uses, and the fine, thin hair around my temples seems stronger and thicker. A word to the wise: this product is best for those with dark, textured hair. I would imagine heavy textures or ultra-dry hair especially would love it. If you have light, straight hair, this may make your scalp look a bit oily.

The verdict: 7 out of 10: Great for dry or curly hair with breakage.

Dr. Miracle’s Intensive Spot Serum sells at Amazon.com for $9.69.

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  1. i do n’t think putting oil diretly on the scalp is a good idea. it will certainly clog your pores and create ingrwon hairs.

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