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How To Dress For Any Occasion

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Your attire is one of the ways you represent yourself in the world. With a properly selected outfit, you can establish new business connections, amaze the boyfriend, or make a good impression on parents in law. Powerful stuff!

Sometimes, the choice of the appropriate clothes may be maddening as you try to find something  which fits your figure, the style, and will be appropriate for a certain event.

Check out some tips and maybe you’ll pick up some valuable ideas.

Fashionable Principles

Before you choose the proper attire, you should know the basic principles, which touch upon clothes in general.

  1. Realize the difference between femininity and flaunting. Don’t be vulgar and if you don’t know what to choose, go for sober tones.
  2. Details matter. Always have shoes and bags of good quality. Stick to simple, but classy accessories. They can turn any outfit into a fancy look.
  3. Grooming is paramount. Also, make sure your hair and nails are neat and clean.

Highlight Your Advantages & Hide Disadvantages

Even if you have a great sense of style, you should consider your merits and demerits and learn how to accentuate or hide them. There are some hints:

  1. If you have wide hips, then make them visually slimmer. Wear A-line clothes.
  2. If you have a wide lower part, and the top is smaller, then accentuate the top though V-neck blouses, blouses on one shoulder or a top with an offbeat print.
  3. If there are extra bits on your belly or chest, but the hips and legs are slim, then pick skinny jeans and a loose blouse.
  4. If you are busty, don’t wear too loose sweaters – they’ll make you visually bigger.

How to Dress for Any Occasion?

Choosing the right clothes may be troublesome sometimes. Consider some of these outfit ideas for the most common occasion conundrums. Hopefully, they will facilitate your choice.


On this special day, a bride and a groom are in the spotlight, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t look stylish.

Do not wear:

White clothes are a taboo at a wedding. Focus on other colors, which aren’t less interesting. For instance, black, emerald, yellow, red, pink, blue and burgundy shades are perfectly fine.

What to wear:

Your look depends on the season, the theme of the wedding, the location and the part of the day when it is held. If it is a celebration is in the afternoon, then choose a mid-length dress with ruffles or bell sleeves. If it is a summer wedding or it is in a hot region, then go for strapless clothes and open-toed shoes. Note that you’ll need a wrap to cover your shoulders in the house of worship.

If the ceremony is in the afternoon and the reception is in the evening, then you may wear a cocktail dress, but make sure that it doesn’t upstage the bride. Eventually, the color should be pale and the cut shouldn’t be vulgar. A V-neck dress with short sleeves and a floral print are great.

If a black tie is required, then you should wear a semi-formal or formal floor-length or a knee-length gown, made of silk, satin, crepe or brocade.

Cocktail Party

A cocktail party is organized for many purposes and it has its dress code – a cocktail dress. However, sometimes an outfit may be more dressy-casual if the overall ambiance is laid-back.

Do not wear:

Avoid too casual fabrics: jersey, chino, and denim.

What to wear:

A cocktail knee-length or slightly above the knee dress is perfect! Pick a vintage sleeveless dress with a boat neck, you may wear it with a petticoat. However, you won’t lose if you wear a cashmere or woolen top with interesting details and combine it with a satin skirt of a middle-length or tailored pants. As for the footwear, give preference to high heels or trendy flats. Complement the image with well-chosen accessories: earrings, a necklace, and bracelets.

Also, a pantsuit is acceptable if you match it with feminine details such as a lacy top. Dark shades are preferable, they keep the outfit inconspicuous.

Dinner Party

Here you should find a golden mean. Don’t be underdressed for not to offend your companions, but in the meantime, don’t be overdressed for not to make the host feel uncomfortable.

Do not wear:

Jeans with holes, revealing outfit.

What to wear:

You may go for a little black dress – it is a perfect option. Or a skirt and a blouse, or jeans and a sequined cardigan, which you’ll complement with an unusual scarf or beautiful earrings. Also, structural shapes and graphic prints will help you to make a statement.

Places of Religious Worship

You should look humble and not provocative.

Do not wear:

Short, clingy outfits don’t fit.

What to wear:

Dresses or skirts below the knee and cardigans, which cover the shoulders, are preferred. For a baptism, wear a colorful dress. As for the Bar Mitzvah, a cocktail dress, paired with a jacket or a shawl, is a good option.

Business Dinner

This event focuses on solving business issues, not on the showing off. So, dress formally, but be still in line with the event.

Do not wear:

Fancy, provocative, oversized and too revealing outfits are a taboo. You are still at work and a tasteless outfit may spoil your image.

What to wear:

Keep things professional and stick to a semi-formal style. Wearing classic pants with a blouse, an elegant sweater, and a jacket will be fine for the business dinner. If it is a business party in the evening, you may choose a refined dress or add some accessories to your office pantsuit such as a bold necklace or earrings and wear it with a feminine blouse. If it is a picnic with colleagues, then choose knee-length shorts without any stripes and a top with short sleeve, but it shouldn’t expose your body parts and the tissue shouldn’t be ripped or frayed.

Job Interview

This is a significant stage in your career. And the choice of the outfit can help you to show that you are serious, committed and disciplined. You should be remembered for your professionalism and diligence, not for a bright blazer.

Do not wear:

Due to casual, sporty, revealing clothes you may be perceived as a frivolous person.

What to wear:

A conservative suit is a standard, accepted in many companies. Pick this variant if you want to take an office position. Also, a pastel or a black knee-length dress or a gown with an abstract print will suit. Besides, a tailored classic-cut matching skirt may be a must if the sphere of your work is law or finance.

Nevertheless, there are interviews, where you should show your sense of style and your creative thinking. If you are seeking a job in artistic fields, then combine a dress with a cardigan and put an accent with a belt. Or match a pencil skirt with a blouse and a jacket with offbeat details. Needless to say that clothes should be clean, tailored and ironed.

A Funeral or a Wake

On these important occasions, you should show your respect.

Do not wear:

Everything festive, fun, too bright and flashy accessories aren’t acceptable.

What to wear:

Toned-down clothes are a win-win option. It may be a woolen, knee-length dress with a jacket or a knee-length skirt with a conservative blouse. Besides, you may go for a pantsuit. Try to choose among navy blue, green, black and brown colors. If there is a pattern on the clothes, then it should be discreet. Vivid and extraordinary patterns aren’t suitable.

Going to the Theater, Ballet, Opera

Even if the rules as for the clothes became less strict, it doesn’t mean that you should wear a casual outfit.

Do not wear:

T-shirts, miniskirts, short and shiny shorts.

What To Wear:

Choose clothes, suitable for a black tie occasion or for a cocktail party. Tailored pants, high heels, and a shirt or a blouse will create a sophisticated look. Nevertheless, some wardrobe consultants assume that you may wear dark jeans if rules in your city are not too strict.

Good First Impression (Meeting Parents-In-Law, First Date, School Functions)

You can’t make the first impression twice, so think about your outfit carefully.

Do not wear:

Don’t mix up many trends, you may look ridiculous. Too short and tight clothes aren’t suitable.

What to wear:

Do you have your favorite pants or a skirt, which suit the occasion? Start with them! To look feminine during your first date, opt a wrap dress of a bright color if you like it. Or a midi dress and pair it with a necklace, which makes a statement. Besides, consider skinny jeans and a trendy sweater. But note that too eccentric apparel may play not in your favor. Be dolled up, but keep it classy.

For performing school functions, a cashmere dress and a jacket are great. As for the meeting parents, ask your partner for an advice. If they prefer a casual style, then wear jeans and a sweater. If they are more traditional, then a knee-length gown or trousers with a blouse fit perfectly.

So, wherever you go, take a good sense of style with you. When you prepare for a certain occasion, find something, which fits your figure, makes you feel comfortable and suits the overall mood of the event.


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