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Taking Engagement Proposals to a Whole New Level

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When you finally realize you have found the one, you start to see all the signs that you should propose. Finding the perfect ring is just the first step of the proposal process. Planning the perfect proposal is all about knowing your partner and what she wants or expects out of a proposal. Here are some engagement proposal ideas that will take that special moment to a whole new level:

  • Destination Proposal – Going on vacation to propose might not be something so unique, but it can be elaborate. Instead of choosing somewhere new to go to, you might want to consider visiting your favorite travel destination. This is a great opportunity to revisit a place you both love and share a special moment in a meaningful place. While you might be tempted to propose at a popular landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, going to a spot that was special for both of you might serve for a more meaningful moment. This could mean a reservation at your favorite restaurant or setting up a special picnic at a park or beach you visited.
  • Game Night Proposal – Creating a special game night might seem like a simple way to propose. However, you can take this simple idea to a new level by creating your own board game. Game night gets elevated by a customized board game with questions about the two of you and your relationship. You can have a special bonus card that your partner can come across that asks the question “Will you marry me?”. This can be a great way to have fun and surprise your partner.
  • Rave proposal – Many couples meet at raves and often they end up being a big part of their relationship. Couples might return to the same rave they met or often travel to different destinations for different raves. Creating a rave proposal is a fun way to incorporate something that is special to your relationship. You can either take this as setting up a proposal and a rave the two of you plan on going to, or you can create your own rave with friends and family. Rent out a venue and DJ to create the perfect scenario for your rave proposal. You can even get black lights and glow sticks so guests can take fun in the fluorescent fun. This also gives a chance for your fiance to see her diamond glow because diamonds often give off a fluorescence that is only visible under a blacklight.

  • Caught On Camera Proposal – Proposals are a special moment that you always wish you were able to catch on camera. However, many people plan the perfect proposal but forget to find a way to document the special moment. Why not plan your proposal around capturing the moment itself? A great way to capture the moment easily is to hire a professional photographer or videographer to hide somewhere. Another fun way to capture the moment is to use a photo booth. Plan to take your partner to a restaurant or bar that you know has a photo booth. Invite her to use the photo booth and then right when the shutter starts surprise her by pulling out the ring and popping the question. 
  • Scavenger Hunt Proposal – Engagement proposals are emotional moments but they can also be fun moments. Setting up a scavenger hunt proposal can be a great way to pop the question and also take a trip down memory lane. Set up clues that will lead her to all your favorite spots together or places where you had a special moment. All the clues should lead to you waiting for her with engagement ring in hand and waiting on bended knee.  


Proposing is all about creating the perfect moment and opportunity for her to say yes! While some might prefer an intimate moment, a proposal is often an elaborate and carefully planned out moment. These next level proposals are sure to surprise her and set up a story she will be sharing with friends and families over and over again.

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