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Essential Home Maintenance Guidelines and Tips

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Keeping your home maintained regularly could save you money over time. Leaving gutters, waste disposal units and electrical appliances unchecked could lead to expensive or irreparable damage. 

Avoid costly repairs by taking the time to fix problems before they escalate, clean gutters, replace air conditioner filters and have the wiring checked once a year. 

Here are some essential home Maintenance guidelines and tips to keep your house in tip-top shape. 

Clean the guttering 

The guttering is often overlooked, when left unchecked clogged guttering could cause major water damage. Either clean the gutters yourself or hire a professional to do it for you using an expert-grade cleaning machine. 

Clean exhaust fans 

You will be surprised at what is lurking in exhaust fans. Clean them at least every six weeks and replace the filters once every three months. 

Change air conditioner filters 

Air conditioner filters accumulate a lot of dust therefore, get rid of the dust by cleaning the ac unit and replacing the filters every few months. You might want to call an expert to do this for you to avoid any unwanted breakages. 

Clean behind large appliances 

Dirt, debris and moisture behind large appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines could cause mould and interior damage. Clean behind your large appliances once every month. 

Wash your washing machine  

Contrary to popular belief, washing machines don’t just clean themselves. You need to wash the interior and have the pipes cleaned every few months. You should also use a descaler tablet to remove unwanted limescale from your machine. 

Clean Your Dishwasher 

Dishwashers need the same treatment as washing machines, you should be cleaning your dishwasher once per week and descaling once a fortnight. 

Replace Electrical outlets 

Replace electrical outlets when they begin to look old and worn. Broken power outlets are dangerous and need to be checked and replaced as soon as possible. 

Check for carbon monoxide 

If you use a gas stove or gas heating system, make sure you install a carbon monoxide monitor. Regularly check the carbon monoxide levels and hire a professional to check the monitor every three to six months.

Check central power supply system 

Checking your central power supply system is essential, you should call in an expert for this as some components might need to be replaced, such as pushmatic breakers and old wiring. Remember that old wiring is extremely dangerous; it should be checked and replaced as soon as possible. 

Service the garbage disposal 

Garbage disposal units should be serviced every few months, clean them daily by pouring hot water, vinegar and baking soda down the waste disposal shoot to remove bad odour, limescale, dirt and grease. 

Clear the attic 

Once a year or every six months, clear the attic. You might need to use damp proof paint and varnish to prevent mould and replace old and decaying wood. Clear out clutter to eliminate hiding places for deadly insects. 

Repaint damp prone areas 

Have you ever walked into a room in your home and discovered a distinct scent of damp? Unsure of the source, you spray the room with an air freshener and forget about it. Often the damp scent is coming from behind a large cabinet or wardrobe. To avoid this, move large furniture, clean with disinfectant and apply damp proof paint to prevent or reduce rising damp. 

Check the roofing 

Roofing often goes unchecked but checking your roof is an essential part of home maintenance. Avoid checking the roof yourself and hire a professional instead. You might need to replace missing tiles and clean tarnished ones that don’t necessarily need replacing. 

Check the pipes 

Hire a plumber to check and clean the pipes to remove dirt and debris. 

Regrout Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles 

Eliminate the unsightly black tile grouting by replacing the grouting every six months. Black grouting is a sign of mould and mildew which is unhygienic and unsightly. In between changes, thoroughly clean your grouting using a scrubbing brush, baking soda and dish soap. 

Powerwash the Patio 

Power wash the patio to remove green moss and unsightly marks. 

Flush out the water heater 

Flush out the water heater once every six months, hire a professional, recommended plumber to do this. 

Test the sump pump 

Your sump pump should be tested once a year and replaced every decade. 

Touch up driveway cracks 

Fill in driveway cracks to give your driveway a fresh makeover. 

Remove weeds 

Usually, weeds grow in between driveway and patio cracks. Regularly remove weeds to avoid overgrown, unattractive weeds. 

Trim the trees and hedges

Overgrown bushes and trees could be hiding places for criminals therefore, always keep them trimmed and tidy. 

Clean refrigerator coils 

Hire an expert to clean your refrigerator coils, unchecked refrigerator coils could destroy the refrigerator cooling element.

Remove lint from dryer vents 

Prolong the life of your dryer by regularly removing lint from the dryer vents. 

Reseal windows and doors 

Reseal windows and doors to prevent insect infestation and to prevent water leakage. 

Check security system 

If you have a home security system, check the security cameras and monitors often to make sure they are working efficiently. 

Audit your energy consumption 

Take stock of how much energy you use and waste every month. Often window and door draughts can cause energy wastage, therefore, it is vital that you keep your windows and doors adequately sealed. Also, check how often you leave lights, fans and other appliances on. Reevaluate how you consume energy and aim to reduce your carbon footprint by at least five percent annually. 


One of the simplest things you can do to maintain your home is to repaint your home. Repainting will give your home a fresh, new look and get rid of scuff marks and accumulated dirt and grime. 

Maintaining your home on a regular basis reduces long-term repair and maintenance costs. When you neglect your washing machine or refrigerator, for example, it might lead to long-term, unavoidable damage. Having your wiring and electrical system checked could save your life, don’t neglect it. 

Overall, keeping your house maintained will give you the peace of mind that all major and minor issues in the house are taken care of. 

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