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Essential Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

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According to industry reports, photographers belong to the top 5 most essential wedding vendors. Engaged couples are willing to spend a fortune on excellent photos that will immortalize the best day of their lives. They also go the extra mile to ensure that they hire the best in the industry. Every couple deserves nothing but the most creative and beautiful shots to celebrate their union.

Wedding planners and former brides recommend that couples interview shortlisted vendors. To choose the best one among all local wedding photographers, the future husband and wife should take the time to sit down with the potential photographers. The following questions will serve as a guide so the couple can select the one that they are comfortable with.

What is Your Specialty?

Wedding photographers have elevated the art into a whole new level. There are now various photography styles and creative directions. Some local wedding photographers specialize in one specific type, while others are adept at merging two photography styles. If you’re looking for video, check out this Hamilton Wedding Videographer site for some great options.

Photography styles include classic, traditional, reportage, quirky, or dramatic. Before heading to the meeting, make sure you already have an idea peg so you properly collaborate with your photographer.

How many years have you been doing wedding photography? How many clients have you served?

A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, so you should hire someone who can professionally shoot all the essential moments from the ceremony to the reception. The longer they are in the industry, the more experience they have. These experiences allow them to address unexpected situations with grace and finesse. 

Also, a long list of clients will prove their solid reputation and the kind of customer service that they provide.

What are the exact inclusions in your packages?

While packages are already posted on a photographer’s website, it would be best to discuss them personally. You may want to check if prints, proofs, and albums are included in the package. Also, ask if engagement shoots are included in the same fee or if they will be charged extra. 

Since you’re already going to be spending tons of money on everything from floral arrangements to chairs covers, don’t let the financial piece get away from you.

Make sure to also ask about overtime rates or out of town fees if, for example, you have fallen head over heels for the style of a Charlottesville wedding photographer, but aren’t local to the area. Also, discuss payment terms and schedules. Do not leave any stone unturned in terms of payment, so there will be no surprises or disappointments when the big day comes. 

Are you going to take the pictures personally, or will it be one of your associate photographers?

Owners of photography studios are not always present during the actual wedding. There are times that they send an associate or a team to do the photography. It would be wise to ask this upfront so you can meet t your photographer to gauge if he is a perfect fit for you.

How long do we need to wait for the actual photos or the photo album?

You and your fiancé (and the whole clan) will surely be excited to see the photos the soonest time possible. But wedding photos go through processes, and it may take weeks or even months before you can enjoy them. 

But if you know how long you need to wait, then you can manage your expectations and happily anticipate the arrival of the photos.

Choosing a photographer is one of the most crucial tasks in your wedding preparations. By arming yourself with the right questions, you can get the needed information to make an informed decision.

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