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Max Factor Volume Couture Mascara Review

MAX Factor Volume Couture Mascara Review

MAX Factor Volume Couture Mascarapackaging: 1/5

I added this category just for this mascara because it made me mad. Don’t get me wrong: the tube is pretty and high-fashionish, shiny black with silver accents and that name-in-lights Max Factor logo. The problem is, they did this thing companies are doing now where they pack the brush outside of the tube, presumably to show off their patent pending iFx brush. Nothing wrong with that – except for that the cheap cardboard casing it comes in makes it difficult to remove the brush without damaging it. I literally bent the brush trying to get it out of the package. Thus, I had to ruin my mascara before I got to use it but after it was unreturnable.

lengthening: 3/5
Eh, it lengthened all right. My lashes didn’t climb to new heights, but they got a decent amount of length.

separating: 5/5
This is this mascara’s high point. It separated my lashes without making them look spidery or losing a bunch of them in the process; instead, it gave them a beautiful, natural look.

curling: 2/5
This mascara actually curled my eyelashes decently, but nothing amazing. My more stubborn lashes did go with the flow, and I was happy about that.

volumizing: 2/5
Now this gets me. “Volume Couture” suggests that the high point of this mascara would be volume. My lashes were plumped, but not greatly so. What’s the deal, Max Factor? I of course bought it in Rich Black, but I was expecting more “rich”.

texture: 2/5
A little crumbly, but it felt smooth to apply and the brush wasn’t uncomfortable.

The verdict: 6/10 – Not a superstar in any respect, but for $6.99, it does the job. Pick it up at Amazon and give it a shot yourself – maybe your experience will differ from mine!

4 thoughts on “Max Factor Volume Couture Mascara Review

  1. Wow! Great review, love how you gave a scores. Very useful. Really like how you say that this mascara help to really separate lashes to avoid “spidery” clumpy lashes. That is the worst. lol

    1. Thanks! There’s lots of different aspects to why a mascara works well or doesn’t. Clumpy lashes are terrible, but if you’re careful, you can use the tip of a safety pin to pull clumps out and separate lashes.

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