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Eye Makeup Review: Revlon Bedroom Eyes Powder Liner

Eye Makeup Review Revlon Bedroom Eyes Eyeliner smoky-eyes Laetitia Casta

Eye Makeup Review Revlon bedroom-eyes Powder Eyeliner AdSmoky eyes are a big hit right now, and everyone wants to know how to get the sexy effect without looking like you slept in your makeup. Enter this limited edition product from Revlon, one of my drugstore purchases this weekend. (See how much money I spend on helping you guys out? I’m so awesome.) All I could think about the whole time was: “You’re thinkin’ up your white lies, and puttin’ on your bedroom eyes”…ah, REO Speedwagon. You touch my life in so many ways.

I often ignore the directions, but the packaging gave a helpful tip: “Tap applicator to remove excess.”  Why do I never listen?

Revlon Bedroom Eyes Powder LinerMost felt-tip makeup like this isn’t powder, so I foolishly applied the product directly from the bottle and thus my cheekbone was doused in black powder. (Luckily, I apply my eye makeup first [as you all should] so this didn’t ruin any concealing. Those of you with a full face of makeup already done would have been crying.)

The bottom rim of my eye looked decently smoky, but it wasn’t any effect that I couldn’t have gotten from a dark grey or black pencil. I rimmed the top of my eye as suggested by the package, and was displeased to see that even with allowing drying time, the product smudged a half-circle onto my browbone.

Additionally, the effect on the top rim of my eye wasn’t as attractive as if I used a classic black liner, and lended to the slept-in makeup look rather than the sultry appearance I was going for. Overall, I’d suggest you use it only on the bottom rim and sparingly at the outer corners of your eyes – it had a tendency to smudge the shape of the applicator at the corners so I looked a bit like a sad clown.

The verdict: 4/10 – While attractive on the lower rim, I’d stick with your pencil liner and use the tip of an eyeshadow applicator with some dark shadow underneath your bottom lashes to achieve the smoky effect.

Revlon Bedroom Eyes Powder Liner sells at drugstore.com for $9.95.

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