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Eye Makeup Review: Rimmel Lash Maxxx Mascara

Eye Makeup Review Rimmel Lash Maxxx Mascara Kate Moss Feature

Eye Makeup Review Rimmel Lash Maxxx Mascara Kate MossAs my faithful readers know, I’m a huge fan of comb mascaras, and I was particularly impressed with Telescopic’s flexible plastic bristles. So Rimmel’s brush that combines the one-sided bristles of Lash Stylist’s comb and the flexibility of L’Oreal’s Telescopic seemed destined for success – plus, Kate Moss is in the ad! It has to be fabulous, right?

The packaging is adorable – both super feminine and high fashion at once. And the price is certainly right. But while the separating effect was great and my lashes still felt soft after two coats, this mascara didn’t give me the volume or length of other comb-brushed mascaras. The spiny plastic also felt a little creepy on my eyes, especially in trying to catch the tiny blonde lashes on the inner and outer edges of my lashes.

So why is it receiving raves everywhere else? Bottom line – I don’t think everyone has explored this new wave in mascara as thoroughly as I have, or they’d know there are more quality products with a similar vibe out there. I love Rimmel, especially for eyes, but this one just didn’t cut it for me. It’s nice to have a cute tube and soft lashes, but for me the point of using mascara is to get that fake-lash glamorous look Adriana Lima‘s always flashing at me from a billboard.

The verdict: 6/10 not horrible, but nowhere near its competitors.

Rimmel Lash Maxxx mascara is available at Ulta.com for $7.29.

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  1. That sounds like the brush on They’re Real. It’s a good mascara, but it feels scratchy and irritates my eyelids sometimes..

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