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Kim Kardashian Eye Makeup Video, Part 3

How To Highlight Contour Your Face with Makeup Bronze kim-kardashian-contoured-faceYou guys loved the Part 1: Face and Part 2: Eyes video how-tos from Kim Kardashian’s smoky eye makeup lessons video series, and now we’re going to discuss the gorgeous celebrity’s Part 3: Final Touches on the Smokey Eye. As with the last installment, I’ll provide you guys with a highlight reel:

  • Kim’s makeup artist Stephen Moleski applies MAC Paint Pot in a shimmery creme to the inner corners of her eyes with an eyeshadow brush.
  • Kim’s favorite mascaras include Lancome Hypnose and MAC Zoom Lash.(OMG that’s one of my favorites too!)
  • Stephen uses the MAC angled brush to press MAC Carbon black eyeshadow as an eyeliner into Kim’s lashline.
  • Kim’s brows are filled in with the same angled brush using MAC eyeshadow in Espresso, which Stephen adorably pronounces “ex-pressoh“.

Stay tuned for the next installment, in which Kim will be adding false eyelashes. I can’t wait to share their tips with you!

Audrina Patridge’s Celebrity Eye Makeup Tips

Audrina Patridge EyesWe already told you about former Hills babe Audrina Patridge’s beauty routine, but now she’s gone and spilled more of her beauty secrets, this time focusing on how she does her eye makeup.

Audrina’s eyeliner tips and tricks:

“I love black eyeliner. I put it on the inner rims of my lash lines, top and bottom. If I want a more dramatic look, I’ll go back over the top lash line just a tiny bit to darken it. If I mess up, I’ll just smudge the line with my finger and put eyeshadow over it.”

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Kim Kardashian’s Smoky Eye Makeup Video Lessons

Kim-Kardashian-Makeup-Try-This-At-Home-InstagramWhatever else you may think about her, you asked and she delivered: possibly the most sought after celebrity eye makeup look is that of Kim Kardashian, and apparently Kim knows about the high demand. The socialite and E! starlet posted a series of videos a couple of years ago on achieving her signature smoky eyes. They largely went unnoticed…but I’ve uncovered them for you!

The first vid only includes foundation and blush, which disappointed me a little – the eye makeup is the fun stuff! The video also prominently features Kim without makeup, so if you’re abnormally curious about seeing celebrities with no makeup on like I am, you’ll want to check it out.) The rest are highly educational – an awful lot goes into making that face. (No word yet on what goes into making that booty.)

Applying Eyeshadow to Balance Eyes

How-To-Apply-Eyeshadow Tips and TricksWe all have features we don’t love. My question is, why live with it being your eyes? Rather than going under the knife or hiding under a rock, contour an unusual-looking eye area with makeup. Here’s how to do it – for your eyes only!

Contouring wide-set eyes: To make eyes appear closer together, apply a deep-toned shadow to the inner halves of your lids, with a lighter tone on the outside. Balance with subtle pencil liner along the lower lash line.

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4 Tips For Applying Better Eyeshadow

How-To-Apply-Eyeshadow Tips and TricksEye makeup is probably the most difficult thing to master in makeup artistry, and though it may feel like the impact comes with the liner and mascara, the truth is, your eyeshadowed lids are the canvas and the basis for the lovely work of art you’re creating. Here are some helpful tips and tricks on how to best apply eyeshadow:

BRUSH UP: When applying eyeshadow, it is best to use a brush rather than the spongy applicator most shadows come with.  The sponge pads don’t blend well and can result in a lesser quality look. They can also absorb much more product, which wastes it in the end and when you’re paying $13 per eyeshadow, less is more!
>>>We recommend: Bare Escentuals Tapered Eyeshadow Brush

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