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Face Makeup Review: Chanel Teint Innocence Foundation

Face Makeup Review Chanel Teint Innocence Foundation Feature

Face Makeup Review Chanel Teint Innocence FoundationIt’s an amazing triumph when I, in all my persistent frugality, can cross a department-store makeup item off my wishlist. This weekend’s procurement was no exception. I’ve lusted after Chanel Teint Innocence for months after reading some “Go natural but still look hot!”-type rave in Allure that mentioned it as the end-all, be-all in youthful foundation. Since then, I’ve yearned away with no real reason not to buy it other than how cheap I am. Perhaps I was trying to build excitement?

Well, it turns out there was no need. Teint Innocence amazed me from the top down. The box is luxe, shiny black with a gold band around the bottom; the jar inside’s top is matte black with Chanel’s signature intertwined Cs on top, and it has an ingenious way of locking securely onto the top of the bottle much like the gas cap on my Honda Civic. Even the opening is smart, advising moderation by allowing only a small amount of product to escape at once. Did I mention there’s Chanel foundation inside?

I cautiously rubbed a bit of Teint Innocence in Gentle Ivory over the my-skin-hates-changing-seasons blemish on my cheek, and was astonished: it disappeared completely into my skin. It was the first shade I’d tried! I’d yet to find a foundation that perfectly matches my skin – and now that I had, I was in love.

Chanel is realistic with its product: it matches beautifully and brightens skin, so of course it’s not full coverage. Skin color looks fake with full coverage anyway, because your skin is slightly translucent and has a lot of different layers, so I’m not angry about it. I’m in love with my new product and no other will woo me away – at least not for awhile.

The verdict: 10/10 – everything I could ever want in a foundation. We’re getting married next fall.

Chanel Teint Innocence Fluid Makeup sells at Amazon.com for $48.88 – but it’s mine, so back off. /mad kitty noise

UPDATE: Teint Innocence has since been discontinued and replaced with VitaLumiere. It was as if a million stylish French girls cried out at once and were suddenly silenced.

Seriously though, VitaLumiere is pretty similar.

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