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FAQs When Getting a Knitting Subscription Box

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To all knitting lovers out there, here’s some good news for us. We can get a knitting subscription box with a yarn collection to cater to your niche interest. However, there are things we need to know more about these subscription boxes.

5 Reasons Why We Love a Knitting Subscription Box

Some people wonder, “what’s with all the hype about a knitting subscription box?” They don’t realize that knitting is beneficial to our health. As a matter of fact, the activity of knitting is as relaxing as yoga. It has a measurable effect in terms of relieving stress and calming anxiety. It’s also good for our body. Many people are experiencing difficulty with their eye and hand coordination as they grow older. Through knitting, they maintain and improve strength and dexterity in their hands.

Below are why we love a knitting subscription box:

  1. We want an eco-friendly community. The knitting community is meaningful, thanks to the Darn Good Yarn for using eco-friendly yarn. The knitting subscription box includes a skein of eco-friendly yarn. Eco-friendly yarns are the best because they only require minimal chemical processing. If you want a clean, green animal-free option, knitting subscription boxes may be for you.
  2. We support small businesses. Knitting subscription box companies are small businesses. Many of them work with others to provide independent yarns. As we continue to support small businesses such as these, then we’re giving them a chance in providing us more quality yarns and subscription boxes in the future.
  3. We want to be creative. When we receive the knitting subscription box, we get to practice our creativity. The subscription box will include new crochet and knit patterns. We can make use of them, together with the eco-friendly yarn to create something for ourselves.
  4. We want to get a hold of different yarns. The truth is, there are a lot of yarns out there. Sometimes, it’s impossible for us to get a hold of all of those yarns. However, knitting subscription boxes can help us with this. With an exclusive membership access, you can discover more patterns and more yarns.
  5. We all want surprises. Darn Good Yarn recognizes that we all want surprises. When we receive the subscription box, we will also receive a special mystery box. It contains an item that will help us with our knitting projects.


Why We Should Get a Knitting Subscription Box

Getting a knitting subscription box is something that many people are already doing. Ever since subscription boxes became a thing, it piqued a lot of people’s interest. They’re also cheap! For example, A $30 value for an eco-friendly knitting subscription box only costs $10 at Darn Good Yarn.

So, what do we get from a knitting subscription box? We’ll have a skein of premium eco-friendly yarn, a knit and crochet pattern, and a special mystery box. For only $10, we can say that this is a great deal, especially for beginners.

Below are some of the benefits when you get a knitting subscription box:

  • We can skip a month or two at any time.
  • Our subscription allows us to support a business that helps other people while having fun with our knitting projects.
  • The yarn club box we receive are packed with love by Crossroads. They give jobs to adults who have developmental disabilities. If we support Darn Good Yarn, we are also supporting Crossroads.

Each of the boxes includes the following:

  • A skein of eco-friendly yarn. We can’t call it a knitting and crochet subscription box if there’s no skein of yarn. Every month, we, members will receive a skein of eco-friendly yarn. This yarn is hand-made in India using recycled silk and natural fibers.
  • A crochet and knitting pattern. With every box, we will receive a new crochet and knitting pattern. We can use this pattern together with our eco-friendly yarn. We’ll also get exclusive access to the Facebook group, where we can discover more of their patterns.
  • A mystery gift. We’ll always look forward to our monthly subscription because of this special mystery gift. There’s a unique item inside the box that will spice up our knitting and crochet project.


Knitting Subscription Box FAQs

Before subscribing for a knitting box, there are a couple of things that we need to know to make sure there’ll be no confusion. Knowing the FAQs will help us understand more about Darn Good Yarn and the subscription process. Read the frequently asked questions below when getting a subscription box:


  • How do I sign up for a knitting subscription?


On the page, after clicking the Add to Cart button, you will see the first month’s box on your cart. It will be added there and will auto-renew on a month to month basis. As soon as you buy the box, you will receive an e-mail confirmation which contains the order details. If you’re a first-time buyer, you should expect to receive your subscription box within one week after placing the order.


  • Can I use coupon codes for a knitting subscription?


We can still use coupon codes only if Darn Good Yarn specifies it. Coupon codes are usually for non-subscription products. But there are times it offers special discounts on subscriptions. Make sure you are always on the lookout.


  • What’s inside my box?


Many people will think it’s impossible when they find out it will only cost $10 for a monthly knitting subscription. So, what’s inside the box? Every month we will receive a premium skein of yarn, a crochet and knitting pattern, and a mystery gift. Darn Good Yarn handpicks those items. Each box has a $30 value and includes access to its exclusive member dashboard.


  • Can I pick what fibers to get in my subscription box?


At this time, we cannot pick which yarn we’ll receive in our subscription box. Darn Good Yarn is doing their best to choose a hypoallergenic yarn. It makes sure that the yarn they send is good for everyone.

  • How long should I wait to receive my subscription box?

For domestic members, it usually takes 4 to 6 days for each subscription box to arrive. This is after the order has left the warehouse. For international members, it will take 7 to 10 days.

  • Do I have to pay for shipping? How much does it cost?

It will cost $3.95 per month to ship the box for domestic members while the rate for international shipping will depend on the country.

After we place our first order, we can expect the box to be shipped within one week.

  • What should I expect to find on the members-only dashboard?

Once we become a member, we will be receiving exclusive deals on four rotating offers. These offers are only available on the members-only dashboard. We won’t miss out on these deals if we check back every now and then, as they sell out quickly.

We can also manage our subscription from the members-only dashboard. From there, we can edit our billing and shipping address. We can also update our payment information, change our charge date, and many more.

  • What if my schedule becomes hectic that I lose time to complete all these projects?

One thing that sets Darn Good Yarn from others is that it understands when we get hectic schedules. Thus, it allows us to skip a month or two any time we want. It also allows us to pick up where we left off whenever we are ready. We can also cancel at any time, if necessary, although it will be sad to cancel the subscription. If we do need to cancel, Darn Good Yarn advises us to cancel before the re-bill date.

  • Can I return my subscription box?

Darn Good Yarn gives us amazing discounts on these subscription boxes, therefore. They don’t accept returns or exchanges for them. Once the sale is made for the subscription box, it’s final.

  • I want to share my subscription box. Can I order it as a gift?

The good news is, we’re allowed to order the subscription boxes and send them as a gift to a friend. We can also order them as gifts. All we will need to do is to enter the shipping information of the recipient during checkout. That’s where we want the subscription box to go to.

  • Can I purchase a prepaid subscription?

It’s not possible as of this moment. However, we will be able to do it very soon. We can purchase 3, 6, or even 12 months of subscription that will not renew automatically as soon as the prepaid period is over. This benefits us all knitters!

Knowing all these things will help us decide if we should get a monthly subscription before we even click the Add to Cart button. But looking at the cost and what we’re getting out of it, I’m sure this is worth a shot. What are your thoughts on Darn Good Yarn’s monthly knitting subscription? Let us know in the comments section below.

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