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Edgy Fashion Trends For 2019

With many of the spring and summer 2019 fashion shows already wrapping up, the message from the overall industry is pretty clear; be unique and be edgy. In short, almost everyone is saying that 2019 is the year to be yourself and be as unique as possible with your style. There have been an incredible amount of socio-political events taking place across the country; these have been reflected in film and entertainment and has now broken into the fashion world.

Many major fashion brands are now facing these kinds of conversations. They’re actively promoting the likes of inclusivity, diversity and other issues affecting women. With body negativity and ageism being at an all-time high, many fashion designers are looking to encourage women to be themselves. Because of that, the core message for many women has been to use fashion to reflect and empower their own selves while also reflecting their values through their clothing. Continue reading “Edgy Fashion Trends For 2019” »

Breathtaking Fashion Wallpapers for iPhone 6 (Parallax Friendly!)

Ever wanted fashionable backgrounds for your iPhone? They’re surprisingly hard to find – particularly if you want one that have the parallax effect (where you can see under the icons when you tilt the phone). Frustrated with the lack of selection, I figured out how to make some! Continue reading “Breathtaking Fashion Wallpapers for iPhone 6 (Parallax Friendly!)” »

2015 Complete Fall Fashion Week Calendar: Schedules & Dates By City

Fashion Week has grown beyond its roots in New York and Paris – now there’s one in almost every major city! Find your favorite metro below; maybe we fashionistas can organize a tour of them, the way fathers and sons hit all the baseball fields and end in Cooperstown. Here’s the complete calendar we’ve all been waiting for!

2015 Fashion Week Dates By City

FALL (AUTUMN) 2015 SHOWS (showing SS16 collections): Continue reading “2015 Complete Fall Fashion Week Calendar: Schedules & Dates By City” »

My Fashion Week Purse Essential (You’ll Never Guess)

This post sponsored by Trident for my participation in this campaign as part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network

chewing-gum-fashion week fashion model blonde

It’s Fashion Week, and stylistas are running around like crazy to view the designers’ newest, chic-est collections. There are myriad guides on must-haves for surviving the madness, but there’s one essential I rarely see mentioned that I never leave home without. Continue reading “My Fashion Week Purse Essential (You’ll Never Guess)” »

The Ultimate Fashion Week Trend: Being Comfy. #BringComfyBack

dior-cruise-2015 fashion comfy
Dior Cruise 2015 – A scarf as pants is pretty much as comfy as it gets.

New York Fashion Week officially kicks off September 10, and between all the carwash pleats I’m noticing a promising trend among the trends: being comfy.

From “athleisure” (even T. Swift wore it to the VMAs) to all the wedge-and-chunky-heel action floating around these days, comfort is back in style. (And may I say along with all the other girls who have tromped from show to show in impossible 5-inch heels – THANK GOD!)

Here are some tips for staying fashionably comfy this NYFW 2015 season: Continue reading “The Ultimate Fashion Week Trend: Being Comfy. #BringComfyBack” »