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How to Look Fashionable in Unflattering Situations

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It’s easy to be fashion-forward on a night out, where heels and cocktail dresses are acceptable or even mandatory, but what about for the rest of your life? How can you integrate Parisian-girl effortless-chic into trips to Walmart, bed-bound Scream Queens binging and falling asleep in your recliner?
We’ve got some tips for staying fab and fashionable even in the most non-stylish of situations:

  • Don’t buy it if it isn’t beautiful and chic. Make this your new rule, and do not break it under any circumstances.
    This doesn’t just apply to clothes – it applies to everything you own. Even a reusable grocery bag can have a stylish design, so raise your standards a bit and don’t just spring for whatever works. If you don’t OWN ugly stuff, even the things you use when planting flowers or scrubbing kid-vomit will look chic.
  • Throw it away if it stops being beautiful or chic. Ever look at yourself passing a mirror in a shoppe and think, ” how do I look so dumpy right now? These are BCBG!” Um, because they’re old and worn and should have been tossed months ago. Again, stop settling for crappy.
  • u by kotex 2Stick to neutrals. Sure, those amazing curators of fashion mix in color all the time, but you don’t have time to select the perf teal ensemble when you’re running to Target. Black, white, metallics, greys and beiges should be your go to safe picks – again, for everything, even sneakers and bathrobes.
  • Go under the surface. By under, we mean underwear. Even your hanging-on-the-couch pairs can be chic – get simple (neutral) bikinis from Calvin Klein and a fab-yet-discreet box of lady-products like U By Kotex Lightdays Liners or Curves Liners. It’ll even look good under the sink – in fact, here’s a free sample!

What are your tricks for looking fabulous in unflattering situations?

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