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Feel Happier, Sleep Better, & Eat Less – Naturally?


My appetite is crazy. My sleep is often erratic. And while I don’t suffer from clinical depression, I definitely struggle with mood issues every now and again (usually about once per month…).

Sound familiar? That’s because most of us experience the same struggles – but we don’t usually want to resort to prescriptions and doctors’ appointments to solve them. Rather than dealing with harsh side effects and addictive properties of pharmaceuticals, we just live with the symptoms. But what if there was a milder, non-prescription way to solve our problems?

Chronos-Pharma-5HTP-Review-Sleep-AppetiteEnter 5-HTP.  5-HTP is a natural protein byproduct that increases serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter you may be familiar with – she’s our best ally when it comes to feeling better. Some of the awesome effects increased serotonin production can have:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Controlling appetite spikes
  • Lowering stress levels
  • Stabilizing mood
  • Increased ease in falling asleep and ability to sleep through the night

All this without a prescription? Needless to say, I was intrigued. Plus, they boast the highest repurchase level on Amazon, so that upped my trust factor a little.

The product suggests you take two tablets before bedtime, and notes that it may cause drowsiness. Maybe it’s that I’m small-framed, but I cannot echo this enough. Within 30 minutes after taking these, I’m out like a light. But I don’t mind that at all – I’m happy to have found something able to help me get to sleep quickly.

Seriously, no more staring at the ceiling. I sleep like a baby. If you have trouble sleeping or if you find your stomach growling for a nightly raid of the fridge, these might be worth a try.

Get it for only $13.99 on Amazon – but don’t be a chump, get 30% off of your order with this exclusive code: 7PE64YHX.

(Note: I am not a medical professional; I’m just a reviewer who got a sample of these to review. All my opinions are 100% my own, don’t represent medical advice and may not work for you the same way they worked for me.) 

One thought on “Feel Happier, Sleep Better, & Eat Less – Naturally?

  1. I heard about this yrs ago for coming down from MDMA to make the lows less low… Haha.. Keep in mind that was back in my raver days… Glowsticks n strawberries and suckers and shiny pants… Can’t believe it still has a use now! Makes sense tho given its effects ❤️ Natural is always best!

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