Feel the Vibes of Cultural India with these Quintessential Traditional Indian Sarees

The saree is the most loved Indian ethnic wear. Women of all generations are fond of it and possess at least one that they treasure wonderfully. This nine-yard drape has a long history in rich Indian culture. There is a diverse range of sarees that originate from different parts of the country. As colorful, lustrous weaves are woven together, each one of them is pure elegance and sartorial splendor.

Saree as an Indian ethnic wear became out go-to attire for all festive occasions. Women of all generations, young or married, love to adorn it on the days they want to look at their traditional and stylish best. From time immemorial, it has become an integral part of the bridal trousseau and an essential for traditional ceremonies and weddings. While lehenga choli has become a raging trend, man cultures still wear sarees as they are evergreen and stunning attires. The best part is that it looks flawless on all body types and embraces feminine curves in the most impeccable manner. No matter where the woman is from and whatever her lifestyle choices are, an Indian woman would always Indian handloom sarees. Here are some of the most beautiful choices of Indian traditional sarees. You must own these graceful beauties if saree is your favorite ethnic attire.

  1. Kanjeevaram sarees: If you are a true saree lover, your collection of sarees is not complete without this gorgeous garment that has a queenly feel to it. It is the pride of South Indian culture and the quintessential queen of Indian sarees. The saree originates from Tamil Nadu town Kanchipuram that is why it is sometimes referred to as Kanchipuram. It has a glorious history and stories linked to it. It is said that the Kanchipuram silk weavers are the descendants of the master weavers of God. The sarees are woven with a pure form of mulberry silk and have wide contrast borders. Temple borders, checks, stripes, floral patterns are some of the common traditional designs that are found on these sarees. Since it is usually a blend of woven silk and gold thread, it is worn on auspicious occasions like weddings.
  2. Banarasi Silk Saree: From ancient times, Banaras or Varanasi has been the cultural center and thriving sector of textiles. Banarasi saree is one of the glorious products of the handlooms is the rich Banarasi sarees. These are one of the richest and heaviest sarees found in Indian subcontinent. The distinctive feature is the finest brocade silk with heavy zari work on the borders. An authentic Banarasi silk saree is truly lustrous and luminous in its appearance. The opulent and extravagant embroidery on the saree gives it its unique, regal charm. Intricate floral, ethnic designs with compact weaving are its distinctive features. You can shop the latest sarees online on, the one-stop shop for everything ethnic.
  3. Paithani Silk Saree: Another rich traditional handwoven Indian saree that symbolizes vibrant Indian culture. Originating from Maharashtra, it is one of most opulently designed sarees from India. A typical Paithani saree has borders of an oblique design and its pallu has peacock or flower patterns. There are various designs in Paithani sarees and one of the most loved ones are the ones with a kaleidoscopic effect. Saree enthusiasts find it hard to resist these sarees alluring convergence of luminous colors that gives it a natural kaleidoscopic effect. These sarees are popular among women for traditional events and festive celebrations.
  4. Kalamkari Saree: Kalamkari sarees are not as lustrous and shiny in its appeal as the others we mentioned above. However, these are a gorgeous piece of garment that is created using block printing or hand painting art on cotton fabric, called Kalamkari. This style of art is used only using natural dyes and it involves as many as 23 steps. These sarees offer a wide variety of designs that suits the taste and preferences of everyone. The new-age designers are making dedicated efforts to revive back the art form and take it to its former glory. Unlike other silk sarees, these sarees are an amazing option to wear on formal occasions like an interview, office event, a regular day at the office or a formal meeting.
  5. Tanchoi Silk Sarees: Tanchoi silk sarees an incredible outcome of tanchoi weaving technique performed on fine silk, involving single or double warp and two-five color threads. What makes it different from other silk sarees is usually small and dainty patterns like flowers, birds, foliate, peacocks and more. It is lighter and softer than other silk sarees with a satin finish.
  6. Patola sarees: Another popular casual wear traditional style saree is Patola saree that is made out of double ikat weave made from silk. Originating from Gujarat, these sarees are said to be very costly and were once only worn by aristocratic families. These sarees are highly expensive due to the intricacy it demands. It is one of the most time-consuming crafts that take days to finish. These sarees have an old-vintage charm that makes the wearer look like a gorgeous damsel in it. Simple geometric patterns make it stand out among the rest.

Apart from these, there are numerous other Indian traditional sarees to experiment with such as Kota Doria, chikankari, Baluchari, Bandhani, Tant, Pochampally, Muga silk and so many more. India is a culturally rich state that was once a textile hub. Many designers are making efforts to revive typical Indian fabrics and bring them back in fashion. Meanwhile, the global appeal of Indian fabrics and textile has grown by leaps and bounds.

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