The New FOREO LUNA Skin Cleansing Brush – Review

I have been considering getting one of those fancy skin cleansing brushes for awhile now. However, I’m glad I didn’t pull the trigger before iFabbo hooked me up with the LUNA by FOREO.

Spoiler alert: this thing rules. The Luna sets itself apart from the rest of the cleansing brush crowd with the additional anti-aging function, which helps keep your skin looking both young and clean. The Luna has 3 different models – I got the one for combination skin since my body hates me enough to give me wrinkles and pimples at the same time. 

FOREO Luna review cleansing brush ClarisonicOne of my favorite things about it is that its silicone brush is completely waterproof (no electric shock factor, that’s awesome) and nonporous so it resists bacterial buildup, which totally reduces the “ick” factor that can come with using the same cleansing brush every day.

This bad boy claims to be up to 35 times more hygienic than other sonic cleansing brushes and removes 99.5% of dirt and oil and 98.5% of makeup residue.

I tried it out and definitely found that to be the case – I actually cleaned my face by hand first and then used the Luna, and saw the dirt and makeup on the brush after. Ack! I missed some, but the Luna got it.

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Plus, I loved the anti-aging function – immediately after using it, I felt my skin looked smoother in my problem areas, and exhilarated to boot. I can’t wait to see what the long-term effects are.

If you’ve got $199 to drop on this bad boy, do it – it’s definitely a better deal than some of the other brushes out there. Good stuff for clean pores!

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