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Forget Gigi: Let’s Talk About Bella Hadid

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Everyone is up in arms about Gigi Hadid lately – she’s got that California girl thing down. And you know her mom (also a former model) Yolanda Foster from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But have you seen her sister Bella?

Bella Hadid for ELLE

Bella is a model herself (above for ELLE Magazine), and possesses all of her sister’s beauty, but with a very different appeal. Here she is walking the runway for Desigual:

Bella Hadid for Desigual Spring Summer 2015

Just like her sister Gigi (who’s on the squad of beauties Taylor Swift hangs with), everything Bella does is So Right Now. In accordance, she’s buds with Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and she recently revealed publicly that’s she’s been dating The Weeknd (and they are totes in lurrrrv). Here she is with him and a Kardashian-worthy sideboob-baring leotard, high-waisted pants and Star Trek boots:


Fashion-wise, Bella differs from her sis Gigi’s SoCal style, telling Lucky Magazine that she’s always favored “more leather jackets and black and all of that”. Why didn’t she jump on the Cali surfer-girl train?

“My whole life I’ve been pretty independent with my style, and my mom has been really giving when it comes to that. When I was super young I would paint my nails black and wear eyeliner and she let me do what I wanted to, which really shaped my style.” LOVE.

We also love that she’s willing to do photoshoots in DKNY and Calvin Klein with no makeup and no retouching:

Bella Hadid Calvin Klein No Makeup No Retouching

What? You mean a woman can look beautiful without Photoshopping out the teeny side wrinkles or eyebags we all get when bending/smiling? Be still my heart. 

We’re loving Bella Hadid’s original style, and while Gigi is all the rage, we can’t wait to see what her sister pulls out next.

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