Forget the Ladies of London: Check Out Luke Henderson

Ladies of London is back, but I’m way less interested in the ladies this year now that I’ve seen Caroline Stanbury’s makeup artist, Luke Henderson.

Just take a look at this cutie: 

From Luke Henderson’s Twitter, linked below

Here he is with Caroline Stanbury and Lisa Vanderpump (my ultimate Brit sandwich):


And here with Tamara Ecclestone (just friends, natch):


Seriously, what a doll. Okay, so he seems like he’s wearing makeup – those brows and lashes are a bit too perfect – but what do you expect? He’s a makeup artist! Plus, you gotta watch the show and hear his croony British accent. /swoon

He also co-owns a talent agency with Caroline. #squadgoals

Check out his Twitter, if you’re interested in stalking.  What do you think? Is he the cutest thing to hit Ladies of London or what?

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