Fragrance Friday: Betsey Johnson Eau De Parfum

Betsey Johnson Eau De Parfum ReviewAs perfume goes, I’m a bit of scent flirt. Rather than sticking with one fragrance, I like to try and buy many different perfumes. For a fun and flirty scent, try Betsey Johnson’s Eau de Parfum Spray.

  • Top notes: Pear, grapefruit
  • Heart notes: Freesia, lily of the valley
  • Base notes: Praline, sandalwood

I found this gem while cruising the perfume department at Ulta, and it makes for a great fruity, everyday scent. The adorable bottle and my love for Betsey Johnson drew me in first, but the smell is what won me over.

Pick up Betsey Johnson Eau De Parfum Spray at Amazon for only $23 in the 3.4oz size. You’ll love it, I promise.

2 thoughts on “Fragrance Friday: Betsey Johnson Eau De Parfum”

  1. This fragrance sounds good (and I adore Betsey Johnson), but I don’t know about praline as a base note. Never heard of that before. Interesting.

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