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Fragrance Friday: Burberry Brit

burberry-brit-ad fragrance review

burberry-brit-reviewAh, Burberry Brit. A classic perfume for me and perfect for Valentine’s Day, this scent falls into my favorite fragrance category: oriental. The scent is crisp, sweet, charming and sexy in a “I’m busy” kinda way. It makes me think of taking a brisk stroll through the streets of London, and isn’t that how anything from Burberry should make you feel?

I actually got flagged down by a guy at the tire place last weekend who said, “I was just downwind of you and caught a whiff of that perfume. What IS that? It’s amazing! I have to buy some for my wife!” (In a totally non-creepy way.) He then got a piece of paper and then wrote down the scent name (which was a humorous exchange – “Blueberry Bit? Burbur Mint? What?”)

  • Top notes: Italian lime, icy pear, crisp green almond
  • Heart notes: sugared almond, lush white peony
  • Down notes: warm amber, mahogany, vanilla and tonka beans

Burberry Brit is available in eau de parfum for $74 or eau de toilette for $64.

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