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Fragrance Friday: Starring…! Fragrances Diva & Beauty

Fragrance Friday Starring Fragrances table
Fragrance Friday Starring Fragrances

The market for organic products is huge and only growing, and the trend isn’t limited to makeup and skincare. Starring…! Fragrances was kind enough to let me sample their line of all-natural perfumes. Created by actresses and sisters Ashley and Courtney Peldon, the line features elegant fragrances in gold-capped bottles and complements any eco-conscious babe who doesn’t want to smell like patchouli. I tried two very different scents: The Diva and The Beauty.

The Diva is heady and instantly sexy, definitely created with evening in mind. Its decadent combination of chocolate and strawberry made me instantly hungry- it smells a lot like a cherry cordial. It’s perfect for a night at the club or an encounter a few dates in – and with these organic formulas you don’t have to worry about your man kissing your neck and tasting peroxide. If you wish you were Madonna, love dark purple, and consider yourself high-maintenance, this is your signature scent. 

Fragrance Friday Starring Fragrances table

The Beauty is its counterpart at the other end of the spectrum – it’s all about waking up. Citrus and floral notes sing soprano in this scent while warm vanilla keeps it balanced and wearable. (Unlike Clinique Happy. Don’t get me started on Happy.) I felt instantly rejuvenated and almost giddy after application. While The Diva accompanies you on girl’s night out, The Beauty is your best friend for job interviews, Sunday errands or simply lunch with friends.

Best of all, each of the perfume bottles in Starring…!’s line have a gemstone in the bottom. Isn’t that neat? You could end up with agate, jasper, obsidian, quartz, tigerseye or any one of several others. I think that’s a damn cute idea. More products should come with little “bonuses”, in my opinion.

The verdict: 8/10 – Starring…! Fragrances scores a winner with these brand-new scents; they have an original concept and they smell amazing.

The Diva and The Beauty are both available on Starring…! Fragrances’ website for $26 in the 1oz. size and $14 in the 15ml size.

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