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Which Frames Fit Your Face?

Closeup portrait of a blonde woman with hands under chin wearing glassesGlasses are no longer simply tools for improving your vision; they are now a fashion statement. Sure, your reading glasses at home may be outdated, but if you need a pair of eyeglasses to go out in public, it is important that you get frames that you feel good wearing. How do you know which ones will look best on you? By finding your face shape.

Find Your Shape

One of the first steps in choosing a pair of glasses is knowing what the shape of your face is. There are four basic face shapes, and each can benefit from a flattering pair of eyeglasses. Take a look in the mirror at your face. If you have long hair, pull it back so you can see the true shape. If you have trouble discerning the shape, use this guide:

  • Oval: Your chin is slightly narrower than your forehead and you have balanced features.
  • Round: Your face is as wide as it is long.
  • Heart: You have a broad forehead and a narrow jawline.
  • Square: You have well-defined angles in your forehead, cheeks and jawline.

Oval Face

In general, people who have oval faces have very well-proportioned faces, creating the ideal shape and therefore, they look good in just about anything. In general, these lucky people should avoid purchasing glasses that can throw off that balance. In other words, stay away from frames that are either too big or too small, as they will actually disrupt the symmetry of your face.

Round Face

If you have a round face, you should try to add contrast by choosing frames that add angles. This can actually help your face seem thinner and longer. Pick frames that are wider than they are deep. Nose pads can help keep your eyeglasses from resting on your cheeks. Frames that work for round faces include:

  • Rectangle or square shapes
  • Cat-eye frames
  • Semi-rimless

Heart Face

The goal for people with heart-shaped faces is to minimize the broadness of your forehead and the narrowness of your chin. Glasses that are wider at the bottom can help to add volume to the lower half of your face and draw attention away from your forehead. Also, glasses that dip slightly between the eyes can soften the appearance of a broad forehead. Avoid embellished frames or ones that have decorative temples, as they can draw unwanted attention. Choose frames such as:

  • Rectangles
  • Round or oval
  • Aviator-style

Square Face

Square faces tend to be angular, so your glasses should help you soften your look. Curving lines will actually make your face appear narrower. You should get frames that are wider than they are deep and pick colors that are neutral, as both will help distract from harsh angles. Try glasses that are:

  • Round or oval
  • Cat-eye
  • Rimless

You should always try on your eyeglasses before purchasing them to make sure you like the way you look. At the end of the day, regardless of your face shape, you have to be comfortable in what you are wearing. This guide can go a long way toward ensuring you pick among the right kinds of frame for your face shape; the color and style and everything else is up to you.

Article written by Jen Blair of the Sprightly Shopper, Follow her on twitter @sprightlyshopr

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  1. Thanks for this post. I have never been good at identifying my correct face shape. I think maybe it is a heart, but maybe everyone who has a widow’s peak thinks their face is a heart. lol. In any event I like the frames with no bottoms.

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