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Fun and Easy Ways to Get Out of a Workout Rut

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When you’ve been working out consistently for a long time you can go in a slump and start to feel bored with what you’re doing. Here are some ways to keep things interesting and fun, which is how workouts should be.

Fun and easy ways to get out of a workout rut:

Do something new

The first thing to look at when you are in a workout rut is what your exercise routine is. To get yourself out of a rut, you may just need to mix up what exercises you are doing in your usual circuit or maybe try a new routine altogether. You can find a lot of new workouts in apps like 30 Day Fitness Challenge that has a lot of different targeted routines, like this one on how to get rid of saddlebags for example, as well as how to get toned abs and many more. 

Ditch the basic moves and take it up a notch

When you’re doing basic workout moves, working out can get pretty boring. Take it up a notch by incorporating some fun exercises that get you to move your body in new ways and try some different exercise types. For example, Pilates moves and dance moves can be fun adds to your routine. 

Create a new playlist to pump up your motivation 

Music can make a big difference in how effective and how fun of a workout you have. Pump up your motivation and energy by preparing a few different playlists dedicated for different workout styles so you can simply play and go when you are ready to workout. If you need to help motivating yourself to get up and exercise, have a dedicated playlist that will get you in a dancing mood which gives you an easier transition to exercise or a playlist you love to listen to on a walk. 

Change your running course 

Change your running course and see something new! Explore a new trail, run through a different part of your neighborhood, and change up your surroundings. It is a way you can explore and exercise. 

Get a new set of workout clothes

A new set of workout clothes can motivate you to exercise because you are so excited to wear them! Plus it can give you a confidence boost, which may also prove to make your workouts more effective. 

If you’re solo, find a buddy

A workout buddy can make your workouts more fun, bring some friendly competition to your workouts, and help hold you accountable. It is especially helpful to find a workout buddy who has similar workout goals to you so you’re really on the same page. So phone a friend to join you for a weekly workout, to try a new class together, or to embark on a new fitness journey together. 

Reassess your goals. You might be pushing yourself too hard.

When you are working towards feeling fit and maintaining your health, it can be all too easy to push yourself too hard. Unfortunately, this can lead to burnout and make working out just not as much fun. Take some time to reassess your goals and make sure your workout regime aligns with that. 

Exercise is important for our health but in order to stay consistent it has to be something enjoyable. Therefore, tweaking and changing things up to make it more fun is very important.

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