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Fun and Interactive First Date Ideas

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The first date is always very special, and for that reason we want to make the perfect plan for it, and even more if we think that person might be the one. In the first date, we want to show ourselves as a fun, interesting person, and the place we choose to go, can’t tell a lot about us as an individual. Here, we make a list of fun and interactive places with the help of Mystique Companions that you can go on your first date.


There are several reasons why the aquarium is a good choice for your first date. It’s a fun place, the laughs are secured with all the different species. Both of you will be able to talk and at the same time you see all the fishes. In your first date, it’s very essential to talk and know each other.


Going to a concert will certainly leave good memories on both of you. It’s great for growing confidence and will transmit the image that you are a cool, sociable person. There can be some kind of dinner with live music too, being this option a more formal one.

Comedy Night

Going to a stand-up comedy show can work really well for your first date, as it is a non-romantic option, it helps keeping things cool. At the start of a possible relationship, the last thing you want to do is to put pressure on your partner. And talking about pressure, what a better way to lose some daily stress than attending a comedy show.


Similar to the aquarium option, the zoo gathers the best factors for a first date. Always fun and you two might be able to interact with some of the animals you’ll see there, like feeding fishes or so.


If you’re looking for a more informal, not so expensive first date plan, eating breakfast with your date fits perfectly. It’s similar to going for a coffee but with the benefit of being longer. And it is a great starting point for a relationship.


A romantic but fun idea to have in mind in planning a first date, is to organize a picnic. Make sure that there will be sun and buy some of your favorite food, in that way you can start connecting with your date.

Ice Skating

The perfect excuse if you want to hold hands with your partner in the first date. It’s also a fun place to go, and a place where surely some good memories will be created. If you are good at this activity, don’t doubt in choosing it for your next first date.

Some places not recommended

For some, going to the movies is not the best idea for a first date, giving that both will be in silence, it is better to save it for future dates. Also going to the beach, a bar, or going out with other friends, probably won’t give you the best results as first date plans.

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