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How to choose the perfect engagement ring for her

Choosing an engagement ring is no easy task, there’s no shame in admitting it. Engagement rings are special not only for those who receive them but also for those who have to choose them.

Giving this ring, as well as receiving it as a gift, means experiencing a strong emotion that will be remembered for a lifetime. It means sealing a promise of love, which hopefully will last for the rest of your days.

Especially for a woman, her engagement ring is one of the most important items, perhaps the most important one. You don’t believe it? Then try to as a woman how many times she found herself admiring her engagement ring over the course of her life. Most likely, she will have lost count.

The choice that men face, when they have to buy an engagement ring, is then crucial. Exciting, for sure, but so crucial that it can lead to some anxiety and confusion. Friends are relatives often are a reliable source of advice but sometimes you need to take a step further, especially if you are planning to amaze your woman.

Thankfully, you got yourself a guide that will tell you how to choose the perfect engagement ring for her. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it!

  • Think carefully about your girlfriend’s style

The moment you step into a jewelry store you’ll find yourself surrounded by tons of engagement rings: in gold or platinum, simple or elaborate, with a ruby or a diamond. Therefore, you need to start paying attention to the types of jewelry your future bride wears. Days, weeks, even months before you go ahead and buy the ring.

For example, if she is wearing silver, she will definitely like a white gold or platinum engagement ring. On the other hand, if she loves elaborate designs, she will probably like a ring that immediately catches the eye for its shape and lines. And if she wears very few pieces of jewelry, your choice probably will have to be more traditional, to avoid risks.

Above all, pay attention to the signals she sends: which jewels grab her attention when she looks at the window of a jewelry store? Does she like the ring her friend just received from her boyfriend? These are simple but effective questions to ask yourself.

But most importantly, the best way to find out about your girlfriend’s taste is to listen to her. Most likely, she has already told you about how her dream engagement ring looks like. You only need to pay attention to it.

  • Set a budget and maximize it

“The bigger the diamond, the greater the love for the bride-to-be”. How many times have you felt like this, while thinking about the right engagement ring to buy? Well, hopefully, it’ll make you feel better to know that you couldn’t be more wrong. What really matters is that you show love and passion, that you follow your heart. If your woman truly loves you, she will appreciate the gesture. But if she’ll be disappointed by your choice, not finding it “expensive enough”, well…maybe you need to ask yourself if that is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with!

However, if you want to make the best out of the financial resources you have, these tips could do the trick. For example, you could ask for a diamond with a larger upper face size: it will shine less, but it will certainly be larger. Or, you may try to ask to see the size in carats immediately smaller than the one you wanted: the difference will be almost imperceptible to your eyes but huge for your wallet! 

  • Consider different gemstones, not only diamonds

If you are wondering why diamonds are by far the most chosen gemstones for an engagement ring, you probably don’t know that it’s a matter of symbolism. “Diamond” is a word that derives from the Greek “Adamas” (αδαμας) and it means indomitable, invincible.

In fact, diamonds are the hardest and most resistant gem, a metaphor to describe what marriage should stand for.

However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot go for a different gemstone. Blu Sapphire rings or even moonstone rings are actually a great way to surprise your beloved and add a bit of color to your relationship. After all, marriage is said to be forever and we all want it to keep surprising us along the way, don’t we?

  • Choose the right metal

This is a very personal choice. As said before, you have to try and understand the personal taste of your beloved by studying her behavior and her choices. And this way, you can also understand if your girlfriend has particular preferences for a specific metal or color. For instance, white gold is particularly modern, while yellow gold is a great classic. Rose gold, with its antique charm, is perfect for a romantic woman, or for those who love a retro style. And platinum is the right choice for fierce and brilliant women.

Choosing the engagement ring for your woman is going to be one of the most decisive moments of your life. It is the first step towards a future together and it is something most women take into great consideration. But don’t be scared, these tips should do the trick.

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Two Cardinal Jewellery-Related Sins People Commonly Make

If you think jewellery common sense was shared by everyone, you’d definitely be wrong. People make all sorts of mistakes when it comes to jewellery, and whether it comes at a cost to the person or the jewellery itself, these are easy issues to rectify. In this article, we take a look at two of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to wearing jewellery so that you won’t have to make them in the future. 

Taking the time to clean things is important

We get it, showing off your exquisite diamond rings in Melbourne feels great. Although some people wear the same jewellery every day out of habit, it’s something that isn’t always flattering. It’s not just because you’ll inevitably look like a style repeater (sorry), but it’s more so the fact that wearing the same things so regularly will make them very, very grimy and dirty. Because the changes typically occur so slowly, lots of people don’t actually notice that their jewellery is getting grottier, and in the case of earrings it can actually cause some infections. You can still wear your jewellery on a semi-regular basis, but on those off days make sure to give them a little clean with some warm soapy water to ensure they’re in a better state than they otherwise would be. If you don’t have any other pieces to wear while you give your main collection a rest, perhaps consider investing in some – it’s a fantastic investment that you won’t regret, after all. A big clean of your jewellery should occur at least twice a year at the very minimum, regardless of whether you have anything else to wear or not. 

Mixing it up is exciting!

If you’re going to wear something as fun and flashy as jewellery, you might as well make it as creative as possible. There are too many people who are completely complacent with the way that they wear their jewellery to the point where the same pieces they wear every day just become a part of them. This isn’t what jewellery is about – jewellery should be about experimenting and coming up with new and fun (and often unexpected) combinations with your pieces. This allows you to work out what works best for certain events – what you wear for work probably won’t work for a special occasion, for example. It’s also a great way to better demonstrate your personality, particularly if you love wearing fun and flashy pieces. Finally, mixing it up will allow your core wardrobe to go a lot further – something as basic as the same all black outfit can look completely different with a different set of jewellery.

Ready to conquer the world of jewellery?You don’t have to conquer it necessarily, but keeping these two tips in mind can help you look better and it can help you do a lot more with your jewellery (and it’ll stop you from wearing the same thing for the rest of your life). Exercising your creativity in these departments will also give you a better understanding of how to more effectively make more out of what you have, just as outfit swapping can show you how different articles of clothing can work with one another.

Choose the Best Sandals for Your Wedding Attire

Every part of your wedding attire, from your dress down to the wedding sandals, matters. If you’re a superbride who already has everything figured out from finding white chair covers for weddings to designing the perfect groom’s cake for your hubby-to-be, you might need a bit of help with the last decision: your shoes. Here’s a quick read to help you in choosing the right wedding sandals for your big day.  

High Sandals

It’s one of the most common sandals you can find in wedding attire. These expose most of the entire feet, especially the sides. The main purpose of these sandals is it adds a lot of inches for women who want to increase a few inches of their height. And because of how your feet are resting, it can accentuate the muscle tone of a woman’s legs, further complementing the height of the person to appear taller. 

Slingback Sandals

You can tell that a slingback sandal is just another version of a high heeled sandal. However, what makes this type of sandal unique is the strap that crosses behind the wearer’s heel. Don’t be confused with this and an ankle-strap sandal because slingback sandals have straps that only hold the back part of the heel, while the ankle-strap completely straps the entire ankle. Usually, these straps are elastic or have a buckle feature for the wearer to adjust the strap if it’s too loose or tight. 

Open Toe Sandals

As the name suggests, this is a sandal where the toe area is exposed. The sandals usually have a simple strap that travels along the top of the toes. With this strap, fashion designers can create eccentric designs such as multiple rocks glued to the top of the strap to suit the wearer. There are also open-toe sandals with a cover at the back part of the heel to conceal the ankles. 

Flat Sandals

For women who have a tough time wearing high heels, no need to worry because there are also wedding sandals that don’t have medium or high heels. The flat sandals usually add a tiny bit of inches to the heels, ensuring that the wearer’s height remains the same. Although it might look simple, some flat sandals have embellished bands that can be placed with crystals or attractive patterns. 

Some women prefer to wear flat sandals because they don’t like the feeling of tip-toeing around all the time. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing high heels, there’s always block heels for you as another option if you want to add a few inches, and still walk around without a problem. Even though block heels add height, it won’t affect your balance since the heel has a wider area than the stiletto. Not only are the block heels easy to walk around, but it also won’t put too much stress on your entire legs.

Women are always particular with the outfit that they wear, even more so if they’re attending special events like weddings. Every piece of clothing they wear should be perfect, and one way of achieving that is with the kind sandal they choose. You can always look for all sorts of wedding sandals in many shops. You just have to choose the right one that would fit your wedding attire well, and you’ll be good to go!

Why Having at Least One Pair of Simple Silver Earrings is a Must

Refrain from assuming that wearing a lot of accessories will make you shine the brightest. Although it will surely make a lot of heads turn toward your direction, going overboard accessory-wise will make you grab attention for all the wrong reasons.

Generally speaking, the simpler the accessories, the more outstanding you will look. It is especially true if you are sporting interesting clothes.

Your jewellery box should never be without at least a single pair of simple silver earrings. What can elicit flattering remarks are the kinds that are easy on the eyes, not extremely elaborate ones that are begging for everyone’s attention.

Refrain from assuming that simple means boring. In reality, it can say so much about your sense of style, which will come across as tasteful and timeless.

The importance of accessorising just right cannot be stressed enough, especially when it comes to earrings. The aim is to bring attention to your face, not overshadow your beautiful facial features. A simple pair out of silver lets you shine for a variety of reasons.

Great for Both Day and Night

One of the nicest things about silver earrings is that they can be worn during the day and night. They enable you to look and feel your best at any given time.

Going for a pair with a simple design makes it trouble-free to create the look you are after. It eliminates the time-consuming process of sitting in front of a mirror for a long time, letting you head out with as little effort as possible. An effortless look is always nice to the eyes.

Perfect for Casual and Formal Events

It is not just on any day when you can don earrings made of silver but also on any occasion. They are great no matter if you are going to hang out with your girlfriends at the coffee shop, gracing your cousin’s wedding, or going on a date with the office hottie.

Whether the event calls for a laid-back aura or a more prim and proper vibe, you can count on a pair of earrings fashioned from silver, especially one that comes with a simple design.

Suitable for Any Hair and Skin Colour

When it comes to accessorising, it is not enough that you consider your clothes or the event. It is also a definite must that you take into account your hair colour and skin tone.

Thanks to earrings out of silver, you can eliminate the guesswork. A pair can go well with your locks, regardless if you are a brunette, blonde, or redhead. It can also go great with various skin tones, no matter if dark or light or warm or cool.

Ideal for Mixing With Gold

Gone are the days when sticking to matching fashion accessories is a must. You can mix and match different accessories, including those made of different metals. Such allows you to highlight your unique personality and sense of style.

Silver earrings can be paired with a gold necklace without any trouble. Doing so lets you steer clear of a dated look, allowing you to appear trendy with minimal effort.


Check that there is at least a pair of earrings made of silver in your jewellery box. The simpler their designs, the better you will look and feel. Having them around lets you create the perfect look no matter the time, day, or season.

4 Gifts You Can Buy For a Photographer

When it comes to buying a gift for someone who has everything, it is hard to decide on what to get them. But if that friend or family member of yours is a photographer, then it is not tricky at all because there are so many awesome accessories and gadgets out there for you to choose from. In fact, there are so many options out there that will have a hard time deciding which one is the best. But don’t worry! To make things easier for you, we have mentioned a few gifts that you can get your photographer friend on their birthday.

Personalized Photo Gift

If you want to give them something that will make them instantly happy, then printing their click on an accessory is a great way of doing that. Personalized photo gifts are loved by photographers, and they are easy to order too. You can get their click printed on a bag, a mug, a notebook or anything you like. There are so many printing services out there that are offering this service, and it is not expensive at all. So, all you need to do is get their favorite picture printed on something, and they will love you for it.

Adjustable Portable Tripod

Most photographers already have several tripods sitting in their studios, and your photographer friend will have them too. But these tripods are heavy, and all of them are different in size as well. Getting a portable tripod as a gift for your loved one will make photography easier for them. Especially when they are going backpacking into nature. A portable tripod stand is easy to carry, and it can be adjusted on different heights as well. You can order them online, or you can go to the nearest camera store and can get one in person. Rest assured! It is a gift that they will be grateful for.

Color Printer

If you want to go for an even more valuable gift, then getting a color printer is also a great option. Color printers can be on the expensive side depending on the quality you choose, but they are a gift that any photographer would go crazy for. If you are looking to shop for a color printer, you can always browse e-commerce stores and check for reviews to choose the best option. You can also consider going for Canon Selphy CP1300 as it is an excellent option.

A Photo Editing Software

You don’t necessarily have to get your photographer friend a gadget when you can get them a subscription to an image editing software as well. Most photographers already use Adobe Photoshop to edit their pictures, but it is an advanced level software and is quite time consuming as well. There is other software like Luminar by Skylum, which is easy to use and comes with some great presets and features. It also has an AI structure which can help a photographer boost details of their photos without wasting too much time. It is an excellent gift idea for any photographer.