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A Style Guide for Men on How to Dress Sharp

Though people have always been into fashion recently, men’s fashion and style game has really stepped up. They have been embracing and trying out what is trending. But when we talk about men’s fashion, there are certain guidelines that you can follow to dress sharp. Of course, everyone has their own opinion and choices, and they wear what they feel suit them the most or what goes with their personal style perfectly. However, those who are trying to level up their style, these solid suggestions are here to help.

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Forget #HotGirlSummer, let’s do #BasicAsFall

#HotGirlSummer took the world by storm in 2019, and why not? The message resonated with women everywhere who’ve spent their lives hearing, “be beautiful – but don’t look like you’re trying.” “Be sexy – but don’t flaunt your sexuality, that’s slutty.” We cannot win by definition.

#HotGirlSummer was a fun, playful concept that took that idea back and said, be who you want and don’t be afraid to show everything that goes into that. Literally, no shame in your game. Continue reading “Forget #HotGirlSummer, let’s do #BasicAsFall” »

How to keep warm in the winter

Wearing ethnic wear in the breezy, cold windy winter can have a number of repercussions.  Winter is pretty cold and for some of us it can lead to unproductive days due to the way we dress. When you are bound by work or other daily activities the question remains, how are we supposed to dress on cold winter days? The material and design of your outfit will determine how warm you will remain during those harsh winter weathers. Continue reading “How to keep warm in the winter” »

Women Can Wear Custom Ties Too!

It is undeniable that neckties have always been perceived as part of men’s wear. However, fashion has evolved ever since there are even custom ties now giving your ensemble an extra kick. Neckties now are becoming a normal part of a woman’s attire. This is because there are already a lot of fashionable ways of wearing neckties. One does not have to be contained by one idea, we have all the freedom to be creative and not be afraid to experiment.
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10 Types of Inspirational Body Piercings & Their Jewelry

Gone are the days when people used to get piercings only on their ears or nose. Today, the piercing trend has got a broad dimension. In other words, there are several locations on your body when you get a piercing these days. In this article, we would be talking about different types of inspiration body piercings and their respective jewelry. Read on to know: Continue reading “10 Types of Inspirational Body Piercings & Their Jewelry” »