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The world’s craziest easter traditions

As much as we love easter here in the UK, it’s difficult to describe our traditions during the holiday as anything other than fairly sensible. That said, if an alien came down from outer space and asked us to explain why we all were wandering around hunting for tiny painted eggs, it might come across as a little curious.

Local traditions never seem that out there to the locals, but some of the ways different countries around the world celebrate are, shall we say, interesting. From the butter lambs of Eastern Europe to the French feeding a thousand, here are some of thew world’s craziest easter traditions.

Whipping up a controversy in the Czech Republic

You’d think a tradition involving whipping women might have managed to make its way out of practice by now, however that’s not the case over in the Czech Republic.

Following an old pagan ritual, Czech men are encouraged to parade around their town singing ditties and lightly whipping the local women’s legs and buttocks with a willow branch. The reason? According to the tradition, it’s to encourage fertility.

Undoubtedly controversial due to the sexist and backwards symbolism, there’s understandably a lot of chatter around how long the practice can continue. With 2020’s annual event not taking place due to COVID-19, who knows whether the tradition will resume in 2021.

Heart stopping Russian lamb

While most of us are keen to a few easter eggs across Easter weekend, the Russians instead like to accompany their easter meal with a knob of butter shaped like a lamb. This tradition spans from ancient times where it was considered a good omen to come into contact with one.

Furthermore, the lamb is the only animal that Satan cannot mimic the form of – good to know, right?

Return of the Giant omelette in France

We all know the tale of Jesus feeding the five thousand, but what about a giant omelette feeding a thousand? Head to Bessières, France, and you’ll find they’ve been making giant omelettes – made of a mere 15,000 eggs – since 1973.

The origins of the monstrous omelette date back to the days of Napoleon, where legend has it that he and his army stayed over near Bessières one night. The famous warlord was served an omelette by a local cook, and he enjoyed it so much that he ordered the local townspeople to gather all of the eggs in the village in order to prepare a giant omelette for his army the next day.

Today, these omelettes can be prepared on demand around France by the aptly named Giant Omelette Brotherhood of Bessières, so no one has to miss out on the action.

It’s not much fun in the Philippines

Things take a much more sinister turn in some parts of the Philippines, where devout Catholics are known to take part in acts of self-crucifixion and self-flagellation on Easter, presumably to mirror the pain Jesus famously faced on the cross. The belief is that the action with help to purify participants and cleanse them of their sins.

The Catholic church, meanwhile, is understandably not too impressed and is actively trying to discourage this extreme practice.

So, there you have it, four of the stranger easter traditions found around the world ranging from the rather troubling to tastebud tantalising. When you sit down for your roast this easter (minus the knob of lamb-shaped butter), perhaps you’ll be glad you’re not engaging in some of the weirder traditions found across the globe.

How to choose the perfect engagement ring for her

Choosing an engagement ring is no easy task, there’s no shame in admitting it. Engagement rings are special not only for those who receive them but also for those who have to choose them.

Giving this ring, as well as receiving it as a gift, means experiencing a strong emotion that will be remembered for a lifetime. It means sealing a promise of love, which hopefully will last for the rest of your days.

Especially for a woman, her engagement ring is one of the most important items, perhaps the most important one. You don’t believe it? Then try to as a woman how many times she found herself admiring her engagement ring over the course of her life. Most likely, she will have lost count.

The choice that men face, when they have to buy an engagement ring, is then crucial. Exciting, for sure, but so crucial that it can lead to some anxiety and confusion. Friends are relatives often are a reliable source of advice but sometimes you need to take a step further, especially if you are planning to amaze your woman.

Thankfully, you got yourself a guide that will tell you how to choose the perfect engagement ring for her. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it!

  • Think carefully about your girlfriend’s style

The moment you step into a jewelry store you’ll find yourself surrounded by tons of engagement rings: in gold or platinum, simple or elaborate, with a ruby or a diamond. Therefore, you need to start paying attention to the types of jewelry your future bride wears. Days, weeks, even months before you go ahead and buy the ring.

For example, if she is wearing silver, she will definitely like a white gold or platinum engagement ring. On the other hand, if she loves elaborate designs, she will probably like a ring that immediately catches the eye for its shape and lines. And if she wears very few pieces of jewelry, your choice probably will have to be more traditional, to avoid risks.

Above all, pay attention to the signals she sends: which jewels grab her attention when she looks at the window of a jewelry store? Does she like the ring her friend just received from her boyfriend? These are simple but effective questions to ask yourself.

But most importantly, the best way to find out about your girlfriend’s taste is to listen to her. Most likely, she has already told you about how her dream engagement ring looks like. You only need to pay attention to it.

  • Set a budget and maximize it

“The bigger the diamond, the greater the love for the bride-to-be”. How many times have you felt like this, while thinking about the right engagement ring to buy? Well, hopefully, it’ll make you feel better to know that you couldn’t be more wrong. What really matters is that you show love and passion, that you follow your heart. If your woman truly loves you, she will appreciate the gesture. But if she’ll be disappointed by your choice, not finding it “expensive enough”, well…maybe you need to ask yourself if that is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with!

However, if you want to make the best out of the financial resources you have, these tips could do the trick. For example, you could ask for a diamond with a larger upper face size: it will shine less, but it will certainly be larger. Or, you may try to ask to see the size in carats immediately smaller than the one you wanted: the difference will be almost imperceptible to your eyes but huge for your wallet! 

  • Consider different gemstones, not only diamonds

If you are wondering why diamonds are by far the most chosen gemstones for an engagement ring, you probably don’t know that it’s a matter of symbolism. “Diamond” is a word that derives from the Greek “Adamas” (αδαμας) and it means indomitable, invincible.

In fact, diamonds are the hardest and most resistant gem, a metaphor to describe what marriage should stand for.

However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot go for a different gemstone. Blu Sapphire rings or even moonstone rings are actually a great way to surprise your beloved and add a bit of color to your relationship. After all, marriage is said to be forever and we all want it to keep surprising us along the way, don’t we?

  • Choose the right metal

This is a very personal choice. As said before, you have to try and understand the personal taste of your beloved by studying her behavior and her choices. And this way, you can also understand if your girlfriend has particular preferences for a specific metal or color. For instance, white gold is particularly modern, while yellow gold is a great classic. Rose gold, with its antique charm, is perfect for a romantic woman, or for those who love a retro style. And platinum is the right choice for fierce and brilliant women.

Choosing the engagement ring for your woman is going to be one of the most decisive moments of your life. It is the first step towards a future together and it is something most women take into great consideration. But don’t be scared, these tips should do the trick.

Piergiorgio Sgarlata has been working as a copywriter and online marketeer for 3 years. SEO is his main area of expertise and you can find him on LinkedIn:

Cosplayer’s preparation for a positive shoot

We’ve already covered what cosplayers need to do before filming, but do you need to pay special attention to what they do during and after filming?

 Day of the shoot:

1. Refuse to be late. Arrive early to the make-up location, as agreed with the make-up artist, do your daily skin care work at home, and bring your own contacts and hairnet before the make-up artist does your make-up. (Generally speaking, wigs do not need to be worn in advance, so as not to interfere with the makeup)

2, it is best to do the make-up and change of work within an hour before the shoot. If you are wearing makeup in public, pay attention to hygiene, promptly clean up the garbage in the makeup location to maintain a tidy environment.

3, before shooting, remove the body does not belong to the role of accessories, such as jewelry, watches and so on.

4. Speak boldly to the photographer about your ideas when shooting. More communication with the photographer will help to improve the effectiveness of the shot, to interpret your role seriously. Before the formal shooting, you can ask the photographer to metering and let him take a few front side photos to find a better angle.   

5, during the shooting, may be a long time in the same pose, must be patient and calm with the photography.

6, let the logistics during the shoot to help you in time to tidy up your clothes and hair. Including the placement of props angle.

7, when filming to pay attention to their facial expressions and gestures, good posture management. Do not lean the neck forward, non-special role when shooting, the body does not slump, to open the shoulders.  

8, after the completion of filming in a timely manner to clean up the site, without damaging business and the environment. Borrowed props to restore them to their original position.

After shooting 

1. Thank the photographer and makeup artist as well as the logistic partners. 

2, remove makeup, choose your own makeup remover, boys do not neglect. Be sure to first remove makeup and then wash with cleanser, and then maintain the skin.  

3, take off the wig and take good care of it, put it into the wig bag after finishing, so that it is convenient for the next use. Clean your clothes and tidy them up. Put a set of cos clothes together.  

4, find a post-processor you are satisfied with (some photographers will do it themselves, so you don’t need to look for a post-processor). After the photographer sends you the original film, select the better photos and package them for post-processing, and consult in advance about the cost and time of fixing. At the same time, you also need to send him the character picture you are looking for as a reference, if possible, you can also help him find materials, and post communication, to clarify their needs.

5. Finally, choose your favorite platform and publish your modified images.

I’m writing this down to remind myself how I got to where I am on my cosplaying journey step by step, and if it helps you, then I’m happy. I hope that you cosplayers won’t be defeated by the criticism, but if you are, keep working on your own shortcomings instead of choosing to give up. If you can, I also hope that you critics will understand that it’s not easy for cosplayers and be tolerant of less-than-perfect cosplayers, because everyone has room for improvement. Come to Cosplaylab and check it out, you can definitely buy all the cosplay costume you want here.

A Complete Jewelry Buyer’s Guide

Given that a person is judged by what they wear, the need to buy a jeweler to match with outfits has not started today. People buy these accessories out of personal interest to gift another person. There is an array of jewelers that has remained relevant in the industry; necklaces, rings, bangles, and earrings. Jewelry such as rings and earrings make the industry quite competitive due to its various types. Are you looking forward to purchasing a jeweler and do not know how to handle it for a successful acquisition, see more here.

Always have first-hand information

Before you purchase a jeweler, ensure that you do proper research on various pieces and their features. This will save you from buying fake items. Check out what different stores have to offer by comparing the different jewelers sold. You must understand the different materials of the jeweler as well as their quality.

Look for a genuine seller

There are many jewelry stores today. With every dealer selling their pieces, it can be hard to decide the best to purchase from. It is advised of one to look for more information regarding the seller. Be informed on their reputation in the industry by checking their online ratings and reviews made by other clients.

Compare the prices

Every type of jeweler comes at a different price. Prepared with your budget, always ensure that you buy quality accessories. There are many imitated jewelers in the stores. This why you need differentiates this to avoid ending up with a fake jeweler at a high price. Online stores tend to sell the pieces cheaper compared to physical stores. Other jewelry tends to be economical such as silicone rings. They have preferred the metallic rings won for engagement and weddings.


There are many types of gold, silver, and diamonds that are the best selling. Silver is regarded as the most affordable type of jewelry. Gold is the most expensive but more authentic than silver. This is because it takes time before wearing out. Trusting a specific brand would be best for you. This is because big brands provide genuine products with the name of creating a brand and remaining relevant. However, you need to check the background of a brand before purchasing its products. You can choose different colors as well depending on the kind of occasion you need them for.

Make it personal

When gifting someone with jewelry, you need to understand their taste and fashion before making a purchase. For people who like their accessories customized, you can ask the store attendant about the procedures to have it done. You must be sure as well of the effects the jewelry would be of through the customizing process. The silicone rings are an example that would be entirely customized.

Return policy

Every store should have a return policy if you lose interest or your jewelry does not fit correctly. If the store does not compensate you with another piece, there should be an amount of money to be refunded.

Purchasing jewelry is not as challenging as it seems when you follow the guidelines as explained above. Locating a genuine jeweler and the right jewelry gives you a successful purchase process.

Style Spotlight: A Brief History of Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a brand that needs no introduction. A common household name, Louis Vuitton has made its permanent mark in the world of fashion, handbags and accessories. In fact, chances are either you or someone close to you currently owns something embellished with the world-famous LV monogram. Touted as the world’s most storied luxury label, Louis Vuitton is a brand that has been around since as early as 1837. 

When you buy a Louis Vuitton bag, you’re not just purchasing a bag — you’re also purchasing hundreds of years of history, quality and attention to fine detail. Today, we’re having a look at a brief history of this world-famous luxury brand and tracking its journey from humble beginnings to the landmark of all things luxurious that it is today, so read on to find out more. 

Humble Beginnings

Born in 1821, the brand’s founder Louis Vuitton started with humble beginnings. At age 16, Louis trekked from Anchay to Paris on foot, eager and excited to experience the wonders of the city of love. Of course, one also has to earn a living along the way, which is why Louis held a job as a box-making apprentice to Monsieur Marechal. Little did he know, it was this key experience that acquired him the packaging and preserving knowledge that would soon take over the world. 

Before long, Louis had built a solid reputation for himself as a master craftsman and his works were starting to be recognised by the Parisian elite. By age 30, his clientele list included  Empress Eugénie de Montijo, wife of Napoleon III and the most powerful woman in France at the time. Louis was to be Empress Eugenie’s personal box maker. And so, this rags to riches story begins. 

The Beginning Of An Empire 

In 1854, Louis opened his first workshop in Paris and soon revolutionised the trade with his first series of flat trunks, which to this day are considered the ancestors of what we now know as modern luggage. Louis’s trunks were water and odour resistant, lighter and rectangular in shape making them perfect for stacking. His iconic flat trunk in Trianon grey from 1858 was the first luggage of the modern era – it was easy to stack in a train’s baggage car or on a ship, and its poplar (wood) frame was covered in canvas. By 1859, Louis’ success required him to expand his operations, which led him to open his first atelier in Asnières, Paris. The workshop started with 20 employees, by 1900 there were nearly 100 people and by 1914 there were 225.

The Growth Of Popularity

By the time it was 1959, Louis was considered one of France’s most renowned trunk makers. It was no surprise that Louis’ expert craftsmanship won him an elite following, but things were soon to take a sour turn. Unfortunately, Louis’ Asnieres factory was destroyed during the Franco-Prussian war in 1870 but this wasn’t enough to stop him. Determined to succeed, he rebuilt a new shop in the ritzy 1, Rue Scribe. This fancy new store in its aristocratic location saw Louis Vuitton’s shift from regular trunks to luxury luggage. 

By the time it was 1885, Louis had even opened his very first stores in London. In that same year, for the first time in the company’s history, their registered trademark appeared on the canvas of its designs. 

But it wasn’t just luxury to design and expert craftsmanship that put Louis Vuitton on the map. In 1886 he and his son George revolutionized luggage locks by designing a single lock system with two spring buckles. Customers could now travel with peace of mind knowing that their belongings were safe from theft. The effectiveness of the Tumbler lock is indisputable and still appears on Louis Vuitton luggage today. 


After his death in 1892, son George stepped in and took over the business. It was under his leadership in 1896, the now world-famous “LV” monogram was introduced — a monogram that remains a lasting symbol of luxury and the fine life until today. Fast forward to 1914 and George opens the world’s largest travel article store at the Vuitton Building, at 70, Champs-Élysées. During this period, the monogram canvas was revamped in 1959 to accommodate its expanding line of wallets, bags and purses. Over the next 40 years, the brand would start to introduce an even wider variety of bag designs including handbags, backpacks and carry bags that would then take the world by storm. 

The business grew from having 2 stores in the early 70s & 11 million euros in sales to 125 stores generating 600 million euros by 1989.

Louis Vuitton 1990s – Current Day

In 1997, Mark Jacobs was appointed Creative Director, which then saw Louis Vuitton venturing into the world of clothing and shoe production. LV’s ready-to-wear collections, designed by Marc Jacobs, were produced in 1998. Jacob’s helped breathe new life into the brand by making Louis Vuitton hat boxes and the new Monogram Vernis collection popular among iconic supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss.

Throughout the 2000s, LV collaborated with various prominent designers including 

Stephen Sprouse, Julie Verhoeve, Yayoi Kusama and Robert Wilson, releasing a range of limited edition monogram designs and accessory collections. In 2004, the brand celebrated its 150th anniversary and expanded into Moscow, Bombay, Shanghai and South Africa. 

The house of Vuitton’s journey and evolution over the past 200 plus years is nothing short of remarkable. Louis Vuitton’s original atelier in Paris is still where products are crafted today and has been expanded to include the Vuitton family residence.

Fast forward to us now entering 2021, Louis Vuitton still remains a prominent name in the luxury fashion industry and is predicted to grow even further and larger in the coming years.