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5 Accessories You Need In Your Wardrobe

When it comes to putting together your everyday outfits, the right accessories are a must for achieving an effortlessly stylish and personal look. While you may have a wardrobe full of accessories that will come and go out of fashion, these 5 accessories are timeless pieces that you will be able to style season after season. These accessories are designed to go with multiple outfits and become your go-to pieces whether you’re in jeans and a t-shirt or dressing up for a date. You may already own some of these classic pieces so achieving that perfect selection in your wardrobe can be totally achievable! 

1. The Perfect Black Handbag

A simple black handbag is the key to creating your perfectly polished look. It’s the one item we can never leave the house without, which holds all our everyday essentials. A good quality leather bag is always worth investing in since it’s something you are guaranteed to use and love for years to come. The perfect black handbag will pair effortlessly with every ensemble. When you are choosing your handbag, make sure you go for both style and practicality. You want it to fit in all your everyday essentials. So whether you carry around the bare minimum of your keys, wallet and phone or prefer to pack your laptop, books and make-up, the size of your handbag has to fit all your everyday necessities. A classic black shoulder bag is an elegant choice that will suit every outfit in your wardrobe season after season so you can style this handbag for years to come.

2. A Stylish Pair of Flat Shoes

Everyone needs that perfect pair of flat shoes to dress up casual, everyday outfits. Luckily, we no longer need to juggle style and comfort – we can have them both! Whether you prefer loafers, ballet style slip-ons or sandals, make sure to find a quality pair that can be worn for all occasions. It’s important to find a pair that will go with at least three of your regular outfits. Shoes with metal wear or added details can give your outfit a sophisticated finish. Think metal chain detailing on your leather mules or cute buckled straps on your pumps. 

3. Flattering Sunglasses

While having a wide array of sunglasses is a great way to play around with your style. It’s also important to have that one go-to pair that sits in your handbag to pull out whenever needed. The best colour option to complement every outfit is either black or tortoiseshell. It’s best to choose a classic and flattering shape for your face rather than the latest trend. For a heart-shaped face, a pair of cat-eye sunglasses or classic aviators will accentuate your best features. For round faces, go for a square or rectangle shape similar to wayfarers and avoid round sunglasses. If you have a square face with prominent cheekbones and a strong jawline, go for statement sunglasses in a cat-eye, aviator or round shape. Finally, if you have an oval face, you’ve hit the jackpot since you can look incredible in all sunglasses and larger frames will look especially chic on you.

4. A Classic Belt

Never underestimate the power of a classic black belt with a gold buckle to pull your look together. Perfect for every season, not only is a belt practical to hold your vintage jeans in place, it will also add will add shape to your oversized knitwear and structure to your favourite blazer. Belts will look chic whether they are from a designer store or the high street, so this is a piece you can opt to splurge or save on. Go for a medium size that will fit perfectly through your belt-loops and find a length that’s right for you.

5. Everyday Jewellery

An outfit is never complete without a few versatile pieces of jewellery, the right pieces will add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit whether you are dressing up a basic t-shirt and jeans or want to transform your date night outfit. The jewellery trends seen this season are thick hoop earrings; a stack of delicate bracelets and a few coin necklaces layered up. If you want to an extra playful look for summer, try adding a delicate gold anklet for a bohemian touch. Although you should wear the metal you love most, when choosing your jewellery there is a way of telling which colour will suit you best; If you have a warmer complexion, gold will make you glow, whereas silver or white gold will look great on cool toned skin. Mixing and matching silver, gold and rose gold jewellery will give you a gorgeous bohemian look, perfect for the summer months.

How many can you tick off your list? Having these five simple items in your wardrobe will definitely make getting ready each morning infinitely easier and give you a naturally stylish look that you can pull together with little effort.

Sizzling swimsuit designs for the next pool party clubbed with thriller savings

A bikini swimsuit is no longer just a swimsuit. It’s a lifestyle statement that is committed to photoshoots and designers work every day to make it look sleek and fashionable. It was once only available as a single part or bikini now has a link to many designs and models. One of the places to find a wide and trendy set of bathing facilities is online. Such styles for swimwear are not only trendy but convenient and affordable. It’s now time for you to substitute a bikini for your next holiday on the beach or poolside. So for this Shein is a very good option for women and girls to buy there sexy and hot swimsuit which will make you adorable during your pool party. Shein is providing various swimsuits with various offers and discounts for there users. As Shein have started their flash sale for there various product including a swimsuit. Get the best of all you need for the pool outing at your doorsteps without paying extra using the Shein coupons for free shipping.

While you sort your look for that memorable party, you would not want any hindrances to your plans because of the spirit dampening prices of these swimsuits. To ensure you avail the best of all products and categories, get hands-on experience to the use of coupon codes and deals. Coupon codes are the finishing move in your online shopping activity. These codes are available across the web and can be used towards shopping for whatever you need, including making bookings for movies and online ordering of food.

The following are the sizzling swimsuit designs that will make you look adorable, attractive, and gorgeous for your pool party.

1. Bandeau Bra with bikini panty.

          A band bra looks sensuous with toned arms and shoulders and helps you to flaunt the swan’s back. This piece in red makes you sizzle at every party in your house. If you were a regular at the gym, you certainly would own it. Your sun-kissed skin will look amazing thanks to the hot core of this group of inline stores. Several online lingerie shops deliver a beautiful range of modern age women’s swimwear that won’t be afraid about the dressing to conquer, even though they’re at the beach.

2. Crop top and high waist base.

           A crop top paired with a high waist base can be worn for a party in the poolside. The lower high tail brings a tummy blade under pressure and the top of the crop is a perfect way to highlight your elbows. This pair can be modeled again by mixing and matching it with identical kits in several respects.

3. Kaftan beach cover.

          Is it sunny worrying? Then this Kaftan-style beach cover is just what you need. The pure fabric inside the bathroom gives you a touch of elegance. This kaftan has a boho feel with the feather and string ties on the front. It can be combined with your swimwear as well as other skirts.

4. Tank top with a skirt.

         This mix of a tank top and a jacket with attached boyshorts has been redefined for the concept of a two-piece. This top tank looks super sexy with trendy shoulder straps, shiny accessories, and a cross-style back. Because this swimsuit is a coordinate set it can always be mixed and matched to another top or bottom.

5. Flirty fringe.

           A swimsuit with a fringe is a simple way to give a playful atmosphere. Fringe, which is located strategically around this attractive V-neckline makes you look twice. If you move, it moves and makes fringe the perfect accent when your female figure is highlighted. The rim also contributes to a relaxed, hippie atmosphere. Even the hue of burnt orange looked like a return to the seventies. The vegan poncho powder, a paw tote, and earthy sandals make you feel so comfortable, safe, and carefree. This was a great bathrobe to wear hot in any place, but it was especially good in some places like Mexico or California, where it was perfectly at home.

6. Halterneck Monokini.

           The monokini is the one-piece swimsuit ‘s new avatar and what a stunning one it is with its halterneck theme, with ring details on the pants. A belt is attached to your neck and gives you a lovely look.

7. Exotic wrap.

            We’ve seen a lot of cover dresses and bandage dresses covering the body in the last couple of years, and there is nothing new this it crops up in swimwear. A very chic swimwear design, which gives tons of glamorous glamors to the wearer, is the criss-cross halter neckline of this white single piece. This is a stunning bathrobe because it’s very clean, elegant, and attractive.

8. Swim dress.

            The dress and the swimsuit are both served by this one. With a narrow strap on one shoulder and a stringy strap on the other, this black swimsuit comes with a bikini panty. It’s just a dress you’d like to wear to the beach party. The swimwear comes with removable pads that protect your modesty.

9. Shoulder Bikini.

           Swimwear this year, a must-have, is the fashionable bikini off the back. Exposure to the shoulder is flickering as well as feminine. This style makes both unique bathrobes and a casual crop top look ideal for festivals or paddling. The top of the shoulder is a guaranteed head-turning device, giving you the edge of fashion a day in the sun. Show off if you wear the bikini for your next pool party or at the pool party the next day.

10. Triangle Bikini.

           With state-of-the-art and stylish braces in the back. This triangle model bikini is amazing and gives a wonderful feel. The triangle bikini with a beautiful knot and a thorough finish on the back.

          These are the different sizzling swimsuit designs that make you look adorable, attractive and beautiful for your pool party. And all this is going to happen with one single women’s clothing platform-Shein, Here you can carry the top fashion swimwear style with distinctive style options. The modeling industry offers the jewels of the vogue trend from strapless to triangular bikini designs. Swimwears are the best gear trends ever for beach or pool parties. Here on Shein you will get different offers and discounts every day, also during flash selling. You can use code MOD for more discounts to save more money. So waiting for what just visit Shein and get ready for great offers and deal during your shopping.

The Ultimate Summer Fashion Guide for 2020

2020 has been one crazy year clouded by doom and gloom. We all would have reversed our calendars if we could, but unfortunately, we need to adjust ourselves to the new lifestyle in the post-covid19 world. The new lifestyle is all about minimalism and basics and that is what the 2020 summer fashion is primarily going to be about. 

 One of the best things about fashion is that it keeps you going. If you are feeling low and need a mood uplift, wearing a bright red lipstick or dying your hair neon can alone do wonders. Under such circumstances, dressing up and feeling good about yourself is the best gift that you can give to yourself to maintain sanity. Here is a quick round-up of what will rule the summer fashion circuit in 2020. 

Cotton All the Way

 If there is one thing that 2020 taught us, it is to the ability to manage with the basics and still being able to pull it off. Besides that, thanks to global warming, the summers are getting way too harsh to be able to wear anything other than cotton. That is especially true if you are residing in hot and humid climates. Light-colored breathable cotton tops can still make you feel like a Diva. A crisp white button-down cotton shirt should be a staple garment in everyone’s closet. Besides button-downs, cold shoulders, off-shoulders, crop tops, and other gazillion cuts can be tried on with trendy bottom assortments for a classy ensemble. 


Jeans are still not going anywhere. Therefore, you still do not have to spend your precious cash on new bottoms if you are still fitting in your existing pair of jeans. When picking jeans, go for cuts that are more breathable and comfy. Save those jeggings for winters. Besides the evergreen jeans, Skirts are going to be a huge hit this season. Flared cuts, straight cuts, long hems, short hems, side slits, no slits, whatever works for you. If paired right skirt brings in a lot of elegance and feminity to your wardrobe. 


Nothing beats Sneakers and Fit Flops when it comes to footwear. Your shoes should not only be about style but also comfort and convenience and the Katter should come first. Those 4-inch high heel might look super-hot but it would be tough pushing your grocery cart when you are wearing that thing, and parties are going to be pretty toned down this summer, unfortunately. If you must wear heels, a pair or two of neutral kitten heels should suffice.


For years leather has ruled the bag market until canvas bags made an entry in late 2018. The trend slightly picked up in 2019, but many people were still reluctant to switch to an unconventional canvas bag when planning a casual outing. Then came 2020 and lives changed altogether. If you have not experimented with canvas bags yet, this is the best time to do so. Grab a canvas bag on your next grocery trip. They are cheap, practical, durable, and at the same time extremely trendy.

How To Buy Oakley Sunglasses That Suit Your Face

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, then you should invest in a pair of sunglasses that is guaranteed to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Buying cheap knockoffs can do more harm than good. 

Though they might be slightly more expensive, branded sunglasses are known for their quality. Plus, you get to enjoy benefits such as:

  • Protection from harmful UVB/UVA rays 
  • Less eye wrinkles (no more squinting)
  • Less likely to develop age-related eye problems in the future

If you are searching for a brand that gives you the protection you need without compromising style and functionality, get a pair of Oakley sunglasses.

Oakley began in the early 90’s and its wraparound style took off almost immediately. It was a hit to many sports and beach enthusiasts. Pretty soon it expanded its design to cater to every wearer. Recently they have come up with styles that are timeless but still had that distinctively unique Oakley flair. 

Do you know which Oakley pair of sunglasses will go well with your face?

The Perfect Pair

First of all, ask yourself what kind of activities you’ll be doing while you wear a pair of Oakley sunglasses. This brand has a line that is made just for people who have an active lifestyle. Because it is a performance brand, Oakley’s wide range of sunglasses can help you decide which one will best suit your style. 

Heart-shaped faces would look best in a Chainlink. Because it doesn’t have an angular frame like a cat-eye, it will compliment a heart-shaped face the best. 

Wiretap is an awesome style for those who have a square-shaped face. Its bottoms are rimless and come in many metallic finishes. The design is meant to make angular faces appear less harsh. 

Those who have round faces can find that the Twoface design will be an awesome option for them. It has a square-shaped frame that will help make round faces appear less rotundus.

Aside from taking into consideration your face shape, also check whether it matters if the frames are metallic or made of plastic. Plastics are more lightweight, while metal frames offer a more sporty look. Plastics used in known brands such as Oakley are made of topnotch materials and don’t easily break. However, do always take extra care of your sunglasses. Always the cloth that comes with whenever you wipe your shades. Using other materials like tissue or your shirt to wipe your sunglasses can cause scratches. 

You may also want to check if polarisation matters. The lenses of Oakley are usually made to offer 100% UV protection, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will cut out glare. If you enjoy sports such as golf, skiing, or fishing, consider getting a pair of Oakley sunglasses that have polarised lenses. It will greatly reduce the sun’s reflection off of any reflective surface. Even driving can become more enjoyable when you use polarised shades. The sun’s rays can easily bounce off the road as you drive while the sun is shining its brightest. 

Protect Your Eyes – Get Oakley!

The next time you find yourself needing a pair of sunglasses, resist the urge to get cheap roadside pairs. Invest in a pair of high quality sunglasses that are guaranteed to not only protect your vision but also last for a long period of time. Shops such as Great Southern Sunnies have a wide range of sunglasses from different brands such as Oakley. Browse Oakley sunglasses at Great Southern Sunnies and have your order delivered right to your doorstep. There is never a pair of sunglasses that you won’t like when you shop at Great Southern Sunnies!

How To Keep Your Photography Business Running During The Lockdown

If you are a photographer, chances are you are currently experiencing the hard blows that the pandemic has brought into your source of living. In a line of job where having close contact with clients as well as attending gatherings have temporarily been taken out of the picture, it is normal to feel anxious about the future of your business. 

As bleak as the situation seems to be, however, there are always efforts that can be done to at least keep things moving. For the photography industry, not all of them may be income-generating, but hey, if you plan them well, every initiative can bring good to your business. Check out some of the things you can occupy your time with to keep yourself afloat.

1. Work on your backlog.

There’s no better time to finish your backlog more than now. Not being able to go out and shoot for new clients is a big drag, but at least you can focus on editing your already existing files without distraction! This way, you can start with a clean slate once all of this is over—and you can even leave some clients impressed by turning over their photos early! Consider this a good but subtle PR move. With how uncertain things are, no one can actually be sure how the situation will be once society starts “opening” up again. New clients might be scarce, so it’s best to give your current ones a little bit of extra to keep yourself on their radar.

2. Advertise yourself better.

Don’t have a blog? Maybe your website and portfolio need some much-needed updating. Roll up your sleeves and use the time to work on them. These efforts may not translate directly into quick bucks, but they can help make your brand work for you. If there is a time when advertising yourself is more important than ever, it is now. Launching a blog or revamping your portfolio can tell people of your expertise and help you build your authority in the industry. Create unique content that can tell people why you are unique in the niche. Get inspiration from what you see on social media. Many photographers and editors have been posting a variety of content like creating layouts from things they can use at home. Maximize the perks the internet offers. After all, it’s the window that keeps people aware of what’s going on outside while everything is still shut down. Take advantage of it.

3. Improve your skills.

When was the last time you actually had the time to refresh your skills? Just because you do not have any gigs doesn’t mean you should stop working on what your business offers. Be productive and finally finish that module you’ve left hanging or train yourself to do a new style of editing. Who knows? You might actually earn from offering a new skill once things are looking more helpful in the business front.

4. Be creative with what you offer.

Entirely creating a new slew of services might be tough, but if you are really set on generating revenue during this time, then you’ll have to think of new offerings that can help you earn. These things don’t need to be complicated at all—the key is to look at what is already working for you and your business and maybe taking parts of it that you can do in the comforts of your own home.

Obviously, you can’t go out right now to do actual shoots, but what if you offer to do some professional editing of images instead? So many people are being very creative at the moment and taking photos of their quarantine journey—reach out to them and ask if you can tweak your photos for them. Maybe even offer to curate the shots that they can use for an online photo album. How about offering to do a series of online seminars about photography? You can do one for couples who want to do their pre-nup at home or create a class teaching about how to take professional-looking photos using their mobile phones. The good news is that so many are being active in sharing content online now so there is actually a demand for these things. The possibilities are endless.

A lot of industries have taken a hard hit from the pandemic. And while it is easier to panic because everything seems up in the air, wise business owners are always looking for ways to be one step ahead of everyone. Don’t forget to be productive, regardless of whether your efforts can give you revenue or focus more on brand-building. Of course, you should also take the time to think about your future plans once operations switch back to being Business As Usual. Always have a plan for the worst-case scenario—for example, there is a high chance that you might still not get the same amount of clients because big events and gatherings might still be regulated. Do not be afraid to adapt. Your creativity (in the business-front) is important now more than ever.