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Your definition of “healthy” probably differs from mine

“French women don’t get ‘fat’,” proclaim popular book covers. “Okinawans are the ‘healthiest’ people on the planet.” “Europeans drink gallons of wine every day and maintain their ‘slim’ figures.” “The Paleolithic way our ancestors ate is the most ‘healthy’ way for humans beings to survive.”

We hear these claims all the time, but what do healthy, skinny, and slim really mean? Is healthy living longer, or doing it with less disease? Does skinny simply mean not bulging out of your pants, or does it refer to six-pack abs? Continue reading “Your definition of “healthy” probably differs from mine” »

The Best Vitamin You’re Not Taking.


Are you a vitamin and supplement junkie like me? If not, why not? Jump on the train.

(If it’s because you’re afraid of overdosing or think it’s not healthy to get your nutrients from supplements, cue my rant. Even the most permissive stats suggest that, at MAX, <10 deaths in the last 30 years were vitamin related [source, source]. Conversely, how many deaths were related to malnutrition? How many to prescription drugs taken as a reaction to illnesses caused by deficiencies that could have been avoided through supplementation?) Continue reading “The Best Vitamin You’re Not Taking.” »

What’s the deal with menstrual cups? [VIDEO]


Have you heard of menstrual cups? They do fall under the category of Gross Girl Stuff, so if you’re a sensitive lil’ man-type and can’t handle it, go watch My Little Pony and remember why it’s the wimmens who do the down-and-dirty work of birthin’ in this world.

Menstrual cups have been an important innovation both for the environment and for women in the developing world.

Check out our video exploring the topic:  Continue reading “What’s the deal with menstrual cups? [VIDEO]” »

Getting Candid About Candida

At Sassy Dove, we keep things classy – even when we’re discussing things that most of us don’t usually talk about. Today, that subject is candida.

What is candida, you ask? Is it the latest craze in tapas? A fabulous new cocktail? Check out my video to find out:

Continue reading “Getting Candid About Candida” »

Yes, You Do Have A “Because” Moment — Here’s Why.

This post was sponsored by Massage Envy as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. #BecauseMoment #ad #IC

Thanks to the help of the Internet and being able to research literally everything, us ladies are pretty talented at the tasks we take on these days. Just take a look at Pinterest and you’ll see droves of us simultaneously Burpeeing, no-sewing and baking sugar-skull themed fondant cakes all in French Country style with seeming ease.

But behind the simplicity of the selfie curtain, there are blood, sweat and tears that go into performing as the superwomen we’re expected to be in modern life. And whether or not we’d like to admit it, living up to such high standards adds pressure and stress that take a toll on our minds and bodies.

What most of us need is a regular break; a body tune-up to recharge every now and again and help fuel the next miracle we’re expected to perform in the kitchen, gym or office. That next miracle is your #BecauseMoment – the reason you need a minute to take care of yourself on a regular basis, so you can keep going for the rest of what life wants from you.

This is the reason I’ve shifted the way I think about massage; it’s not some indulgence available only to rich women or once a year on your birthday, but rather a necessity of living in the demanding world we currently inhabit. Studies have shown that massage can help with weight loss, anxiety, sleep regularity and more. Aren’t those areas we all could use a little help with on a regular basis?

Start integrating massage into your daily routine and discover how much it refreshes you for the rest of life’s activities. Visit Massage Envy for convenient, affordable massages available close to home so you can experience my favorite kind of therapy early and often.

Do you get regular massages? If not, what’s holding you back?