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What is the Perfect Breast Shape For Your Frame?

Considering how popular breast augmentation procedures are, it should be no surprise how many women out there are in the consideration stages of the procedure. Those who may have just recently opened up to the idea, however, may not yet have considered that there are more options than there first appear. Because there are so many different body frames out there, its important to remember that there are also differently shaped breasts to complement these different body shapes. In this article, we take a look at exactly what these might look like. 

What are your options when it comes to breast augmentations?

If you’re looking into breast implants in Sydney and have only just begun your research, you’re likely surprised with how many options there are for you to choose from – instead of just opting for one specific size, you also have to consider things like material and shape, all of which can prove to make for a very confusing and overwhelming decision! Despite this being a difficult decision, your consultation with your surgeon should give you a much better understand of what the right choice might be for you after you share what it is you want. Whether it be to replace a loss of volume due to pregnancy, issues related to aging or problems caused by significant fluctuations in weight, your surgeon will be able to walk you through all of the best options during the consultation. When your surgeon consults you about the shape, they will usually discuss two shapes: round and teardrop breasts. The former is used to form a closer resemblance to the natural shape of a woman’s breasts, while the later is preferred by those wanting a more symmetrical and contoured look.

The shapes in more detail

Someone who decides to go with a teardrop shape breast implant will be looking for a shape with a sloped contour that starts smaller at the peak, which is why this shape is referred to as a teardrop. This shape is what a breast naturally looks like, which is why it is a popular option for those looking for a highly natural look with their implants. It’s also a more popular option for women who have less tissue or skin at the upper end of their chest. Although it has its advantages, the teardrop is typically more expensive in Australia than the round shape, and there is additional risk for displacement. For these reasons, round implants are actually a more popular choice when it comes to breast augmentation, but they also have many advantages of their own. Round implants provide noticeable cleavage and usually appear much more symmetrical than their teardrop counterparts. 

What shape is right for you?

Determining the ideal shape for you is obviously not going to be simple in every case, and it will require you to share your wants and needs with your beauty surgeon during the consulting process so that they can suggest the best possible option. In this way, you can end up with a look that best complements your frame in relation to the breast tissue you currently have and your preferred placement option. If you’re still unsure how these different shapes will realistically look in their final form, it’s also never a bad idea to compare photos to see what you personally feel might look better on you.

What Kills Bed Bugs Instantly?

Bed bugs are so small that you’ll struggle to see them with the naked eye. They are also very good at hiding, which is another good reason why they can successfully infiltrate any home and cause you plenty of misery.

The problem is that bed bugs are surprisingly tough. Although you can roll on the in the night and squash them, they can withstand a surprising range of temperatures and it can be difficult to eliminate them.

Add to this the fact that they climb into any soft furnishings and you’ll realize how easy it is to bring them home in your luggage, even from a fancy hotel.

Once they are in your home you’ll need to find out more about your local Olathe pest control experts. It’s a good idea to enlist their help in eliminating the issue. Finding out about Terminix bed bug control can be really helpful.

Interesting Fact: Bed bugs can last for a year without eating but can consume three times their weight in one fifteen-minute meal!

The Issue With Bed Bugs

For most people, the first sign you have bedbugs is when you see the rash on your body and realize that you’ve been eaten overnight. You may also see red stains on your bedsheets, this is the squashed bed bugs, they were inadvertently squashed as you moved around in your sleep. 

The good news is that they are not known to carry disease. Their bite doesn’t usually itch but, you’ll find that your sleep and potentially your mental well-being suffers.

That’s why it’s a good idea to click here and get professional help to eliminate them.

Killing Bed Bugs

The first thing to accept is that you’ll need to treat all your soft furnishings. Bed bugs are exceptionally good at hiding and leaving just one alive will result in the colony restarting and the problem resurfacing in the near future.

That’s why you need these products to hand to deal with the issue.

  • Rubbing Alcohol

Dilute some rubbing alcohol with water and put it in a spray bottle. This can then be applied to your bed and all the soft furnishings in your room. As soon as it touches the bed bugs it will kill them! The bonus is that it evaporates quickly, making it safe for you to go to bed shortly afterward.

Of course, you’ll probably need to apply this several times in order to eliminate all the bed bugs. Patience and vigilance are important!

  • Heat

Bed bugs may be tough but heat can kill them instantly. The best way to do this is to put any bedding and soft furnishings you can into the tumble dryer. You’ll need to leave the items in the machine for at least 30 minutes on a setting of 60° or higher. But, this will kill the bed bugs!

  • Essential Oils

Essential oils and DDT are very effective at killing bed bugs. The great thing is that you can add the essential oil to a diffuser and leave it on overnight, helping to eliminate them when they are most likely to appear.

Don’t forget to vacuum your room thoroughly to ensure they are all removed. 

A Guide to Understanding Medicare Advantage Insurance

The principle behind Medicare Advantage is the convenience of getting all your medical care under one roof. It pulls together the costs and coverage of its various parts into a single plan. 

Today, we’ll review its most prominent features. Still, be sure to read more about Medicare Advantage when you’re ready to investigate further.

What Is MA?

Medicare contains four parts, A, B, C, and D, that cover various treatments and services. The first two comprise the Original Medicare Coverage, and D covers prescription drugs. 

Private health insurance companies approved by Medicare administer Medicare Advantage plans, also known as Medicare Part C. 

The law requires every Medicare Advantage plan to incorporate the coverage you’d get with parts A and B. Therefore, they include the same hospital and outpatient treatments, but they tend to come with additional perks.

Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans are more convenient, combining medical and prescription coverage in a single system. 

Plus, some even offer dental and vision care. You can also get access to wellness coaching programs and multidisciplinary care management, all of which can help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Finally, it lets you predict out-of-pocket costs more accurately than the traditional plan. 

With Original Medicare, you pay up to 20% of most medical services costs under Part B. Medicare Advantage plans, on the other hand, have a fixed fee in most cases, with a maximum out-of-pocket cap.

Supplement Plans vs. Medicare Advantage

Medigap, or Medicare Supplement plans, are optional extras. They help you pay for some of the out-of-pocket costs incurred with Original Medicare. However, Medigap no longer covers prescription drugs. 

However, if you have a Medicare Advantage plan, you can’t get (and don’t need) a Medigap policy.

Health Care Costs & Medicare Advantage

Costs are a crucial aspect of any healthcare plan. Let’s take a look at MA expenses.

  • Premiums – You’ll still have to pay a monthly Part B premium if you choose a Medicare Advantage plan, but the extra for Part C depends on the company.
  • Deductibles – Original Medicare has standard deductibles, while Medicare Advantage varies, with some companies charging zero.
  • Copayments – a set amount you have to pay for care is lower with MA. 

Plus, there’s a firm limit on how much you pay for care in a year. So, even if you fall severely ill and need a lot of treatment, the Medicare Advantage plan will cover the rest itself once you hit your yearly limit.

The costs of Medicare Advantage plans tend to be reasonable, thanks to networks of doctors contracted to the insurance companies. However, this also means that it won’t cover your care if you go outside the system, which brings us to the next significant consideration.

Plan Types

Note that you’ll still have to choose a healthcare plan type with Medicare Advantage. It can affect the benefits you receive and the costs you have to cover. You’ll most often run into two kinds, HMOs and PPOs.

With Health Maintenance Organization plans, you’ll usually need to use in-network medical professionals and get a referral to visit a specialist. Conversely, Preferred Provider Organizations grant you the flexibility to see providers outside your network and without a referral. However, this usually costs more.

What About Travelling?

If you travel a lot, it can be tricky to use MA plans. They tend to have defined service areas, restricting the available healthcare professional network. 

However, you can obtain a policy that works in more areas if you look hard enough. It pays to find a system that covers you all year long and wherever you are.

Medicare Advantage: Pros and Cons

Let’s finish by reviewing the benefits and drawbacks of this plan type to underline its most prominent characteristics. 

MA Pros

In general, the most significant selling point of Medicare Advantage is that it covers more benefits than Original Medicare. 

So, you get treatment included in Parts A and B, plus the added benefits of routine vision and hearing checkups, dental care, and prescription drugs. It also costs you less, even with the Medicare Advantage premium charge.

Moreover, although you can’t choose all your doctors, you can access a certified medical expert network, making healthcare more manageable and convenient. 

MA Cons

Even with the benefits we mentioned, many people opt out of Medicare Advantage plans. 

It tends to happen because the plan limits your freedom of health care provider choice, which Original Medicare doesn’t do. It also requires referrals and authorizations before it covers your costs, which could inconvenience you.

Finally, the service areas included in MA plans are quite limiting if you travel a lot. 

The Bottom Line

Overall, while MA smoothly puts together the benefits of other Medicare parts and sprinkles extra services on top, it’s not for everybody. There’s the trade-off between comfort and affordability. 

It’s the best for people who live a settled lifestyle and need to budget their healthcare. If you’re unsure, take a look at various insurance companies’ offers and try to apply them to your situation before you make a purchase.

4 Benefits Cold Pressed Juices Can Give You

Every year there are new health trends that wellness seekers go crazy about! But then there are some health trends that are so solid with results that they never go out of style.

A great example of this is cold pressed juices. Wellness seekers love cold pressed juices because they are the purest form of fruit and vegetables that you can possibly get in liquid form while ensuring that all the nutrients and vitamins remain in place for your body to absorb!

That is why drinks like cold pressed lemonade is so popular now because you know that you are drinking pure goodness that tastes delicious too!

For those that still don’t understand what all the fuss is about when it comes to cold pressed juices, we are going to share five benefits that they can give you and why you should be stocking your fridge with them!

1. They give you all the good stuff

When fruits and vegetables are cold-pressed, the liquid maintains all the vitamins and minerals that are found in the solid raw form. Sometimes when fruits and vegetables are blended too much or heated too high, their nutrient-dense properties diminish, leaving your body with less goodness to absorb. Cold pressed juices to allow you to eat these foods in a raw form while still being easy and tasty to consume, delivering vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and folate straight to your digestive and immune systems!

2. They help with anti-aging benefits

One of the biggest health and wellness obsessions lately is trying to prevent signs of aging in natural ways. Cold pressed juices are a great option for this as they are loaded with antioxidants that naturally produce anti-aging effects. This is especially true in cold pressed juices that are derived from foods like carrots, berries, and mangoes. Results of drinking cold pressed juices to include your skin looking radiant, wrinkles disappearing and any acne or clogged pores disappearing! That is a true wellness benefit right there!

3. They help you lose unwanted weight

Cold pressed juices aren’t just good for keeping you young, but also keeping you trim! When you fuel your body with nutrients that it naturally needs, it will crave more of it automatically. This is great news, as it means that instead of craving that Saturday fast food run, you can curb that temptation with a cold pressed juice and be left feeling completely satisfied. On top of that, your body will actually feel better, more alert, more awake, and wanting to eat more healthy foods for the rest of the day! While it is okay to treat yourself every now and then, cold pressed juices help shift our taste buds to wanting pure and wholesome food to fuel the body that is working so hard for us.

4. They help with your essential organs

The digestive system in our bodies is paramount to our health. And cold pressed juices are its best friend. This is because cold pressed juices to deliver digestion-friendly nutrients to it to not only clean out any harmful waste that got stuck in there from processed food, but also delivers nutrient-rich liquid that it can easily absorb and send to other parts of the body. Cold pressed juices that are especially friendly to the digestive system include ones that have apples, berries, and avocados in them!

Cold pressed juices are a refreshingly healthy option to keep you feeling great, performing at your peak, and encouraging you to make further healthy choices. By giving your body so many great nutrients, you will have happy organs, a happy weight, and happy eating choices—all while being able to enjoy deliciously refreshing cold pressed juices!

How Regular Biking Can Help Boost Immunity

Few activities are as enjoyable and stress-relieving as a casual bike ride. When you take your standard or electric beach cruiser on a boardwalk ride, you take in plenty of fresh air and sunlight, while barely noticing the work your body is doing. Biking is also healthy, and can give you a significant boost in immunity that you take with you wherever you go. In fact, the more often you go for a ride, the better this boost to your system will be.

1. Reducing Stress

Exercise isn’t just good for your muscles. It also signals to your brain that your body is exerting itself as intended by nature. Humans evolved to spend serious calories every day getting food and resources. When you get yourself out of the house to do physical work, your body lets your mind know that you have done what you were designed to do. This results in a flood of endorphins that, in turn, counteract the immunity-reducing stress hormone, cortisol.

2. Promoting Healthy Habits

By incorporating regular bike rides into your life, you encourage yourself to make other healthy choices. Biking to work, for example, can cause you to crave healthier foods at lunch and sleep better at night. These kinds of double-benefits mean that biking is often well worth the extra travel time over certain other means of transportation. If you live far from work, consider an electric bike. The best electric bike for commuting is one that allows you to comfortably get to work without sacrificing the exercise benefits that bicycle commuting affords you.

3. Influencing Critical Immune Processes

The low-impact, cardiovascular exercise that your body gets while biking directly improves your immune system. As your lungs take in oxygen and pump blood through your veins, your body is better able to detect and flush out bacteria and viruses. Exercise also influences the amount of white blood cells and antibodies available to you, which are key in fighting off infections. While it is not clear to science exactly how this happens, there is plenty of data available to show that people who exercise regularly get sick less often and live longer, healthier lives.

4. Getting You Away From Crowded Gyms

Because bicycles are both a means of exercise and transportation, they can take you far from crowded gyms full of other people and their various bodily fluids. In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, it is now especially important that you find ways to exercise and have fun away from others whenever possible. If you are interested in purchasing a new electric cruiser or hybrid for your routine, try to buy electric bike online. This way, you can avoid the hassle and confusion of visiting a bike shop with limited inventory during pandemic conditions.

In light of recent health concerns, some people have taken the misguided precautionary step of withdrawing from regular exercise outdoors. While it is no secret that biking is good for your body and mind under normal conditions, it is worth knowing that biking can actually keep you safer under the unusual circumstances of an extended disease outbreak.