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6 Gum Disease Prevention Tips To Keep the Dentist Away

Dental patients follow the advice of their dental professionals to maintain their teeth and gums. If they do not follow these strategies, the patients are at a greater risk of developing gum disease and losing their teeth. Periodontal disease is incurable, and dentists can present strategies to correct some damage only. If the patient develops gum disease, there are more likely to lose all their teeth entirely.

1. Brush and Floss Twice a Day

All dental patients are advised to brush and floss twice a day to keep debris off the teeth and gums and keep them healthy. A dental hygienist can show the patients better techniques for brushing their teeth and how to use floss properly. They will also provide recommendations for new dental hygiene products that improve the smile and treat underlying dental problems. Dental patients can learn more about better techniques by contacting a Dentist Near Me now.

2. Stop Smoking and Using Tobacco Products

Lifestyle changes are necessary to preserve the teeth and gums and lower the chances of periodontal disease. For example, dental patients that smoke or use tobacco products must quit preventing tooth damage. Even if they are careful and brush well, the chemicals in the tobacco products can rot the teeth and cause severe damage. Some patients may lose their teeth if they do not visit their dental professional at the first sign of damage.

3. Use Medicated Mouthwash Every Day

Medicated mouthwash keeps bacteria at bay and prevents it from damaging the teeth and gums. In addition to brushing and flossing, the dental patient must use mouthwash to kill germs and bacteria. It will decrease the frequency of illnesses and protect the teeth and gums. Medicated mouthwash can help with early-onset gingivitis.

4. Get Two Cleanings Every Year and a Complete Exam

All dental professionals recommend that patients get two cleanings every year and at least one dental exam. Dental cleanings eliminate buildup on the teeth and gums and prevent it from covering up tooth damage. Even if the dental patient brushes every day, some particles can stay on the teeth and gums. A comprehensive cleaning lifts and removes all particles and debris left behind by brushing and flossing.

5. Use Toothpaste With Plenty of Fluoride

By choosing the right toothpaste, dental patients can reduce tooth damage and increase the strength of their teeth by using fluoride toothpaste. The fluoride penetrates the tooth enamel and rebuilds the teeth. Dental professionals recommend increasing fluoride and recommend fluoride treatments for patients that notice signs of brittle teeth. The treatments can improve the strength of the teeth and decrease the risk of tooth loss.

6. Schedule a Dental Appointment at the First Sign of Tooth or Gum Damage

Dental patients are advised to schedule an appointment with their dental professionals at the first sign of tooth or gum damage. A comprehensive examination allows the dental professional to find the underlying issue and correct it. They will examine all the teeth and acquire x-rays of the teeth. They provide an estimate for the patient and complete insurance claims.

Dental patients seek the advice of dental professionals when they want to decrease their risk of gum disease. Periodontal disease causes permanent damage to the gums, and they develop pockets along their gum line. Bacteria and other particles could become trapped in the pockets, and the patient could develop infections. By following proper guidelines, patients can avoid the negative effects of periodontal disease.

Three Things to Know About Living With Fibroids

By the age of fifty, about 65% of women develop fibroids. Despite its common occurrence, a fibroid is often not discussed. Being a woman comes with many challenges, especially when you are a mother and play the crucial role of maintaining your family’s health. When it comes to the well-being of women, many suffer silently from unique health issues. It might be a complicated post-birth recovery or fibroid removal, but women deal with health conditions that are often not discussed.

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What are Fibroids?

Also known as fibrous tumors, fibroids (or leiomyomas) grow inside the wall of the uterus. Typically, fibroids are non-cancerous; however, they are the primary cause of hysterectomies within the United States. Women can have a single to multiple fibroids, the sizes of which can range from a seed to a watermelon’s size. If you suspect you might have a fibroid or currently living with this health condition, here are three things you need to know.

What Causes Fibroids?

Fibroids commonly occur among women who are in their 40s or early 50s. Fibroids tend to shrink after women go through menopause. Although fibroids don’t have ethnic delimitations, Afro-American women are prone to get diagnosed with fibroids more often than women of other ethnicities. Also, obese women are at a greater risk of fibroids. No one knows the underlying cause of fibroids. However, there is a connection between fibroids and the consumption of red meat. If your mother or grandmother had fibroids, there are greater risks of developing fibroids as there has been detected a hereditary component.

The Most Common Symptoms of Fibroids

Usually, many women who have fibroids don’t experience tell-tale symptoms. However, they face difficulties while living with them. Some of the common symptoms of fibroids include but are not limited to the following:

·         Heavy menstrual bleeding accompanied by pelvic pain

·         Anemia due to massive blood loss during menstrual bleeding

·         Frequent urination due to pressure on the bladder

·         Constipation accompanied by back pain due to pressure on the rectum

·         When large fibroids push into the stomach area, affected women can also feel bloating

Besides the above-mentioned physical symptoms of fibroids, the affected women suffer emotionally as well. Common symptoms include anxiety, depression, reduced zest for life, and a distorted body image accompanied by low self-esteem.

What Does Your Vaginal Bleeding Indicate?

You might want to know about how much bleeding is too much and when you should call your doctor. Fibroids distort the womb (or endometrial cavity), prompting heavy menstrual bleeding. There are certain red flags that you need to look out for when it comes to determining the amount of excessive bleeding:

·         If your period lasts longer than seven days

·         If you have more than one period within a month and hence bleed between periods

·         If you notice that multiple pads and tampons get soaked within a short period

·         If you have to change your pads/tampons every hour due to excessive soaking

·         If the passed blood clots are bigger than that of a golf ball

Outdoor Gear Every Woman Should Invest In

Many people enjoy doing outdoor activities to commune with nature and to have a moment away from city life. Outdoor adventures include camping on a beach, setting up a tent on a mountain station, or glamping inside a national park, where people of all ages should try. Doing outdoor adventures can be exciting, especially for women who will use their gear for the first time. Here are some of the must-have outdoor gear for adventurous women.

Comfortable Mattress

There are mattress pads available in the market that you can fold or roll up and put inside your pocket. These products hold their consistency in comfortability, even if they can fold and become conveniently portable. 

Backpacks for Women

You can find a lightweight and durable backpack for women. Designers and manufacturers provide hip straps that are adjustable as a back panel suspension. The bag has a contoured shoulder, an excellent fit for an adventurer who loves to go out for days.

Portable Tent

When a product says it is portable, it should be lightweight and easy to set up and pack. Portable tents can be for two persons and a solo adventurer. Opt to have a bigger tent if you are camping with your family. If you have your children with you, get tents featuring enough headroom to accommodate four people comfortably. There are also screen tents that give protection from mosquitoes and other bugs from the campsite.

Dependable Headlamp

Headlamps are also an essential gear that any woman should have. These lamps free up your hands and automatically adjust the brightness depending on how you use them. 

Scented Wipes

Even if you don’t have the opportunity to have a shower during your trip, these scented wipes can freshen you up anywhere and anytime you need it.

Lanterns as Mosquito Repellents

One of the main concerns in any outdoor adventure would be mosquito bites. Thankfully, there are mosquito repellent lanterns that will protect you from pesky mosquitoes.

Sleeping Bag

Lightweight sleeping bags can be your great companion, especially if you decide to go on a camping trip during the summer season. It can still provide comfort even if you are sleeping on a hot summer night. If you plan to go on a camping trip with your loved ones, sleeping bags that fit two persons will be best for you. 

Attractive Flask

When it is time for happy hours during your camping, it would be comforting to sip your drink in an attractive flask with a silicone grip and a wide mouth to make sipping and refilling easy. More than its look, you should also choose something durable enough to withstand drops during your hiking trips. 

Portable Stove

One of the most popular camping needs is a portable stove that you can easily set up and cook right away. It is lightweight and can boil water in just three and a half minutes. You can go for an all-in-one stove system so it can be easier to cook your dehydrated meals. 

Lightweight Cooler

One of the things you will miss when you go camping would be a refreshing drink. One way to solve this is to have a lightweight cooler to lug on your next camping trip. Not only will it give you a cold drink, but it will also help keep your food chilled for days. 

Travel Light

With the many outdoor gears for women available in the market, it can be tempting to have everything whenever you go out exploring the wild. However, you should keep in mind that it would be best to travel light and bring only the essentials. 

Getting Out and About this Winter

Oh, the weather outside is frightful. So why should we bother trying to go out in it? While you may be tempted to curl up with a blanket and wait for warmer days, it’s important to get outside and take in some fresh air. Not only for your physical health but your mental health, too. Here are some easy tips to get yourself out and about this winter.

Get Prepared 

Before you go out into the elements you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared. You won’t enjoy the fresh air if you’re absolutely freezing. Women’s thermals are an easy and comfortable way of keeping yourself warm. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve got your extremities covered as you can lose a lot of heat from them. Get yourself some thick socks, cosy gloves and a hat. Just because you’re being practical, doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish. 

Go for a Walk 

You might think walking through the countryside at this time of year would be a bit drab, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. A walk during winter is one of the most refreshing things you can do. You’re wrapped up warm, the paths will be quieter, and it offers you time to reflect and relax. Use this time outside a moment to appreciate your surroundings. The National Trust has a selection of their favourite wintery walks for all areas across the country. 

Couch to 5k

Have you always wanted to try to get yourself fit, but have no idea where to start? Couch to 5k could be for you. It’s an app which slowly increases your stamina, building from brisk walks to longer and longer running times. The app has grown in popularity across the UK this year. Couch to 5k can be the motivation you need to get yourself outside and moving. When you start running in winter, it’s important you warm-up beforehand and dress appropriately. 

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Mental Health 

If you find yourself struggling this winter season, you are not alone. This year is an especially difficult time, so remember to be kind to yourself. You can make friends with the cold, dark, days. Going outside – even briefly – can really make such a difference to your mood. 

There are lots of ways you can get out and about this winter. From a bracing country walk, to simply stepping outside for some fresh air. Dress warm and take care of yourself. What have you been doing this winter?

What Does Foam Rolling Do?

Foam rollers have been the talk of the town for the last many years; rumors are, these rollers decimate the knots in your muscles, reduce muscle fatigue, and amazingly improve your range of motion and its start being a big workout equipment name. Have you, too, heard about foam rolling? If yes, you must be finding it tempting to work and what benefits you can get. Is it so? Well, if yes, then here’s what you may need to know about foam rolling.

Foam Rolling

It’s basically a long, cylindrical piece of foam, which surrounds a big PVC pipe. It uses by simply placing it underneath your muscle, where you feel soreness or tightness. You may require to roll over it back and forth along with your muscle. However, the most common targets include quadriceps, calves, hamstrings, and the upper and lower back. The simple goal of a foam roller is self-myofascial release. 

Fascia can be found throughout our bodies. This is basically connective tissue made of collagen, and so surrounds our body’s structure. Myofascia pertains to our muscles, as it covers and connects each muscle to its next one. However, there’s the best technique known as a myofascial release, which reduces these adhesions.

Ease Muscle Pain

It’s the best option if you want to alleviate muscle soreness and want to reduce inflammation. According to a small study, 8 male participants found evidence that foam rolling after exercise may drastically reduce muscle soreness. If you frequently experience muscle pain, then it’s better to use it.

Increase Range Of Motion

Yes, you’ve heard it right! It helps to improve your range of motion. Range of motion is necessary for improving flexibility and performance. Researchers found results from a small study, that 11 athletes use the combination of foam rolling and static stretching, and the effects were amazing. However, if you are looking for the best results from foam rolling, you must stretch out and foam roll after each workout

Temporarily Reduce The Appearance Of Cellulite

Suppliers of some foam rolling products claim the products can help loosen and hack your fascia. Fascia is the body’s connective tissues and contributes to the looks of cellulite.

 While foam rolling may help smooth your skin temporarily, there’s currently no scientific evidence that it can permanently reduce cellulite.

 The best thanks to reducing cellulite are to take care of a lively lifestyle and consume a healthy diet.

Relieve Back Pain

While doing multiple exercises, it is easy to get strain on your back, further cause injury. However, the best news is you could use a foam roller for your lower back pain. Simply turn the foam roller, make sure to keep it vertical— in line with your spine, and then roll it from side to side. Moreover, you can also try lying on a foam massage ball to work out knots in your back.

Improves Blood Circulation

One advantage of foam rolling is increased blood circulation. Healthy blood flow is important for healthy tissue and organ function because it permits the continual exchange of nutrients and waste within the cells. Therefore, the stimulation of fluid through the systema lymphaticum is a crucial part of your system.

A study published within the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research found that the mechanical effect of the firmly applied pressure and movement utilized in foam rolling can improve your arteries’ function. And consistent with Lower Extremity Review, the nerve receptors’ stimulation causes the blood vessels to dilate by reflex action, assisting in blood flow.

 Accelerates carboxylic acid Return to the Body

During prolonged and strenuous exercise, the body builds up what’s called carboxylic acid. The carboxylic acid buildup is usually related to cramps and, therefore, the beginning stages of fatigue, especially after strenuous exercise. 

Though the body producing carboxylic acid may be a medium between aerobic and anaerobic energy consumption and may absorb carboxylic acid independently, foam rolling can help accelerate the body’s breakdown of carboxylic acid post-workout.

Post Injury Tissue Mobility

The concept of tissue mobility is of even greater importance after injury because new layers of fascia are laid down as connective tissue. If this tissue isn’t choppy, mobilized, and properly aligned, it can cause future problems. 

Albeit you had an injury a short time ago (months to years), it can still sneak up on you and cause problems. They could haven’t had completely resolved or properly rehabilitated an old injury but never traced their current issues back to its injury.