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15 Garage Storage Ideas to Clear Up Your Clutter

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The garage is often the messiest place in a person’s home. If you do not label everything and put items in their respective place, then chances are you will never find what you are looking for. Garages are typically used to store away things like Christmas decorations, extra supplies, tools, etc. However, if you continue to store stuff in your garage, then you will eventually run out of space. The best thing you can do is to install garage shelving systems. However, that is only one solution. This article will take you through 15 other garage storage solutions to help you clear up your clutter. 

  1. Overhead Shelving 

If you want to park your car in the garage, then you need overhead storage space to store everything inside your garage. 

  1. Magnetic Strips

Magnetic strips are another essential thing to have in your garage. You can put anything from knives to tools on this strip, and you will never have to worry about losing them.

  1. Tool Cabinet

Do you use the garage as your workshop for your DIY projects? Or do you use it as a place for your professional work? Either way, you need a tool cabinet. It will make sure that your tools or office supplies are organized in one place and easy to find. 

  1. Organize Car Washing Supplies

You should have a designated place in your garage for everything, including your car washing supplies. You can hang the pipe and the bucket on the wall, while neatly stacking the brushes and cleaning products. 

  1. Pegboard

A pegboard is a great way to store smaller items that often get lost in the shuffle. You can easily attach these items to the pegboard according to your needs. 

  1. Use Wall Space

Your wall space is just as important as your overhead space. Hang any mirrors or paintings that are lying around and adding to the clutter. 

  1. Bins and Baskets 

Sort items into different bins and baskets and label them. Labeling these bins and baskets will save you a lot of time when you are going through the garage looking for stuff. 

  1. Designated Workspace 

You should designate certain areas of your garage for certain activities, like working out or working on your vehicle. This will help you keep a healthy flow of activity and structure to your garage space. 

  1. Slide Rails

Slide rails are another useful tool for organizing your garage space. They can help you move things around in your garage and maintain order in your home. 

  1. Off the Floor 

Make the floor of your garage the least occupied space. It will make your garage look cleaner and more spacious. 

  1. Use Light 

Use recess lighting in the garage. This will divide the garage into different spaces, making organization easier. 

  1. Access Is Important 

Do not just tuck things away into far corners. Organize everything so that you have easy access to the things you need. 

  1. Ball Cage 

Use a ball cage to store all your sports balls, otherwise, they will be lying all over the floor and people will trip over them. 

  1. Bike Nook 

If you and your family are bike riders, then having a bike nook installed is a great way to bring organization and structure to your garage. It also moves these large, cumbersome items off the garage floor. 

  1. Built-in Cabinets 

When it comes to clearing out clutter, built-in cabinets are your best friend. They will store most of your items and keep your space super neat. 

These are just a few garage storage ideas to help you clear out your clutter and keep your garage neat and tidy. 

Rethinking Rodents: How to Tell if Your Infestation is Mice or Rats

Most of us love small, cute and furry animals unless they are rodents. Whether mice or rats, having a rodent infestation in your home can prove to be incredibly challenging and frustrating at the same time. A rodent infestation can lead to dangerous droppings all-around your home, food that gets nibbled at in the middle of the night and gnaw marks on your cupboards, shelves and doors. Rodents can also cause some serious damage to your electrical wires, roof insulation and everything in between. 

If you find yourself in the midst of a pesky rodent infestation, the first step to solving your issue is to figure out if you are dealing with mice or rats. Today, we have a look at how you will be able to identify exactly which creature is causing chaos in your home, so read on to find out more!

  1. Observe Physical Appearance

If you have spotted something small and furry running around your home, it can be beneficial to note its physical appearance. When it comes to mice control, you can expect to notice that they have a slender body and are often no larger than 30-100mm in length. Mice are also usually light grey or brown in colour and may have a pair of ears that seem a little too big for their bodies. 

If you’re dealing with rats, you will notice that they are much larger in size, with a thickset body and an incredibly long rail. A rat’s tail alone can measure up to 170mm in length, offering a key clue if you are having trouble differentiating a mouse from a rat. Rats also have small ears, a blunt nose and larger feet than a mouse. 

  1. Those Darn Droppings 

The droppings of various species of rodents will differ in shape and size. Generally speaking, the larger the rodent, the higher the chance of it leaving larger droppings all-around your home. In order to identify between a mouse or a rat, observing droppings is, unfortunately, a necessary evil. The most common house rat droppings can measure up to 20mm in length and often resemble the shape of a long grain of rice. 

When it comes to mouse droppings, you can expect to find them randomly scattered around the home and often 3-8mm in length. This makes the mouse droppings a lot smaller than that of rats, making it easy for you to identify the culprit of your infestation. 

  1. How Often Are They Breeding?

Did you know that mice reach sexual maturity a lot earlier than rats and often produce larger and more frequent litters compared to their rat counterparts? Most mouse litters will contain up to16 babies that take about 2-3 months to reach full maturity. One mouse can also have up to 8 litters a year, thus resulting in an infestation that can grow at an incredibly rapid rate.

Rats on the other hand may have up to 6 litters a year, each containing 6-8 babies per litter. If you notice that your rodents are reproducing at lightning speed, it can be beneficial to observe how often you notice babies running around in order to deduce whether you have a rat or mouse problem. 

  1. Mouse VS Rat Behaviour 

When it comes to characteristics and behaviours, you’ll find that mice are incredibly curious while rats are more reserved and cautious. Mice often investigate anything new due to their curiosity which is why setting humane mouse traps up is an effective way of catching them. If you’re looking to catch a rat, you’ll need to know how they operate. A rat is usually cautious and creatures of comfort that will avoid new things in their path. Because of this, you will need to place unset traps in a rat’s path before replacing them with set traps if you’re going to have any luck catching them on your own. 

  1. Rat VS Mouse Movements

Lastly, knowing the way both species of rodent move is a great way to figure out what you are dealing with. Mice are often nocturnal, operating when the sun sets. They also do not like bright lights which is why you’ll find them scurrying about late at night when everyone is asleep. Mice are also excellent jumpers and can run incredibly fast on their four legs.

On the other hand, rats stick to known routines and often use water as their source of movement. This is how they can enter your home through broken pipes or toilets. Don’t be fooled though, because rats are just as good as climbing as their mouse counterparts. Combining this fact with some of the other pointers in this article as a source of reference is the best way to identify your problem. 


If you think that you are experiencing a rodent infestation, we highly recommend contacting your local pest control service. No matter what type of rodent infestation you have, an expert will be able to correctly identify the species and find the best way to eliminate them from your home humanely.

How You Can Make Country Living More Luxurious

90% of American homeowners plan to remodel their home, as stated by one Trulia survey. And, while many homeowners may renovate simply to fix what’s broken or make a well overdue upgrade to their home’s décor and style, some may also want to throw in a touch of luxury at the same time. However, for those who are currently living in the country or are planning to move to a more rural area, the idea of luxurious living might seem a bit far fetched, expensive and unattainable – but that’s certainly not the case. Here are just a few simple ideas on how you can make country living much more luxurious.

Moving to a ranch

If you’re planning on moving to the country, or an otherwise rural area, moving to a ranch is the perfect way to do so while ensuring you’ll be living large and in luxury. Ranches are perfect for those who simply want to live in a place that is ultra private and spacious at the same time — particularly when it comes to the outdoors. This makes ranch life ideal for those who don’t want to live too close to their neighbors and have to deal with installing privacy measures, and many ranches on the market reflect that combination of luxury and privacy. In fact, one ranch currently listed, Barefoot Ranch, comes with a number of features that show just how grand and luxurious ranch life can be — including a resort style swimming pool, a large barn (with the potential to house horses), and even a spring-fed creek that leads to a swimming pool/fishing hole. 

Thinking big with luxurious décor

If you aren’t planning on moving to a spacious ranch anytime soon and are already living in the country, perhaps one of the simplest ways to add a bit of luxury to your home is by making larger than life upgrades. While this can mean installing fixtures like an in-ground swimming pool, your indoor décor can also be upgraded to a more “country luxury” style as well — and it doesn’t have to be expensive or gilded in gold, either. One recommendation to achieve such a look is by simply including rustic and natural materials in your décor, along with a deep color palette for other features. This can mean using things like natural wood furniture, while also setting out complementary flowers, throw pillows/blankets, and rugs that bring deep shades of red or purple to the house. In doing so, you can easily attain a luxury feel, while still accentuating the country style.

For those wishing to live in the country, but who also want the luxurious features that are often associated with city-life, it’s important to realize that it is attainable, whether you’re looking into purchasing a country property or are simply looking at upgrading your current country home. By investing in simple luxurious upgrades or even moving to a ranch, you can easily benefit from living the country life while also enjoying luxury style

Christmas Gifts To the Flower-Lover

Christmas is not only a time of joy and celebration but it is also a time of gift giving and gift buying. It can take quite a bit of time to select the best gift for each exceptional family member and friend on your list. You have to think about what every person loves and then fit that list of likes with a gift. The choice can seem obvious to those who love flowers. More or less, in my opinion, everybody loves flowers.

Indeed, a gorgeous package of blooms will always be well received by a flower lover, but you’ll have to extend your thinking a little if you’re looking for anything to go with your pretty bouquet. For flower lovers and gardeners, there are plenty of impressive gifts. To get you started, here are some ideas.

Of course, the best gift of them will be the flower bouquet or christmas centerpiece even if you want to send flowers to someone far away. To make it easy to send your gift of stunning blooms, there are online delivery services to deliver flowers all over the country.

A Floral Wristlet

A delicate wristlet embroidered on it with some pretty blooms will encourage the receiver to demonstrate her love of flowers while she’s out and about. It can also be customized to change her character. Look for a delicate design if she’s a peaceful soul, but if she’s daring and adventurous, go for some bold floral design.

An Elegant Teacup

Flower themes that are sure to satisfy the flower lover in your life have long been displayed with teacups. For gardening lovers, they also make perfect gift ideas. Usually, those with a welcoming backyard garden love to sit there and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

An Indoor Planting Kit

The season for gardening only lasts so long. It’s not a Christmas activity, but an indoor planting kit is an excellent choice if you’re planning for gifts for gardeners. Herb kits and flower kits can be found, so you can get the one that seems better suited to your receiver. It is confident that they can get through the winter before they have the opportunity to get their hands back into the outdoor soil again.

Seed Starter Kit

A seed starter kit is another idea among those looking for gifts for gardeners on a related note. Many who enjoy gardening are still either gardening or preparing the garden for next year. A seed starter kit lets the gardener in your life get a head start on the plants of the next season with that in mind.


This is a nice one, including gift ideas for gardening lovers and flower lovers. In the beauty of the outdoors, people who love flowers always love being. An ideal way to enjoy nature in all its glory is to have a hammock hanging in the perfect place.

Copper Watering Can

This gift works great if you’re looking for presents for gardening enthusiasts or flower lovers. Not only are copper watering cans useful, but they’re also chic. They are so pretty that they can be put on a show when they are not used for watering purposes. They also make magnificent vases for unique bouquets.


Over the holidays, wreaths are large, but they don’t have to be the typical kind of greenery with a big red bow. For flower lovers and plant enthusiasts, there are all sorts of imaginative and playful wreaths to be found, and many of them will make beautiful gifts. For flower lovers, there are various ways to get impressive skills.

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6 Different Alarms That Every Home Needs

For some, the sound of an alarm means it’s time to wake up in the morning. However, there are many other uses for them that should be taken into consideration. Including alerting you of potential danger to reminding you about something, you’ve forgotten. While they certainly can be irritating at times, they are a necessary part of our lives that we should all use.

Sound interesting? Below, we are going to take a look at six different alarms that every home needs.

Let’s get started.

Monitored/Unmonitored Home Alarm System

Home alarm systems are designed to notify you of an intruder/break-in. The difference between a monitored/unmonitored system is that monitored ones are watched by center operators, and you will be contacted when the alarm is triggered. If you are unable to check-in, authorities will be sent to your home. Check out alarm systems made simple for more information.

Cookie Jar Alarm

Have a problem with eating too many snacks? Then the cookie jar alarm is perfect for you. This little motion system can be applied to any container and will sound when it is opened so that you can think twice about eating that second chocolate. Some more advanced systems will even lock/unlock at a specific time and will sound if they are being tampered with. It certainly is a great way to keep your diet on track.

Window Alarms

Window alarms are similar to the unmonitored/monitored home alarm systems above but attach directly to your windows instead of near your doors. Alongside this, the system is much simpler and will ring a chime when triggered. As well as being used in houses, they are also great for dormitories or small apartments with fire escape access near windows. It’s an extra level of precaution that can be worth taking.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that is both invisible and odorless. In many cases, it leads to accidental poisoning as it replaces the body’s oxygen. It comes from sources like gas stoves, fires, and heating systems. Carbon monoxide alarms use electrochemical technology to alert you if levels rise in your home. In some devices, they are combined amongst the fire alarm.

Fire/Smoke Alarm

If you want to make your home a healthy place to live, then a fire alarm is a must. Designed to detect both smoke and, in some models, a change of temperature, they have saved thousands of lives. Alongside the loud sound they emit, some buildings also include flashing lights. Always remember, your unit should be replaced every ten years, and batteries should be checked regularly.

Weather Alarm

Weather alarms can come in three different forms and are used for things like tornadoes, hurricanes, severe floods, and tsunamis.

Public: City alarms sound across the area to indicate a danger is coming. Once heard, individuals will need to find the closest shelter.

Phone: Text message sent directly to the user’s phone regarding upcoming conditions.

TV/Radio: Broadcasted messages about severe weather warnings.