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Understanding essential oil scent categories

Creating your own essential oil blend is an excellent way to lift your spirits or add a personal touch to your home. There are tons of different essential oils to choose from, and each category can be used for something different, such as helping yourself relax or inspiring a burst of energy. 

Eager to put together your own essential oil blend? It’s easier to start making unique scents when you start to familiarise yourself with essential oil scent categories. To help you create beautiful scents at home, check out our list of scent categories for guidance. 


Examples: Lemon, lime, tangerine, bergamot, and grapefruit.

Citrus scents are generally associated with bright and energising qualities. Including a citrus essential oil in your blend can make it feel uplifting and rejuvenating. Citrus is also classified as a top note, meaning that you’ll probably notice it first when you smell a citrus blend. However, it does fade quickly as you wear it, so you’ll want to balance it with longer-lasting notes, such as something from the spicy category.


Examples: Ylang-ylang, lavender, rose, jasmine, and geranium.

The floral category is another set of essential oils that blends well with spicy oils, as floral scents tend to balance out other aromas with their sweet, delicate notes. Floral scents are great for blends that need a touch of beauty or romance, and they tend to be very relaxing as well. Florals usually qualify as middle notes, balancing more potent scents nicely and preventing them from feeling too heavy.


Examples: Melissa, marjoram, basil, hyssop, and clary sage.

As the name might suggest, essential oils from the herbaceous category tend to smell very green and vibrant. Like florals, herbaceous scents are usually middle notes and can bring an undertone of clarity and lift to your blend. Many people say that herbaceous essential oils help to improve their moods and make them feel more positive as a result of their natural, fresh scents and their association with the outdoors.


Examples: Eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, cajuput, and rosemary.

Camphor essential oil, the namesake of this scent group, is a great option to use alongside any of the other examples listed above in order to give your blend a sharp, purifying scent. The penetrating scent of camphor can do wonders to grant a feeling of clarity and help make your custom scent much more noticeable and bright. Many people find camphoraceous scents to be refreshing and helpful in terms of sharpening their focus.


Examples: Black pepper, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom.

Essential oils from the spicy category are often associated with warmth, comfort, and passion. People often turn to these scents for an element of potency and a rousing, focus-enhancing boost of energy. Oils in the spicy category are also generally classified as middle or base notes, making them long-lasting and useful for stretching out the longevity of your blend’s aroma.


Examples: Frankincense, myrrh, elemi, benzoin, and citronella.

Another great option for your blend’s middle or base notes is a good pick from the resinous/musky category. These scents are rich, leathery, woodsy, and warm. They are usually associated with a calm, secure mood and are often used in romantic or spiritual settings as a result. Any of the oils from this category are a good choice for something that will last a long time and promote a feeling of relaxation, peacefulness, and grounding.


Examples: Patchouli, cedarwood, pine, sandalwood, and vetiver.

Deep, rich, and mysterious qualities are often associated with scents from the woody/earthy category. These essential oils are bound to conjure thoughts of damp tree bark and forest moss and are frequently used to add an element of masculinity and allure to a scent blend. These scents are generally very grounding and comforting and are often viewed as aphrodisiacs as well. Woody scents are also usually middle or base notes, giving a long-lasting warmth to your blend.

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Benefits of Custom Picture Framing

When you have pictures and even artwork that are loose and unframed, they can very quickly get damaged or start to deteriorate.  This is going to be exactly why you are going to want to put these important images into some type of protective frame. However, if you are truly trying to bring out all of their aesthetic quality, you are going to need to invest in some custom framing service that can really highlight the picture or artwork in question.  Here are some of the ways that using a custom picture frame is able to help highlight your artwork or picture inside of your home.

They Will Add a Personalized Touch

When you add a custom picture frame from to a picture or piece of art, it is going to add a very personalized and heartfelt touch to it.  What this means is that having your frames custom made is going to highlight the love and appreciation that went into the picture or the artwork.  In fact, it is also going to highlight the way that you have decided to reflect on the style that you want that particular artwork or photo to display.  Essentially, it is going to allow you to show off the way that you have chosen to cherish the meaning behind whatever it is that the frame is highlighting.

It is Going to Preserve the Quality

When you don’t have the proper framing and protection for your photos, it is not going to take very long before your pictures and other framed art pieces are going to start losing the amount of color intensity that they originally had.  When you get them encased in a custom framing, you will be ensuring that they are going to have an extra several years added onto their life, as well as help to preserve the amount of quality that they will have for a very long time.  On top of that, it is also going to help protect them from any type of dirt and fingerprints.

They Provide Specialized Options 

Whenever you are considering framing a particular photograph or piece of artwork, that particular piece is going to deserve to have its very own special treatment. What this means, is that depending upon the piece that you are having framed, it is going to provide you with a very distinct feeling. For example, an older picture may give you a feeling of nostalgia when it is placed into the right vintage picture frame.  

At the same time, a particular art piece that is loaded with different colors may be best complicated with a much simpler frame.  What all of this means, is that you will have to look at the picture or the piece of are that is being framed in order to really understand the type of custom frame that will need to be used on it.  Once you do this, you will be able to create the exact feeling that you will want to create when it comes to this particular photo or piece of art.

College Dorm Renovation: 7 Ways to Create a Better Studying Place

A college dorm is a place where different people gather their lifestyles, tastes, ambitions, and ideas about comfort under one roof. A dorm room for many years has been associated with a clash of contradictions. That might even end up turning into a battlefield for some. But that same room is going to become your home, the place to belong, where the strongest friendships are born.

A student’s success largely depends on the space around them. Renovation of a dorm room and the creation of a comfortable studying area can improve school performance and help achieve excellence. There are much advice on how to equip a room so that it is comfortable, stylish, and functional.

The only things you need are your desire, imagination, and time. And if you feel overloaded with home tasks and struggle under pressure, you can always turn to professional wiring service for help. They will gladly take over your tasks. Meanwhile, you can figure out how to set up your dorm workplace to focus and spend time usefully.


7 Ways to Make Your Dorm Room Better for Studying

  1. Fix the Lighting

It is good for the eyesight when the table is located near the window, ideally on the left. However, if the room is generally sun-lit during the day, you can use curtains or blinds.

If you often stay up late, consider using a lamp with sufficient brightness. It will protect your eyesight during studying at night. By the way, a table lamp of unusual shape or color is also a good idea. After all, a student is a creative person.

  1. Create a Nice Accent

Nobody wants to look up from a monitor or a book and see a boring grey wall. Decorating it should give you a sense of power, harmony, and satisfaction. So, think about what inspires you or try the following ideas:

  • Make an “honor roll” – display cups, medals, books, gifts, and other evidence of success.
  • Place an aquarium on a shelf;
  • Hang your wish card;
  1. Print out a Poster

Wallpapers are usually prohibited in dorm rooms. But you can make trick the rules a bit. Enlarge an image you like and divide it into proportional pieces. Then, tape all the puzzle pieces together and attach them to the wall.

  1. Make a Confetti Wall

Confetti is the most fun and easy way to create a cheerful and positive atmosphere in your room. A good and inspiring mood as soon as you enter the room is guaranteed. Just cut out a lot of circles of colored cardboard and attach them to the wall with double-sided tape. This method can be used not only for confetti but also for funny paper faces or other decorations you like.

  1. Use Handmade Desk Organizers

Do not forget to make creative organizers for pens, pencils, and other tools you need. You can use cups, plastic, or glass jars of different sizes. Paint all these in color you like (you can choose two or three colors), glue them to a piece of plywood or hardboard, and decorate with colorful tape or thread.

  1. Buy Some Plants

To make your new place feel like home, buy some plants. Over time, you will have a real greenhouse in your room, which will delight you, and clean the air at the same time. Besides, studies have shown that plants affect concentration and job satisfaction. Plant owners’ productivity increases by 15%.

Well, if you do not have time or energy to take care of real plants, substitute them with fake ones! You can make colorful paper bags, attach them to the wall, and put small bouquets of artificial flowers there.

  1. Get a Magnetic Board

It is believed that the brain perceives visual information better — by placing a magnetic board at the eye level, you can easily make notes. It will also help you to structure your thoughts better.



Student years is a period to accumulate intellectual capital and life experience. The more effectively this is done, the more doors will open for you in the future. A cozy atmosphere and comfortable workplace in a dorm room will set you up for an excellent study. Hopefully, these tips will help you properly organize your studying place and give you good motivation to make all your dreams come true.

How to Bring New Life to Your Kitchen Without Renovations

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and it’s true for many households. We often spend a large proportion of our time at home within our kitchens, so why not inject as much personal style into the space as is humanly possible?

Yet while many of us have different ideas of what it is that makes the perfect kitchen, for most, our dream kitchen is just that, a dream. Kitchens can be notoriously expensive to update or renovate, yet that’s not to say that there aren’t things you can do to breathe new life into the space. 

So whether major kitchen renovations are beyond your budget, or you’re currently renting, below are a number of ways that you could bring new life to your kitchen without renovations. 

  1. Switch Out Your Kitchen Appliances

Our kitchen appliances are usually the main feature in most kitchens and upgrading them can make your kitchen look and feel instantly updated. Fridges and dishwashers can be an expensive splurge, so you may wish to upgrade these items one at a time. Yet buying a flashy new toaster or kettle tends to be a less intimidating purchase that can still make the world of difference to your kitchen. 

  1. Paint The Walls

A lick of paint is often all it takes to give a tired-looking kitchen a facelift. This is a great option if you’re lucky enough to have high-quality cabinetry and countertops but feel the rest of the space is not looking so fresh. Go bold with a statement wall or choose a more neutral tone that will draw attention to the existing features within the space.  

  1. Cover Your Countertops

For many homeowners, luxurious countertops made using high-end materials such as marble, caesar stone or concrete are what dreams are made of. Unfortunately, these designer look materials come with a hefty designer price tag to match! One clever solution to this problem is to cover your countertop with a much cheaper off-cut or cutting which can be purchased at most fabricators. Alternatively, marble look vinyl wrapping paper works just as well as a short term solution and for a fraction of the cost. 

  1. Replace Your Hardware

Replacing old door handles or cabinet knobs and pulls is both quick, easy and requires very little DIY skill. What’s more, updating hardware could give your doors and cabinetry an entirely new lease of life and with little cost or effort. Choose a sleek and modern style to give your kitchen a more contemporary look, or get creative with mix and match antique or vintage finds for a quirky feel. 

  1. Paint The Cabinets

Why stop with simply replacing the knobs and handles? Sure, painting cabinets can be a more time-consuming task, yet it’s an affordable way to update your kitchen if you’re on a tight budget. Go bold with matte black or open up the space with a couple of coats of a soft eggshell shade – the possibilities are endless.

  1. Add Textiles

Adding textiles to your kitchen is an excellent way of incorporating new colours, patterns and textures to the space. A large area rug can work well in larger kitchens and can help anchor furniture such as a dining set. Whilst introducing window dressings will add tactility and softness to the space whilst also providing privacy. Working with limited space? Table runners and tea towels work just as well in smaller kitchens. As textiles can be switched in and out in a matter of seconds don’t be afraid to take risks with the colours, patterns and textures you choose.

The tips above should help you in your quest to create a kitchen worthy of any Pinterest board. With some creative thinking and a good amount of elbow grease, even the most tired kitchens can be brought back to life without renovations.

Sheds: What Type Do You Need?

If you are on the lookout for a new shed, it is essential to know what type is suitable for you. The kind of shed you need depends on various factors, including the location, budget, purpose, and space requirements, and each of them has variables. Some other considerations may not occur to you readily. Building the best sheds is a big investment, so it is something that you want to do right the first time.  

How Will You Use the Shed?

A shed can function a lot more than being storage space. As long as the shed has enough space to fit your purpose, you can benefit from it in many different ways. Keep in mind that when it comes to the size of a shed, it involves not only the width and length but the height as well. It is essential that the shed can fit everything that you put in it. For example, if you are hoping to use the space for a workshop, you will need storage space and shelving for your tools and supplies. You will also want to fit a large desk for assembling projects while having enough room for the people inside to move around easily. 

Consider the Size of Your Yard

While you dream of building one of the best sheds as big as you want, do not forget that it should fit in your property. When it comes to the shed size, think beyond the structure itself. For one, the foundation has to be bigger than the shed by one foot on all sides. Also, take into account some setbacks from the roads, floodplains, and property lines. 

Another important consideration is the aesthetic of the shed. It should look in sync with your home, landscaping, and other features in your property. Will the shed look perfect between the two trees? Will it obstruct the swing set of the kids? The current layout of your yard is a contributing factor to the size you choose for your shed. 

What Will the Shed Store?

A shed is an ultimate storage solution, so what do you plan to keep there? If you want to put heavy and big things such as an ATV or motorcycle, then construct a shed that has about 12ft by 10 ft in dimension. However, know that it is the smaller items that usually eat up space. Do not underestimate your storage needs; you may need to stash lawn furniture, holiday decorations, off-season sports equipment, etc., in your shed. 

Local Regulations

Even though you own your shed, the homeowners association and the local municipality have a say, particularly in its size. Before installation, it is better to check with your locality about registering your shed placement. The homeowners association normally requires no more than 1% footprint and height of your property. Know the restrictions, conditions, and covenants of your HOA before purchasing a shed. 

Room for Growth

As you choose the type of shed you want for your property, consider sizing it up a bit for the future. It is essential to have a larger footprint as you and your family changes your lifestyle over the years. You may have a new hobby and need more space for your tool collection, or you may need room for bulkier equipment that comes with your new sport. 

Remember that there is no need for you to stick to the standard size of the best sheds. The shed builders are the right people to help you build your dream shed according to your needs.