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Affordable Interior design: It is not a myth!

There is something special about homes that employ Innovative methods to create warm, inviting interiors. Some abodes use age-old traditional designs to conceptualize contemporary interiors. Others focus on letting the natural light in, to create bright interiors. One may argue that it’s a highly expensive affair to design homes with drop-dead, gorgeous interiors. However, it’s a myth that great interiors cannot be created using limited budgets. 

Are you one of those worried about the interior design cost in India? This write-up will throw light on the affordable Interior design tips, and therefore, bust the above myth. 

You may require more than money to create visually appealing spaces; you must get the element of design — shape, colour, texture & pattern, and light — right. These elements are discussed in-depth in the article below. 

Choose a colour palette and style:

This is a very important step while selecting the interior design services you want for your home. First, start collecting photographs of all your favourite styles. Then, shortlist those styles that are affordable and practically executable. Once the style is in place, start exploring the colour palette. List down colours you’d not get bored of. Now, with the style and colour palette in mind, start looking for accessories and installations that aren’t the same, but only look similar. This ensures that you give your interiors a stylish makeover, but without burning a hole in your pocket.

During this process, remember to pick the style and colour palette that feels uniform throughout the entire home. This gives the impression to your guests that a lot of thought has gone into the interior design of your home.

Get rid of the clutter:

Decluttering is one of the best ways to gain back that lost space due to excessive use of furniture, artworks, vases, cushions, and so on. Just like the human mind, a space feels great when there is no excessive clutter. Get rid of all those things that have been doing nothing except catching dust. Start with one shelf, one room at a time, to make it feel less daunting. Once this process is complete, all the rooms will look minimal and beautiful. 

Choose the right paint:

This is indeed the most difficult step in this transformation process — choosing the right paint. This is because the colour palette of the decor is already set. 

You can either go bold or understated, based on your taste, to make your interiors look elegant and classy. Also, throw in a little bit of black — doors, accessories, and so on — in between to make your rooms look luxurious without shelling out too much money. 

Embellish your interiors with creativity:

There are many inexpensive, yet effective, ways to upscale your interiors. 

The first method is to go on a shopping spree at flea markets and so on, which offers you a chance to pick interesting accessories at dirt-cheap prices. 

The second method is to repurpose old items you longer use as something else. For instance, an old tennis bat can be reused in several creative ways such as a mirror, serving tray, key hanger, and so on. 

The third method is to repaint all those items you hate in a completely different colour. You’ll be surprised to see how quickly they transform your spaces in a quirky manner. 

Try a blend of patterns and textures:

Believe it or not, textures and patterns create an illusion to the human eye, thereby making a room impressive and alive.

Soft textures and muted patterns provide a sense of cosiness, while bold patterns and shiny textures lend a more refreshing feel.

A room full of sameness is boring. Therefore, to create magic, use elements of diverse qualities. For instance, you can place stylish new lamps on your grandfather’s old sideboard. Or, get the old man’s armchair to sit along with your contemporary sofas — and add magic to your rooms. 

Light up your interiors:

Lightning when done right can change the mood and perceived size of your rooms. The placement of light must be in conjunction with the colour, furniture, and room size. The affordability part of lighting depends on how you use the natural light to your advantage. This never-ending source of light brings cheerfulness into the homes. 

Hire a professional:

There are master craftsmen out there, who provide interior design services and transform your space — of any shape and size — into something you’d long to come back after a tiring day at work.

You can browse for online interior design services in India and get loads of service providers to choose from, based on their expertise, experience, and budgets. 

The Importance of Personal Expression When Developing a New Home

Few experiences will be as significant as creating a new home. It’s a project that you can pour your soul into, and one that continues to change and improve as you grow within it. In saying that, it can be tempting to adopt the latest trends and fads when they look so good splashed on magazine covers, but there is no connection here to you and that concept. If you’re unsure about how to bring your dream home to life or chasing the newest decor inspiration, here is why you should follow your personal expression.

The design has to meet your individual desires

A cold, bare loft-style home might look great, but not if you have dreamed of a warm and intimate home to start a family in. Identifying what your values are will steer you into the right home design or give your home builders a comprehensive brief on how you envisage the layout. With every decision you make, stop and ask yourself ‘does this align with my values, and is this a desire that is my own?’ We’re all guilty of being influenced by external sources, and that’s fine to take inspiration from different angles, but you don’t want to hinge your future home on this. 

Deciding what goes and what stays

Whether you are building new or moving, a time will come when you have to assess your belongings and decide if they come with you to your dream home or are retired. Most people think that condition is the defining character for deciding what stays and goes, but you should instead consider what sparks joy and keep those items. That’s right, we’re talking about using the Marie Kondo method. It’s also recommended that you spend some time considering these items and include the other inhabitants in your home. The last thing you want to do is regret ridding your home of something that is special to you or your family members. 

A place to convey your artistic interest

If you are struggling to inject your personality into your home, art is especially powerful and effective here. Hone in on what is special to you, and bring that to the surface through paintings, ceramics, antique collection, prints or even the framed works drawn by your little ones. This is an area where there is no wrong answer, just free expression. You might find that this is a hard headspace to get into, but once you tap into your artistic influences, you will find that you don’t have enough walls and space to accommodate all your inspirations.

Control the light and life that enters your home 

The light and life that fills a home will come down to the style and personality of the homeowner. Decide how important light is to you, and establish whether or not the windows and skylight you have in place are enough or too much. A dark and moody abode might look cool, but it might drain your energy and make you feel trapped, similarly, you may find that a light-filled home is too harsh and can highlight your art in the wrong light. Think about what your favourite rooms and environments are and see what they have in common and you might be on track to understanding your preference. Populating your home with plants is another great way to impart your personality, with so much range in colour and shape.

It’s incredibly important to express yourself in your home design, and there are so many ways you can do this beautifully. Start by identifying what you love about your home, and slowly bring those elements into the spotlight of your new home.

Why You Should Hire Experts to Renovate your Kitchen

As a homeowner, there comes a time when you realize the need to renovate your kitchen to suit your needs. This might be encouraged by several factors. 

First, you might have bought rather than constructed the home. Hence, the kitchen might not be appealing to you because you were not part of the design team. Secondly, the kitchen might be outdated and therefore not suitable for a modern family. Third, you might require a more spacious kitchen so that you can add all the appliances you need. 

These are some of the factors that might challenge you to renovate the cooking area. However, when it comes to the renovation, you should give the job to experts. Choosing to do so will benefit you in two main ways.

  1. A Remodel that Suits your Budget 

Determining the overall cost of renovating your kitchen might be a difficult task, especially if you are not experienced in the sector. Choosing to oversee the remodeling by yourself can, therefore, end up costing more than you might have estimated. That is why you should seek the services of experts. 

Professionals specializing in kitchen renovations Melbourne always works with your budget. Therefore, the first thing they will do is ask how much you intend to spend in the remodeling. They will then use the information to suggest some of the best kitchen designs that fit your budget. 

Thus, if your budget is not limited, you are going to get what you desire. However, if it is limited, you might be forced to make a compromise if you want the renovation to be a success. But, you can be sure that the experts will give you a kitchen with a great new look and that is within your budget. This will help you avoid debts since you will not be required to borrow just so that you can complete the project. 

  1. Timely Completion of the Job 

The kitchen is a vital space within a home. Therefore, not being able to use it for a prolonged period might cause serious problems. For instance, it might be difficult for the family to prepare meals, stock groceries, and use the refrigerator, among other appliances. 

Therefore, you must ensure that the renovation takes the shortest time possible so that the kitchen can become operational once more after a short period. The only way you can be sure of this is by hiring experts. 

Since they have the workforce, resources, and the experience needed for the job, the team of professionals can complete the job within the shortest time possible. Therefore, you can be sure that you will be using the kitchen once again in no time. 

The Takeaway 

By hiring experts specializing in kitchen renovations Melbourne to remodel your cooking area, you will benefit in two ways. First, you will get a remodeling that suits your budget, which will help you avoid debts. Secondly, the job will be completed on time, allowing the kitchen to become operational once more after a short period.   

Want To Create A Fantastic Outdoor Room? Here Are Three Rules You Must Abide By

Do you know that on average 25% of Australians spend seven or more hours a week in their backyard and outdoor area?

It’s a known fact that we Australians love our outdoor spaces. And not just because it adds value to our home, but because we love hosting gatherings and backyard barbeques and parties. And this is the main reason why the construction sector has seen a shift towards outdoor spaces taking centre stage.

Architects have recognised outdoor entertainment as a significant part of our lifestyle, and that’s why they work with homeowners to understand what it is that they would like to achieve with their space.

In this article, we will discuss the three golden rules to create a fantastic outdoor room. If you are planning on renovating your house soon, you must have a read and plan your space accordingly, because an unplanned area can give you troubles down the track.

First Things First, The Area Must Be Functional

In order to take advantage of the space available, the outdoor area must be functional and usable. Whether you want to utilise the space for enjoying the winter sun or a summer breeze, or for Friday night entertainment, the space should be designed for full utilisation throughout the year. It should have adequate ventilation, insulation and sun protection to offer the best times.

Enlisted below are some factors to be considered:

  • Protection

If you need protection from the blazing sun, wind and rain, or just improved privacy, outdoor louvre screens may be a significant addition.

  • Comfort

To enjoy the space throughout the year, add LED downlights to your louvre roofs. You can also get a fire pit installed.

  • Flexibility

Opening and closing roof systems are a great option if you want to:

  • capture cool breezes
  • enjoy the sun occasionally
  • stargaze at night

The Area Must Provide Privacy And Protection

A well-built outdoor area is one that has clear boundaries, provides privacy and lets you enjoy the view.

In most cases, homeowners want their space to be an extension of the house. They use an existing wall and extend it outwards. To make sure it complements their home, they use a common theme and colours indoors as well as outdoors.

Another popular choice amongst Aussies is the free-standing solution. In such cases, architects design a separate area from home. This option is viable for people who want large pools and backyards.

You must choose the option based on what you want to achieve. Here are a few things you may consider:

  • For a free-standing structure, use bi-fold doors.
  • Use louvred screens or shutters to get privacy and protection while maintaining the views.

The Area Must Be In Sync With The Existing Structures

Even when you want a different colour theme, there are things you can do to give your outdoor area consistency and flow. 

Look for feature options that may go with your home’s existing structures. Louvre manufacturers offer louvre screens in a variety of options, like timber, aluminium, wood, glass, etc. 

But before you make a selection, keep in mind the material’s durability and ability to withstand the weather. Talk to the experts, and look for solutions that are best suited for your needs.

Here is a small guide that can help you with material selection:

  • Treated timber is better than timber. The former resists deterioration better than latter.
  • Choose aluminium over steel. Aluminium requires less maintenance, is much lighter, and offers better finishing than steel.
  • UV resistant plastic has outstanding mechanical properties, dimensional stability, and is a perfect material for outdoor applications.

Final Thoughts

Since there are a lot of considerations to be made when planning an outdoor room, it can sometimes get exhausting and overwhelming. Consult professionals and follow these golden rules to make the process easier for yourself and your family. 

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